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All reviews are un-edited and have been transcribed exactly as spelt or presented in the original source

Fiona Garratt 12/7/17 Facebook

Would like to thank the lovely people of Pet Remedy for supporting our walks raising money for rescue dogs by sending some prizes and samples for our raffles. I personally use the plug in at home and have done since bringing Lennox home,I also use the spray,both have made such a difference and helped no end settling both of my dogs to the change in our family. 
Thankyou for your support. Fiona,Lennox,candy and all the rescue dogs xx


Kerry Jane Birnie 12/7/17 Facebook

Brilliant product, we've used it with our cats, dog and our African Grey Parrot, helped with a house move, introducing new pets, fireworks, and our new stray cat when we had to confine him indoors with neutering, definitely recommend, and love that it is natural


Emma 8/7/17 Amazon

Works for the dogs and cat!


Annabel Edwards 6/7/17 Facebook

Safe to say I've got one chilled out doggie after using pet remedy. He usually struggles with separation anxiety from our other dog... clearly he's feeling much calmer about the whole ordeal now! Thanks very much.


Hazel Picken 2/7/17 Facebook

Have been using pet remedy on my reactive rescue jack Russell for some time now with excellent results along with training,could not believe the very quick response from Martyn when I rang with a question about the products will definitely be using the plug in in the future along with the spray,thank you Martyn


Derek Ellwood 26/6/17 Amazon

having used your product before which has been great for my dog really ' calms 'him down would recommend to anyone


Amazon Customer 25/6/17 Amazon

Top product...100% worked on our stressed husky...whithin mins he was de-stressed....miracle juice....give it a go you wont be disappointed.


Amazon Customer 25/6/17 Amazon

We have a husky that doesnt like staying away from home.when we go on holiday we leave him with my parents at their home. But he gets stressed by this and started digging up the garden and not eating or doing as my parents would ask.He is safe and gets along fine with the parents he just hates being away from his own home and domain. We tried various tricks and products but nothing would work then we read about this product and thought we have nothing to lose and gave it a go...SO GLAD WE DID....amazing product he was de-stressed whithin 15 mins we use the plug in and spray and its more digging more stressed husky...relaxed and comfortable asleep in his peacefulness...BRILLIANT PRODUCT...RECOMMEND IT WITH A DEFINATE 5* RATING....SIMPLY AWESOME.


Amazon Customer 23/6/17 Amazon

My dog was staying home alone while i was at work and i believe this plug in remedy help her to stay calm.


Kris R 21/6/17 Amazon

I like having a soothing plug-in as it's sometimes necessary to have a pet sitter come in and visit our dog, and we are forever doing DIY and moving things around - disrupting the dogs environment and routine, basically. I was pleasantly surprised when this actually worked. I don't really like Adaptil as it seems to make our dog really dopey, she doesn't interact very much when we use it, so I wanted to try an alternative product. I can definitely notice a difference when this is plugged in and I'd say it starts to take effect within a few hours; dog is fairly chilled but still curious and playful. It's a shame the smell is not more enjoyable; it's very earthy, however it is a 'natural' sort of smell, not offensive just strong. For that reason it loses a star. Pleased it's cheaper than Adaptil and does just as good a job for our dog.


GBJ 20/6/17 Amazon

Brilliant product! Had to buy this 'in an emergency' some months ago as I was getting desperate to try anything to help a new cat settle with my existing two - and had tried everything else. Myself and a few friends have the 'difficult to home' rescues - the ones that no one else would take due to their behaviour so it is always a slower process than normal to get these pets really settled. This seemed to be the first product that has actually helped. After the experience with my 'new cat' introductions I have used it with friends who have dogs who are nervous around Bonfire Night, with stressed rabbits, with another friend who's dog gets too excited about everything! That particular dog would be a nightmare if I was in the car with them - she would clamber all over me for how ever long the journey was - so I'd regularly have an hour or so of being trampled (which was not just unpleasant but also dangerous). The first time I used it on her I just sprayed some on a flannel and as soon as she started just gave her the flannel to tug at (in stead of my clothes) and it worked like a charm - within seconds she was already calmer and in under 5 minutes she was the most relaxed in the car that she had ever been. Since then I won't be around any 'skittish' animals without having this product handy as it really does work and makes situations a lot less stressful for them. It has a very 'unusual' aroma - which can take a bit of getting used to - but it just smells 'natural' - sort of strangely herbal (which I find much better than synthetic chemicals of some others.) I am so confident in this product that on this occasion I have bought multiple bottles so that other friends with problem pets can use this too. It really has helped every pet - cat, dog or rabbit - that I have used it on.


