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What is Pet Remedy?
The actives in the Pet Remedy special essential oils (valerian based) formulation work with the pet’s own natural calming mechanisms and will help trick fired up (stressed) nerves into thinking they are getting a message from the brain to calm.
This starts to happen within minutes of using the plug diffuser and or calming spray, and has an added advantage of then making the pet more attentive and receptive to you, so that you can work on behaviour modification.
Can I use Pet Remedy if my pet is on medication?
Pet Remedy is very gentle in its effect so safe to use in most situations, but always consult with your vet first!
Does Pet Remedy smell of anything?
We describe the smell as a warm, earthy, and herbal aroma.
You can easily identify in the aroma, the vetiver (reedy grass from Indonesia) and the tiny amounts of basil and sage which are present in the blend and which are there primarily  to balance the aroma.
The smell diminishes after a few days to the human nose but of course the diffuser continues to work and diffuse actives into the air until the bottle is empty!
How do I use the Pet Remedy diffuser
locate plug diffuser in room where your pet spends the most time
Do I leave the Plug diffuser switched on all the time?
Usually best to leave switched on all the time for most situations.
But if using for separation anxiety (home alone) you can switch it on when you leave the house
What is a plug diffuser?
A plug-in diffuser is only a device with a heated ring which creates warm air.  This warm air then rises drawing the actives up the wick into the surrounding area.
The plug diffuser delivers constant slow release of liquid and is very gentle in its effect on the metabolism.
How often do I replace the plug Diffuser
Usually best to replace after 4 uses
How do I use the Drip Ring?
Push fit down the neck of the bottle until it sits on the shoulder of the bottle
A drip ring is now included in every diffuser and refill pack for those occasions when the bottle drips a little. This can happen if there is excessive air movement in the room where the diffuser is located.
The warm air rising from the diffuser then tries to draw up more liquid than can be diffused into the air, so this can result in a few drips running down the bottle.  The absorbent drip ring now takes care of this!
How long does the plug diffuser last?
Up to 8 weeks
How do I use the Calming Spray?
The calming spray is water based and PH neutral which means it is safe on your skin and coat of your pet.  The effect is more localised and immediate.
Use on bedding in the home and car, bandana, or even spray a little on your fingers and gently rub around muzzle, under chin, and top of chest of your pet.
If out walking an anxious dog  and you anticipate an adverse situation, you can spray a little on your trouser leg and bring your dog to heel to take in the actives.
How much of the calming spray do I use?
You only need a couple of small sprays for effect
How long will the spray last?
At least 2 hours and up to 6 hours, depending on the individual pet
How do I use the battery operated atomiser?
Locate where your pet spends most of its time.
Set to atomise every 30 minutes.
But you can set to 60 or even 120 minutes if you want to reduce the frequency of the activation of the spray
Can be wall mounted if required
How do I use for rabbits?
Spray a little on a damp cloth and wipe over each bunny in turn and repeat a few times. This is called scent swapping and helps both bunnies smell the same. I would do this before and after each bonding session.
Or you can spray a little on a cloth and hang in hutch.
If indoors also use the plug diffuser!
What if my dog still gets excited after using Pet Remedy?
Remember Pet Remedy only helps calm excited nerves so with dogs there is still the matter of learnt behaviour to deal with.  Often they will still react /behave in the same way as when stressed or anxious even if their nerve cells are calmed. For instance if the doorbell goes they will still react by barking.  The advantage with dogs (and horses!!!) is that in helping calm, Pet Remedy in turn helps make the dog more receptive and attentive to you! So you can then hopefully work on behaviour modification.