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All reviews are un-edited and have been transcribed exactly as spelt or presented in the original source

Treve G Ellis 16/2/17 Facebook

We where having problems with Mela (middle one) she was fighting with the others, not just a tiff but full on. We used to have to let her out alone or put a muzzle on her.
We had her spayed but this made very little difference, we even went as far as trying to find her a home where she would be the only dog, not that we wanted to do.
Meantime I did some research on line and came across Martyn's site after reading the reviews and speaking with Martyn we decided to give it a go.
The first parcel went missing, I contacted Martyn and he immediately dispatched another. This second one arrived in about 10 days (we live in Portugal). We plugged the diffuser in and waited to see if things improved, we have a large lounge so didn't really see a noticeable difference until after about 24 hours once it filled the lounge. No more fights, no more muzzle all very peaceful as you can see from the attached photograph.
I can not recommend this product enough it has certainly worked for us all peaceful and we can keep our Mela.
Thank you Martyn for a great product and your help.
Keep up the good work.



PD 11/2/17 Amazon

Purchased this together with the spray (we were desperate for some calm). Not sure how much effect the diffuser has had but we know the spray works as was used by our vet to immediate effect. If not used before I would use the spray first (allegedly some dogs can be hyper stimulated with this). It works for our pup. We have a rescue who is a 19kg puppy, super anxious, and teething. Life is now manageable, and she is less bitey. Thanks Pet Remedy!

Pet Person 10/2/17 Pets at Home

My 6month collie had started to bark and chew the door frame when I put him to bed. Now I spray his bed and close the door without a sound. For us it worked wonders and got him out of the habit of barking and demanding attention. Its great as the 15ml lasted around a month. I'm pleased and so are the neighbours!


Derek 8/2/17 Amazon

Seems to have brought a certain amount if calm to my dogs life. I am a groomer so will trying in the grooming room next


Jennifer Pistaszczuk 5/2/17 Amazon

I can't stress how good this product is, my dog is quite nervous but pet remedy really does work, I ran out for a couple of days and my dog was quite stressed for those days but as soon as my new batch arrived and I plugged it in you could see the difference in a matter of hours, this is so good and I'm so pleased I found pet remedy, great service too


SML 5/2/17 Amazon

I think this has helped to calm down my puppy, especially at night, she is not barking at every single sound she hears or movement she notices by the window. The only one downside is the smell, not very pleasant, maybe this could be improved in some way?

Contemplating Canines 29/1/17 Facebook

My puppy class this week was a great success! When the puppies came into the hall for the first time, I tried something a little different. Each puppy had a snuffle mat with dried liver treats, and the hall was sprayed with Pet Remedy. All the puppies immediately got to work foraging and were directed to the snuffle mat if they become barky. The combination of foraging and calming Pet Remedy was a very calming influence on the puppies.


Amazon Customer 22/1/17 Amazon

Very good service will buy again. Done the job on helping my ShihTzu to keep calm also use the spay


International Canine Behaviorists 20/1/17 Facebook

Here at ICB we are liking Pet Remedy's new wipes! Excellent for carrying around when travelling, for wiping over surfaces and equipment, and for wiping your hands before handling an anxious animal. THANK YOU Pet Remedy!!!

Mo Belcher 17/1/17 Amazon

I'm a professional dog walker and use this to spray in my van and cages....does appear to calm dogs down, especially the more vocal ones!


Rachel Warren 9/1/17 Facebook

Fantastic product calmed our 17 week old puppy down within an hour of using it,he was afraid of everything and anything wouldn't go out for a walk,it arrived last Friday and now we have a totally chilled out puppy who now loves going for a walk,we used it for our older dog a few years ago and he loved it.So thankyou Pet Remedy


Val Amazon 6/1/17

I acquired a rescue dog after Christmas. She was very nervous and barking at the cat. This diffuser calmed her and the cat within a few hours. Early days but life is.much improved.

Elaine Middleton Facebook 4/1/17

Can't recommend these products enough. As you can see my British short hair Cookie and my little dog Ruby love this Pet Remedy plug in

Stella Warren Amazon 1/1/16

My dog gets really stressed with fireworks and loud noises. I got one of these defuser. Although she's is still unhappy about new year fireworks she is no way as stressed as usual. She usually can't settle and pants and shakes. Tonight she is settled beside me shaking a bit and panting a little. I'm glad I got this for her and recommend this for calming a fretting dog.

 Rosie Gilles Facebook 30/12/16

Pet remedy works!!!!! I have 3 cats aged 9,9 and 18. A 5mo puppy and a budgie. All feel the benefits of it. Thank u x

 Gordon Stewardson Amazon 20/12/16

I bought this product as a refill for the pet remedy dispenser product. My dog expereiences terrible anxiety over thunderstorms and fireworks, often leading to anxiety over other noises such as traffic in the following days. Pet remedy does seem to work, returning him to a normal (for him1) state faster than without it.