LindaMR 18/6/17 Amazon

OMG.... this is amazing!!!! We moved house a few weeks ago, and although we have moved with our dog several times, this time she was a nighmare. It's been hot, and all the window have been left open. Which made the doors bang shut. Which scared her. And then 2 thunder storms within 10 days of moving in. and a heat wave. and.... the previous people had a dog and a cat, which of course, my dog could smell. This resulted in her contantly pacing, pacing. pacing. Panting, following me around, trying to get out of te front door when ever I opened it, pawing at us, pawing the furniture, walls. I was going crazy. I looked at the branded plugins, which cost a bomb. In the end I bought this. It really worked on out fur baby (who is big, and 6 years old). I mean it worked. In seconds. I'vesprayed it on the rugs, her blankie and on the bedroom carpet. Even just a quick squirt in to the air, and the effect is immediate. It does have an odd, earthy smell, which to be honest is not overly pleasant to human noses, but it works a treat on the dog. It is even safe enough to spray directly on to their coats. I am not sure if it is ok to use a sperate oil burner to cuncer act the smell of the product (which to be fair, disapates to huamn nises pretty quick"


Susan Lynch 14/6/17 Facebook

Amazing product, calms our dog down. Have tried other similar products but this is by far the best


Michelle 14/6/17 Amazon

My dog can become very stressed. This product is excellant for calming him straight away. Wouldnt be without it.


Lorraine Foster 12/6/17 Facebook

This my border collie Marley he is nervous around young children and traffic we had pet remedy recommended by the behaviourist and this has helped keep him calm when we are working around young children and traffic this stuff is brilliant and helps keep him calm thank you so much


Carole Foster 10/6/17 Facebook

Thank you so much for your donation to our rescue, we really appreciate it. We will certainly be recommending your products to our members as lots of sled dogs have issues which could be helped by them.

Our facebook auction group is Reach Sled Dogs Auctions and auction starts on July 16th


Ruth 10/6/17 Amazon

I knew when it run out dog started wimpering at night again. Got a refill and one happy dog and owner.


Pat Langston 10/6/17 Facebook

 It's an amazing product! ! Would never be without it have plug ins in the house and caravan and spray for the journey and thunderstorms


X Nic X Waite 9/6/17 Facebook

I have two cats and a collie cross german Shepard and i recently brought home another smaller dog. I brought this product to help the cats with another dog coming into the home but its worked great for all four animals. The cats went to sleep next to the new dog on the chair next to the plug in. Was amazing! Worth the money


Tescotart 9/6/17 Amazon

Brilliant stuff
I always know when this has run out,our yorkie gets very grumpy with our other dog.
Brilliant price.
And delivery was very prompt.
Def recommend this product


Sharon Steer 9/6/17 Facebook

I tried it for the first time last night, we had 2 very nervous, shaky dogs when a thunder and lighting storm was overhead - a few sprays on a tissue attached it to their collar and very quickly calmed them both down


Carole Wilson 4/6/17 Amazon

This does help a little with one of our dogs who has separation anxiety. Easy to use and good value in a bigger size.


a duffy 31/5/17 Amazon

Puppy was frightened after tbunderstorm. Applied to her coat for two days nearly back to normal. Was recommended to this product by another dog owner who said that it calmec her dog while travelling


Ester W 30/5/17 Amazon

This helps to settle our two pups & older dog after their inevitable battles. I personally think it helps with my anxiety too.


Emma 29/5/17 Amazon

The benefit of this diffuser is that it works for cats and dogs- as a multi-pet household that was important. It is very good value (it has barely gone down in the bottle), well made- the plug is sturdy-, natural and seems to be having a positive effect on the pets. They do seem calmer and happier.


Mrs C 23/5/17 Amazon

I'm not entirely sure if this has worked but I know that my nearly 7 month old pup has been much calmer this last week. He has stopped jumping up and mouthing as much, and has completely stopped urinating over night in his pen. I believe that a combination of the plugin and a stricter routine has worked really well. Even if the plug in hasn't actually affected his behaviour, I really like the smell, it's earthy and not too strong.

Our Special Friends 21/5/17 Facebook


Thank you Pet Remedy and Fish4Dogs for your kind donations that we can give out to the public while we raise awareness of our charity work. Everyone really appreciates your support

Our Special Friends 21/5/17 Facebook

Karen Mallett with handsome Darcy enjoying his calming massage with a Pet Remedy de-stressing wipe

Belinda Bin Johnson 21/5/17 Facebook

Thank you for your support of our charity 'Our Special Friends'. We gave out all your calming wipes at the dog day today and the effect was instantaneous, calmer, happier dogs and owners. Your support is invaluable and your Pet Remedy products are helping the welfare of the pets that we are meeting in the community.


JC 19/5/17 Amazon

I have used Pet Remedy for my rescue dogs over several years and it is a definite help in reducing their stress/anxiety levels. i also like the smell myself! Highly recommended.

Lynzi Jones 17/5/17 Facebook

I 2nd that.
It works on pretty much every animal including reptiles. 
My 4 cats love it and so I love it. A happy harmonious home. 
It works on us people too. I've found myself much more relaxed and content whilst pottering about the house or watching tv. It actually helps me get to sleep too.
It's totally genius stuff.


Keri Stoner 15/5/17 Facebook

 I recommend this product to all my puppy clients.. some have commented on the smell and told them to put the lid on tighter , seemed to do the trick.. wouldn't be without it and glad you have good results too.


Jo Bevan 15/5/17 Facebook

Jackie Reilly, it's a natural spray remedy , you can get in in most vets and some really good pet shops. Its truly a miracle product ! You can usually get a small spray bottle to try for about 5 pounds to test if it suits your furbaby. My older dog was so anxious she hated all other animals , she was terrified . Now she so comfortable we can't keep her away from our new pup ! Use it on our horses to ! Try some you won't be disappointed xxx


Amazon Customer 15/5/17 Amazon

Great, the dog now sleeps, not wondering around all night

Mamfie12 14/5/17 Amazon

Regularly use this when my dog is feeling under the weather and it seems to help. Got it from vets first at an extremely higher price!! I just spray it on his bedding and it smells rather nice too!


Jemma Evans 12/5/17 Facebook

It's a really great product! We used to use it on our dog who was anxious over everything - worked perfect!


Gillian Eales 11/5/17 Facebook

So agree. Brilliant stuff. I use it in my puppy classes all the time.

Sami Brown 11/5/17 Facebook

I bought pet remedy spray last year and it smelled that bad I couldn't use it although it did calm my indoor rabbits down when next doors outside rabbit went on a thumping spree at a fox. However I am pleased to say I bought a new bottle that arrived today and it doesn't stink this is Harley he is an 11 month old rough collie/borer collie, thanks to a horrible breeder that was very bad to him and also didn't feed him Harley is absolutely terrified of the world. Thanks to pet remedy Harley who usually sleeps in a corner or against the bottom couch (his safe place) is now lying sleeping in the middle of the floor with his little bandana with the spray on it, he also didn't go absolutely psychotic with the post man this morning so I think even the post man is thankful for this stuff  he uses this along with some other stuff from the vets, but I love that he can have this with him whenever he's running around the house and outside. So now that it doesn't stink I would highly recommend the pet remedy spray my other dog must like the smell of it as he keeps walking up to Harley and sniffing him. Thank you for giving me back some sanity and for helping to calm my terrified fluffball

 Tima Lund 10/5/17

We had another convert Friday evening... first evening of beginners training class; two very noisy unsettled rescue dogs.... pet remedied both... and within seconds they were both calm and quiet... my fellow trainer who had been sceptical... was so amazed!! Hurrah!! ( so were the owners!) 
We should have videoed it!!!!

RSPCA Westmorland Branch 9/5/17 

Dear Martyn

 Just to update you on our use of Pet Remedy

We have been using it in our cattery and kennels for 6 years, it has been great at helping stress in rescued cats and dogs and when taking them to the vets which is a 20 miles round journey, we find the spray and calming wipes calm them.

Also I was talking to our vets who use them In surgery and with puppy training classes and they find them fantastic.

 Alan Green (dog & cat re-homing)


112A Highgate




 Janet Robinson 8/5/17 Facebook

I have a 9+ year old whippet who was showing onset of dementia vet said try this plug in. 4 hours later one chilled out happy Whippet wouldn't be without it now.. it was proved to be stress & anxiety

Gerri Hickman 7/5/17 Facebook

Henry, Theo and Summer were happy to spread the Pet Remedy word! Lovely to meet you


Jo Bevan 6/5/17 Facebook

Just had Teddie , our new sprocker puppy. Our older dog had some temper issues caused by anxiety. We would never have believed how happy they are to snuggle together ( carefully supervised though ) , after only 3 days !!!!! Such chilled puppies thanks to pet remedy !!!!!! Miracle product for all our furbabies. Thank you xxx


Amazon Customer 30/4/17 Amazon
I use this in my home all the time, it keeps my three indoor cats and two dogs calm (specifically the cats) and peace has once again been restored! I do use a timer that comes on 9 am to 10 pm, as it makes the bottle last longer.

Susie Longstaff 25/4/17 Facebook
Been using this stuff for over a year with my nervous greyhound. It does help in some situations so I always have it handy

Donna White 24/4/17 Amazon
Have tried so many different calming remedies for a fearful dog, this is the best , I spray it on her Bandana , and I can actually relax with her now on our walk . If visitors are coming , I spray a little in the room , and she actually settles down , whereas at one time she would have been pacing or behind the sofa . I can genuinely , highly recommend it .