 Olwyn Turns Facebook 18/12/16

Storm is settling well with his mum and sister, Pet Remedy has been a great help, still need to use it sometimes but he's only been here 3 weeks

Ansa Viskari Facebook 14/12/16

Dear Pet Remedy, we adopted a rescue dog prepared for different kinds of problems, but received one very unexpected: Adopted dog, young male, started immediately picking fights with our old lady. After little bit of confusion, old lady started to show who is the Boss. Over and over again, fur, drool and blood around. And worse than that was the depressed atmosphere and dogs licking their paws afterwards. Since I plugged Pet Remedy, there has been just few snarlings! Nowadays, after 3-4 weeks, they sleep quite close to each other and once they´ve been on same scoop. Thanks Pet Remedy!!

Jacky Amazon 5/12/16

I have a 10 mouth old staffy pup and 2 cats and soon as i plugedit in with in10 mins i see a change in my animals behaver would defo recommend this and i cant smell it eather

Sarah Jane Edwards Facebook 5/12/16

What a amazing product, has cared down my dog and helped my puppy. So happy that I have found this amazing product I have ordered the heat pad.

Thank you so much for all the research into this, going to try the spray on my horse next!

Rebecca Hudson Amazon 2/12/16

I chose this as we have a multipet household and when adding a new addition, we wanted all the furry family members to remain calm. The new addition came out of his shell a lot faster than we could have imagined, a matter of hours on and the kitten was cuddling up to the dog. Brilliant result!

Mel Albell Facebook 30/11/16

Have used it at the kennels where I work. It works great & calms the dogs quickly.

 Mike Richard Worth Facebook 30/11/16

My Bulldog is scared of everything and it really help to calm him down :)

Danielle Bates Facebook 30/11/16

I have be using the spray for many of my animals (dogs, cats and ferrets). I have a very anxious dog in the car, during fireworks and when meeting other dogs. I spray it onto her bandana, in the room and in the car. I have found it has made a big difference with her behaviour. The car has become very exciting and so has meeting other dogs.

 Natasha Price Facebook 30/11/16

This product is absolutely brillant for out Jack Russell who hates fire works and other loud noises. 

Janet Grover Facebook 26/11/16

This is a better picture of our three girls who benefitted from pet remedy before ,during and after bonfire night.L-R, Fizzy, Darcey and the one and only Honeybun x

Claire Lyon Amazon 24/11/16

I purchased this as my two year old dog has seperation anxiety and has been going to the toilet every time I leave her since she came back from the kennels at the start of November (was house trained). We are currently on day two and she seems more relaxed. Very pleased with this plug in and will definitely be purchasing a refill when it runs out. After one day I thought it might have just been a flook but two days in a row with no cleaning has been such a relief! Arrived on time too

Janet Grover Facebook 22/11/16

This is a picture of my two Romanian rescues saved by the wonderful. Leash of Life. Lots of day to day noises made them nervy, washing machine ,frying food and the Dyson to name but a few. I was dreading firework 'month'. On one of the many rescue groups I belong to, pet remedy was recommended. A spray on a hankie and wiped around their cheeks and chest did the trick. My girls had a terrible life on the streets and in the 'shelters' in Romania, if they can be calmed by pet remedy any nervy dog will benefit too.

M and Heptworth Amazon 20/11/16

Bought this to add that extra aroma to the air, it chills out my pets and even helped with a kitty/doggy integration. Fantastic.

International canine behaviorists Facebook 15/11/16

ICB member Mair Franklin's feedback on using Pet Remedy for this year's fireworks:

"I've been using Pet Remedy spray on a piece of cloth, and also using some Tellington Touches and wraps. I have noticed a marked improvement particularly in my dog who showed lots of fear during previous firework seasons. He's been relaxed and calm throughout."

 International canine behaviorists Facebook 15/11/16

ICB member Brigitte Barton found that Pet Remedy helped her three dogs to cope better with bonfire night this year:

"We have a big firework display in the field behind our house every year. It is like living in a war zone and the dogs are not coping well. But this year I plugged in Pet Remedy well before the event and every dog of mine was wearing a bandana which I had sprayed with Pet Remedy. They were coping so much better this year! I will make sure I am well stocked up again for New Years Eve!!!"

 Marrie Revill Facebook 13/11/16

These are good i got one for my dog as she hates loud bangs. It has helped her. I have the plug diffuser and spray.
And i have very noisy neighbours too so it helps her with the noise from them too.

Roz L Amazon 11/11/16
This product is excellent.
My dogs are normally trembling and hiding upstairs during Guy Fawkes.
However this year they were more relaxed and calm. I can only put it down to this product which is why I have given
it 5 stars.