Lorraine Foster 24/4/17 Facebook
My three year old border collie is nervous around young children and traffic and this helps keep him really carlm when we have to walk to the vets


Chloe Auld 23/4/17 Facebook
I swear by this stuff it's truly amazing as an animal nursing assistant and pet groomer it's something that is a must from nervous dogs to stress cats, mischievous small furries to big spooky horses. This is a must have for anyone having behavioural issues little- large. Worth the price and more! Will definitely be purchasing more when my current bottles run out

George the bulldog 22/4/17
Mummy gotted a Pet Remedy refill, so I has stealed the empty box

Kelly Cleaton 20/4/17 Facebook
We used the calming spray for our dog Indy who would get extreme anxiety and stressed after having her epileptic fits. We would spray it on her bandana that she wore and it would calm her down! Would highly recommended. Although she sadly passed over Christmas it was a comfort to know that Pet Remedy helped her relax.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home 18/4/17 Email
Hi Martyn
At Battersea Dogs & Cats Home we regularly use the pet remedy sprays with some of our more stressed Dogs and find that this often has a beneficial impact alongside training and behaviour modification plans.  
Kind regards
Ali Taylor  
Head of Canine Behaviour

Thomas Thorn 15/4/17 Amazon
We have four cats and a dog none of which you would ever find in the same room, until today within 15 minutes if that all of them in one room (RELAXED???). Reading reviews on here and the Web I was sceptical but now I've tried it worth every penny, will definitely buy more soon

Bryony Finlay 12/4/17 Facebook
We used one of the calming wipes on an extremely anxious border collie who normally doesn't stop for more than 5 minutes. He was a different dog on his walk and slept 3 hours when we got home

 Hounds In need 12/4/17 Email
Hi Martyn ,I thought I’d update you we have been using the items you kindly sent for a week now. We can’t see past this stuff now it’s amazing so far. We have a dog who whinged constantly at night who now settles after 15 minutes and we don’t hear a peep. We have tried it on several dogs here and a neighbours highly anxious staffy and were stunned this dog has had sedatives of the vet and they took no effect. She’s still panty and anxious but nowhere near as bad as she once was even my own lurcher was in a herbal coma just about lol. I will be ordering more very soon I’m over the moon with this product and have and will be recommending it versus dap. I used dap and it caused fights due to the pheromones in it your herbal items don’t have that effect. It does work well and if the dogs given the chance to settle after using it kicks in really pretty fast. I can’t thank you enough for your help and advice it’s made life a lot quieter round here we also recommended you to a few greyhound kennel owners as some of the dogs there get a bit nervy and shouty and we have asked our vet to re consider this as an alternative to the other well-known calming product we have been using which I don’t like as I find they cause issues in multiple dog households x


Basilbrush 11/4/17 Amazon
Five stars for now! I bought this with some scepticism as our new rescue dog was messing at night or when left alone in the evening. Since plugging in we've had no incidents at all. Long may it last!

Sue McCabe 8/4/17 Facebook
Janouk-the cat in front-has always found sharing the house with three dogs and three other cats quite a challenge, never joining us to cuddle and generally keeping herself to herself. Last summer when we brought Jellybean (the JRT in the background) home we plugged Pet Remedy in, in the sitting room, actually more to help my older dog who finds puppies a challenge. Almost immediately, for the first time in 15 years, Janouk started to spend time in the sitting room, choosing a spot directly over the plug in, to perch. She's a regular lap sitter now and has become very much an evening sofa buddy with all the other animals. It makes me very happy that she is clearly also happier.

Molly Bell 6/4/17 Facebook
After a stressful day of moving house, no better way to relax than plugging in Pet Remedy's diffuser, so Betty can get the chill time she deserves

Sebi 6/4/17 Pet Remedy USA
My two labs have been so much happier since we started using your plugin. When we get home they are much less stressed about having been left at home on their own.
Thank you pet remedy

Melissa Grewar 5/4/17 Facebook
 This was Cookie when we had gale force winds and he was shaking, very scared of the noise. 30 mind later using the Pet Remedy aromatherapy plug in & listening to classical music for pets, he was zonked out

 Lorraine Moses 4/4/17 Facebook
I use it for our nervous dog, what a difference, brilliant x

Alexander Bucharan 4/4/17 Facebook
We have a stray dog we adopted or rather he adopted us! We have had him a year now n he has gone from being afraid of everyone n would cower all the time to being anybody's best friend who comes to the door!

Andrew Hine 4/4/17 Pet Remedy USA
Brilliant, claiming diffuser to keep our dogs calm at home, especially when we are out for the day!

Lisa Fiona 4/4/17 Facebook
Pet Remedy has been plugged in for just under 2 hours. I have two seriously chilled out and sleeping dogs! Ordering more for the rabbits.

 Nora Davenport 4/4/17 Facebook
I just purchased my first spray bottle of Pet Remedy the other day, as I have an almost 4 year old Golden night (esecially in the middle of the night), he loves to bark and keeps us awake......I tried this last night, and it was absolutely amazing.........great product, and it does work right away!

 Sarah Cockburn 2/4/17 Facebook
 We have 3 rescue cats, 3 rescue dogs and two rats the diffence in them all is amazing

 Michelle Clarke-Watkin 2/4/17 Facebook
 I cant imagine life without Pet Remedy, not only for my cats and dog but me too

 Penny Hoey 2/4/17 Facebook
the pet remedy products are great and i always recommend them to friends, i use the plug in for my puppy and i also used it for my old jack russell before i lost him to cancer

 Catherine Hegarty 1/4/17 Facebook
Pet remedy plugged in just over an hour xxx

 John D 1/4/17 Pet Remedy USA
I got a new puppy and my older dog wasn’t getting along with it. I tried everything to introduce them to one another and make it a pleasant experience for them both but it wasn’t working. Within about an hour of plugging in the diffuser, they both seemed calmer and ended up sleeping together next to it – an absolute first!! They are getting along much better these days and I plan to purchase a spray for when I take them both out together in the car.

 Laura Jayne O'Rourke 31/3/17 Facebook
 Love this product, use for a very frightened of fireworks Labrador. Have come home to find her snoozing, with head draped over the edge of couch to get her nose closer to the diffuser!

 Emma Louise Edwards 30/3/17 Facebook
i swear by pet remedy, having tried adaptil before and zylkene which didnt help my oldest with her anxiety when we leave, i now just spray pet remedy on our bed sometimes add some essential lavender oil but either way she stays calm doesnt bark and even falls asleep ive included pet remedy into her grooming routine as she hates to be brushed and being a long haired GSD she needs quite some brushing so ide like her to be compliant, with pet remedy she just lays there letting me brush her and even falls asleep

 Michelle Welch 29/3/17 Facebook
I use pet remedy spray and plug in. Its absolutely brilliant my jack Russell Toby is much calmer and happier.

 James Corrigan 29/3/17 Facebook
Everyone is quick to complain when something goes wrong but not so quick to compliment someone. Your team I met at crufts had a genuine interest in Hopes well being it wasnt just about selling me a product. I had a genuine conversation with dog lovers. In the process I got an amazing product for a great price. I have recommended it to soo many people and will continue to do so. I am planning on becoming a dog walker then eventually moving into dog behaviour.

 M J Brooks 29/3/17 Amazon
We recently adopted a rescue dog. Unfortunately, our two cats have not accepted her very well and run, so she chases them. Pet Remedy was recommended to us and we tried it. We bought both the plug in and the spray.
We sprayed a little onto our hands and rubbed it onto their fur, as per the instructions. It had an effect on the cats and they are calmer. The dog, however was ever so chilled out :-)

 Hannah Sophie 29/3/17 Facebook
Hercules, Pudding and Chilli would like to thank you for the following
1. Peace between cat and dogs!
2. Puppy sleeping through the night 
3. A calm feeling between the three of us
4. A happier home, even for our humans!
5. The beautiful smell that intoxicates our house
6. Quite possibly the most incredible discovery, which hasn't been mentioned much on here... for curing our man-human's snoring!!!
We have a diffuser on both levels of the house and an extra atomiser in the lounge/puppy bedroom!



Marrie Revill 29/3/17 Facebook
I have one for my dog. As we have noisy Neighbours and they are affecting her. She is terrified of thunder and fireworks. I also have a spray. Pets at home Recomended it to me.xx

 James Corrigan 28/3/17 Facebook
Been using the plug in defuser and spray we got from crufts with our rescue dog Hope we have had her 5 weeks now. The change in her has been amazing. Im not saying this product is a miracle cure but what it does do is opens your dog up to allow you to show them the world isnt a bad place. Hope would regularly shut down completely and not want to move. Shes a different dog altogether now. If you want to follow her story she has her own Facebook page. Operation Save Baby Beagle. Never Give Up Hope

 Gillian Eales 26/3/17 Facebook
I use the spray in my puppy classes . I never spray the pups but sprayvit on owners hands and get them to wipe it down pups chest and cheeks. I swear it relaxs the new owners as well. I bought the wipes at Crufts which i think are brill .

 Tima Lund 26/3/17 Facebook
 I've been using it for a few years now, and find it invaluable; in my home when there is a stressed dog staying; for my stud dog when my bitch is in season; walking young dogs in new places.... spraying in my can when I move a litter or go to a show etc.... the list goes on. I find the small bottle spray I. Nearly every coat pocket and handbag....

 London Guide Dogs training school 25/3/17 Facebook
We were kindly donated a pet remedy plug in diffuser, two bottles of spray and some wipes from Pet Remedy.
Here at Redbridge we minimise stress as much as we can however some dogs don't cope with the kennel environment very well and for our recovering dogs in our hospital block we are unable to board them out to volunteer families like our training dogs. We will be trialing pet remedy to see if this is something we can use to help our stressed dogs to settle. As you can see from the picture here is one of our more unsettled dogs looking very relaxed only a few minutes after the plug in was put on.
[Picture shows: A collage of three pictures, the first one shows a plug in device containing amber coloured liquid labelled 'Pet Remedy' plugged into a grey socket. The second picture shows a pale yellow labrador cross golden retriever looking very relaxed and sleepy lying on some white vet bed. The third picture shows a sign saying 'Pet Remedy, natural de-stress and calming']

 GlanzaV 24/3/17 Facebook
Genuinely in shock at the response of my dog to this.He is usually very anxious and hyper active with constant licking.He is a shelter staff I took a year ago and this is the first time he's been just calm and relaxed.I have 2 staffs so this helps the other too.i can't recommend this witch craft in a bottle enough!