Linda Wright 9/11/16
Hi Martyn
Just a very quick email to say what a brilliant product pet remedy is. I have a Westie who is so frightened of
fireworks, don't like to give her drugs but was recommended by my groomer on Saturday. I have brought many
different products over the years but this is brilliant have recommended it to many friends. Saturday night was
less stressful for us both.
Thanks again
Kind regards
Lynda wright

Maggie Shima Onida Cox Facebook 8/11/16
We tried your pet remedy plug in for the first time last week as one of our pack of 5 Northern Inuit wolf lookalike
dogs is terrified of fireworks, the result was fantastic as he did not shake continuously or try to sit on my lap or round
my neck for the first time in years. I would highly recommend this product. My whole pack have been far more
chilled since plugging it in. Here is a photo of the boy who is 8 yrs old x

Jane C Caudy Facebook 7/11/16
Recently bought the Pet Remedy Atomiser for my 3 huskies, especially for my puppy Dolly who has been a little out
of sorts since being spayed. And what a difference it has made. All 3 are happy and relaxed in the home. Would
definitely recommend to friends but also dogs coming through the rescue i volunteer for 'Howls for Help'

Angie Blanchard 6/11/16
Comment: Just wanted to say thank you so much for inventing this fantastic proven remedy I can honestly say that
in all the years we have been owners of Dogs that are terrified of Fireworks I have never seen such fantastic results
in that both my 8 month old border collie puppy and my 3 year old border collie dog who is scared witless of bangs
etc they are calm and totally relaxed after using the spray what a relief to have something that works and does what
it says on the bottle.

Rosa Abery Facebook 6/11/16
Comment: I would like to thank you on behalf of my 8 year old white rescue standard poodle. It's the first time he has
had a stress free Bonfire festivity. Since he was 5 years old, he has suffered from epileptic fits. Hence, it is essential
that he does not suffer any unnecessary stress with fireworks. He hates them! I sprayed a bandana with your pet
remedy product and straight away he settled down for the evening and relaxed like he's never done before. We
rescued him when he was 8 months old and he was very nervous then and didn't bark for a year. He was badly
treated by so called "human beings". Gradually he has become a confident dog. However, he cannot face storms or
fireworks. Once again, I thank you for making my lovely boy, Charlie, a happier and calmer doggie. He has had a
terrible start in life and he deserves simply the best! I strongly recommend your product!

Kat Smith Facebook 6/11/16
Your product worked wonders for both of my bc's last night while they struggled with the fireworks, not only sent
them to sleep but me as well! Am so grateful for something that works for both of them, thank you so much

L.H. 5/11/16 Amazon
I have two whippets and one is petrified of fireworks.As soon as she hears them she whines and pants continually,
won't settle anywhere and wanders around nonstop.This usually continues for about 2 hours after they've finished.
I received a money off voucher for the spray and thought I'd give it a try,also ordered the plug in.
I sprayed a scarf around her neck and turned the plug in on.
We are now halfway through bonfire night and what a difference!
She had a few barks to begin with, but still had a waggy tail.there have been some really loud bangs nearby and
although she is listening for them she is content to lay on the sofa.
So pleased with this product,even though I really was very sceptical when I purchased it.
But was desperate to relieve some of her fear without sedation.
I thoroughly recommend giving it a try. Yes it does smell, but you don't really notice too much after half an hour or
so... anyway it's a small price to pay for the comfort it seems to give your pet

Amazon Customer 5/11/16
This product is miraculous ! My dog suffered from a really extreme reaction to fireworks , trembling uncontrollably
racing heartbeat and panting . I used this two days before bonfire night and every 1-2 hours today (5thNovember) .
Fireworks have been going off all night and he is completely relaxed - no reaction at all !
I definitely reccomnend this product

Amazon Customer 5/11/16
I bought this as part of a strategy for bonfire night. It helps keep him calm, along with soothing dog music from
YouTube and some sedatives from the vet.

Lyndsey Downes Facebook 4/11/16
I feel the need to post and say how amazing me and my mum are both finding this product for our pooches. I wish
I'd found it six years ago. My Labrador charlie is a stressed unsettled boy on the best of days. But bonfire night
really does distress him to the point its upsetting to see. My mum bought us one of the plug ins with a free sample of
the spray and I can't tell you how much of a difference its made to us!! Its the first ever bonfire weekend where I've
seen him laid like this!!!!! Thank you !! I feel the need to write a letter to someone important to spread the word. I'm a

Laura Clarke Facebook 3/11/16
I just want to say a HUGE thank you for making something so amazing! This is the 2nd year I've used pet remedy
for my dog with fireworks and it has literally saved her life! We are so grateful and would recommend it to
everybody!! Xx

Polly Anne Randall Facebook 2/11/16
Phoebe,our Beautiful Boston terrier.2.5 years old now and a season traveller,When we first got her she was very
nervous about travelling.I then discovered pet remedy and used it on her blankets,from the first use she relaxed a
little until now she is unfazed by even long journeys.I highly recommend this to all pet owners.Try it and you will
never look