 Paula Ruddlesdin 21/3/17 Facebook
Hi got the plugin refills at crufts, and working well on the grumpy old man ( my Lhasa apso boy ) but didn't realise that the cat was also needing it until i came home from work and she was in the dog bed next to the plug-in, love this product.

 KarenD 20/3/17 Amazon
I bought this for my new puppy, to help her at night in the crate, and it worked really well! Settled in no time!

 Beverly Pope 18/3/17 Facebook
Best stuff around use plug in and spray on nervous dogs in our grooming salon

 Mrs S Brace 17/3/17 Facebook
I can't recommend this stuff enough. We have 2 hyperactive greyhounds who go mad after they've eaten for about an hour at a time. 2 squirts of Pet Remedy on a bandana round one of their necks and like magic they both settle down to sleep. We used it when we went on a long car journey with the too and they slept most of the way.

 Amazon Customer 17/3/17 Facebook
One of my spaniels, Rocco had started to bark when we met other dog owners whilst out on our daily walk. At 3 years old, this was something he had never done as he was used to meeting and mixing with other dogs since a puppy. I tried pet corrector which is an air spray, which worked a couple of times. I bought a small bottle of De-stress to carry around in my pocket so that whenever he starts to bark, I give a spray on the back of his neck and make him sit and stroke him. He will then calm down and go off and hunt and enjoy himself with the other dogs. Everybody keeps asking me what it is and I now see several people have purchased it and are using it on their dogs as well. I think it de-stresses me as well!

Jo 14/3/17 Amazon
This product has been a life saver. Rolo is a collie cross lurcher and has a lot of energy even after lots of long walks. I have tried many other similar branded products that have been ok but they haven't worked as well or as fast as pet remedy.
It smells a bit like wet dog to begin with but the smell gets better and is much better than a dog that tries to climb out of top kitchen windows via kitchen units to chase birds.
The product works fast and instantly provides a soothing smell for the dog. This was particularly noticed when I ran out of the plug in and was without any for over a week.

Thank you pet remedy you have saved my life.

Kate Mallatratt 13/3/17 Facebook
It was great to see the Pet Remedy team at Crufts yesterday!!! Thank you so much for the wipes - they are such a great product I can't wait to use them again.
Hope you all had time at Crufts. See you soon! Best wishes, Kate

Paula Ruddlesin 12/3/17 Facebook
Love this product it really helps my dog to not be as stressed out,

Charlotte Preston 12/3/17 Facebook
We bought this plug in after other brands hadnt 100% cured one of our 5 cats spraying in the house. Pet remedy worked within hours. Proof being it ran out last Thursday and then Fri/Sat/Sunday we are back to one of them spraying anything he can get his bottom to! Refill on order!

Katie Collings 11/3/17 Facebook
Our German Shepherd was attacked by another dog over 2years ago. We spent hundreds of pounds on medical tests, dog training, one to one work yet she was still very fear reactive and we struggled to help her feel safe/calm around other dogs. We felt so upset and wondered if we would ever get our girl back. Our vet suggested trying this new product 'Pet remedy'. BEST PRODUCT EVER. After just a couple of uses of Pet Remedy along with the positive training, our bold and happy dog was starting to return to us. Thank you so much Pet Remedy.

James Corrigan 11/3/17 Facebook
Met Gill, Martin and their daughter today what a lovely family. Shared our story of Hope the beagle rescue and recommended us to take the spray and the defuser. Well i got home sprayed some of the spray on my hands and massaged it in to hopes chest neck and muzzle and it made a difference straight away. Hope played fetch for the first time in the house jumping off the couch her safe spot and got the ball and brought it back. Well she got beat a couple of times by our Springer Poppy but she eventually won and brought it back. Shes been chilled on the couch with us. Took food off my brother whos shes scared off. Cant wait to see the difference it makes in the long run.

Katie Munden 11/3/17 Facbook
Good evening team! On behalf of Leicester sighthounds I wanted to thank you all for your help with our fundraising events. You're always so kind and generous and welcoming when we contact you and ask for help, and we do so appreciate it! As a small organisation, the kindness of pet remedy stands out because their donations make a huge difference to our fundraisers. And the products we use are effective and quite often instantaneous! But what I find most helpful about Pet Remedy are the people who run the show. Always friendly, always cheerful, always supportive. Can't recommend them enough

Karla Gregory 10/3/17 Facebook
Just used a wipe on a nervous pug brilliant #pugs #nailtrim #doggroomer

Amanda Moreton 8/3/17 Facebook
Always recommending your products , I use it for my noise sensative collie who is competing at flyball tomorrow x

Machelle Louise 8/3/17 Facebook
I can not love the spray enough slightly strong smelling but the smell I can cope with when its giving me the results I have,my Dexter is a severe neglect case, scared of everything and aggressive to strangers and unknown dogs even the dog trainer, he wouldn't settle and was constantly on edge at home and out,but since using the remedy spray Dexter has never been so relaxed, a few sprays on his bed or around the area he's sitting in and he settles down so relaxed have not seen him like that in the whole time since rescuing him, it's great to find something that works, I've also been using it on my training trousers and boots when working with the trainer and even the trainer was shocked at exactly how relaxed he has been I want to thank pet remedy for helping my boy, the photo is of Dexter relaxed up until using pet remedy he would pace whine circle but now well the photo says it all

Joan Lockley 3/3/17 Facebook
And here he is, Archie in a new bed which has been sprayed with Pet Remedy. He would not go near his own bed after a bad experience whilst on holiday 9 months ago.

Belinda Ellis 2/3/17 Amazon
It smells very nice and my dog does not mind at all when I spray it on her back or around her bed. I feel it works and helps her feel calmer in strange situations.
I lilke the smell too!

Faye Henderson 28/2/17 Facebook
Massive love for these products especially the sprays.. used them loads at work and the spray on my own boy when I first got him and moved house. Now using the plug in to help him post surgery. Thinks he liked the smell when first plugged in.

Joan Lockley 28/2/17 Facebook
I tried everything for 9 months to cure my Cairn Terrier of a distressing (for him as well as me) habit. With the help of Gretta, a member of Victoria Stilwell`s animal behaviourist team and the Pet Remedy spray, my little dog showed an amazing improvement within hours, and now, a week later, is a different dog Joan



Amazon Customer 19/2/17
I brought this for my kitten who is a very nervous and anxious kitten and can be overly hyper and destroy things & for an over excitable dog.

My kitten has now stopped mostly jumping and swinging off the wallpapers and curtains and the dog has calmed down too.
We spray this throughout the day but to get a night of non broken sleep we spray this before bedtime and give both pets a massive play time so they are taking in very deep breaths of the spray which you notice as after 10minutes they are ready to stop and just sleep.

They both love it and if very stressed or exited we spray into a cloth and rub directly onto their chests and neck which helps. When sprayed throughout the day onto carpets they both room around then go snuggle up somewhere or just behave better which is a massive relief as we was buying this from Pets at Home so you can imagine the cost!(ouch!)

Definitely lots cheaper to get from Amazon and I will definitely be re-ordering every time we need more!

Treve G Ellis 16/2/17 Facebook
We where having problems with Mela (middle one) she was fighting with the others, not just a tiff but full on. We used to have to let her out alone or put a muzzle on her.
We had her spayed but this made very little difference, we even went as far as trying to find her a home where she would be the only dog, not that we wanted to do.
Meantime I did some research on line and came across Martyn's site after reading the reviews and speaking with Martyn we decided to give it a go.
The first parcel went missing, I contacted Martyn and he immediately dispatched another. This second one arrived in about 10 days (we live in Portugal). We plugged the diffuser in and waited to see if things improved, we have a large lounge so didn't really see a noticeable difference until after about 24 hours once it filled the lounge. No more fights, no more muzzle all very peaceful as you can see from the attached photograph.
I can not recommend this product enough it has certainly worked for us all peaceful and we can keep our Mela.
Thank you Martyn for a great product and your help.
Keep up the good work.

PD 11/2/17 Amazon
Purchased this together with the spray (we were desperate for some calm). Not sure how much effect the diffuser has had but we know the spray works as was used by our vet to immediate effect. If not used before I would use the spray first (allegedly some dogs can be hyper stimulated with this). It works for our pup. We have a rescue who is a 19kg puppy, super anxious, and teething. Life is now manageable, and she is less bitey. Thanks Pet Remedy!

Pet Person 10/2/17 Pets at Home
My 6month collie had started to bark and chew the door frame when I put him to bed. Now I spray his bed and close the door without a sound. For us it worked wonders and got him out of the habit of barking and demanding attention. Its great as the 15ml lasted around a month. I'm pleased and so are the neighbours!

Derek 8/2/17 Amazon
Seems to have brought a certain amount if calm to my dogs life. I am a groomer so will trying in the grooming room next

Jennifer Pistaszczuk 5/2/17 Amazon
I can't stress how good this product is, my dog is quite nervous but pet remedy really does work, I ran out for a couple of days and my dog was quite stressed for those days but as soon as my new batch arrived and I plugged it in you could see the difference in a matter of hours, this is so good and I'm so pleased I found pet remedy, great service too

SML 5/2/17 Amazon
I think this has helped to calm down my puppy, especially at night, she is not barking at every single sound she hears or movement she notices by the window. The only one downside is the smell, not very pleasant, maybe this could be improved in some way?

Contemplating Canines 29/1/17 Facebook
My puppy class this week was a great success! When the puppies came into the hall for the first time, I tried something a little different. Each puppy had a snuffle mat with dried liver treats, and the hall was sprayed with Pet Remedy. All the puppies immediately got to work foraging and were directed to the snuffle mat if they become barky. The combination of foraging and calming Pet Remedy was a very calming influence on the puppies.

Amazon Customer 22/1/17 Amazon
Very good service will buy again. Done the job on helping my ShihTzu to keep calm also use the spay

International Canine Behaviorists 20/1/17 Facebook
Here at ICB we are liking Pet Remedy's new wipes! Excellent for carrying around when travelling, for wiping over surfaces and equipment, and for wiping your hands before handling an anxious animal. THANK YOU Pet Remedy!!!

Mo Belcher 17/1/17 Amazon
I'm a professional dog walker and use this to spray in my van and cages....does appear to calm dogs down, especially the more vocal ones!

Rachel Warren 9/1/17 Facebook
Fantastic product calmed our 17 week old puppy down within an hour of using it,he was afraid of everything and anything wouldn't go out for a walk,it arrived last Friday and now we have a totally chilled out puppy who now loves going for a walk,we used it for our older dog a few years ago and he loved it.So thankyou Pet Remedy

Val Amazon 6/1/17
I acquired a rescue dog after Christmas. She was very nervous and barking at the cat. This diffuser calmed her and the cat within a few hours. Early days but life is.much improved.

Elaine Middleton Facebook 4/1/17
Can't recommend these products enough. As you can see my British short hair Cookie and my little dog Ruby love this Pet Remedy plug in

Stella Warren Amazon 1/1/16
My dog gets really stressed with fireworks and loud noises. I got one of these defuser. Although she's is still unhappy about new year fireworks she is no way as stressed as usual. She usually can't settle and pants and shakes. Tonight she is settled beside me shaking a bit and panting a little. I'm glad I got this for her and recommend this for calming a fretting dog.

Rosie Gilles Facebook 30/12/16
Pet remedy works!!!!! I have 3 cats aged 9,9 and 18. A 5mo puppy and a budgie. All feel the benefits of it. Thank u x

Positive Pets 29/12/16
you are welcome, as I said, I've had great results with dogs & cats and even know some horse owners who use it...and as it works on all animals it should help chill out the humans for the move too! Plug one in near her bed at the new house and she'll have a familiar smell x

Gordon Stewardson Amazon 20/12/16
I bought this product as a refill for the pet remedy dispenser product. My dog expereiences terrible anxiety over thunderstorms and fireworks, often leading to anxiety over other noises such as traffic in the following days. Pet remedy does seem to work, returning him to a normal (for him1) state faster than without it.

Olwyn Turns Facebook 18/12/16
Storm is settling well with his mum and sister, Pet Remedy has been a great help, still need to use it sometimes but he's only been here 3 weeks

Ansa Viskari Facebook 14/12/16
Dear Pet Remedy, we adopted a rescue dog prepared for different kinds of problems, but received one very unexpected: Adopted dog, young male, started immediately picking fights with our old lady. After little bit of confusion, old lady started to show who is the Boss. Over and over again, fur, drool and blood around. And worse than that was the depressed atmosphere and dogs licking their paws afterwards. Since I plugged Pet Remedy, there has been just few snarlings! Nowadays, after 3-4 weeks, they sleep quite close to each other and once they´ve been on same scoop. Thanks Pet Remedy!!

Jacky Amazon 5/12/16
I have a 10 mouth old staffy pup and 2 cats and soon as i plugedit in with in10 mins i see a change in my animals behaver would defo recommend this and i cant smell it eather

Sarah Jane Edwards Facebook 5/12/16
What a amazing product, has cared down my dog and helped my puppy. So happy that I have found this amazing product I have ordered the heat pad.
Thank you so much for all the research into this, going to try the spray on my horse next!

Rebecca Hudson Amazon 2/12/16
I chose this as we have a multipet household and when adding a new addition, we wanted all the furry family members to remain calm. The new addition came out of his shell a lot faster than we could have imagined, a matter of hours on and the kitten was cuddling up to the dog. Brilliant result!

Mel Albell Facebook 30/11/16
Have used it at the kennels where I work. It works great & calms the dogs quickly.

Mike Richard Worth Facebook 30/11/16
My Bulldog is scared of everything and it really help to calm him down :)

Danielle Bates Facebook 30/11/16
I have be using the spray for many of my animals (dogs, cats and ferrets). I have a very anxious dog in the car, during fireworks and when meeting other dogs. I spray it onto her bandana, in the room and in the car. I have found it has made a big difference with her behaviour. The car has become very exciting and so has meeting other dogs.

Natasha Price Facebook 30/11/16
This product is absolutely brillant for out Jack Russell who hates fire works and other loud noises.  

Janet Grover Facebook 26/11/16
This is a better picture of our three girls who benefitted from pet remedy before ,during and after bonfire night.L-R, Fizzy, Darcey and the one and only Honeybun x

Claire Lyon Amazon 24/11/16
I purchased this as my two year old dog has seperation anxiety and has been going to the toilet every time I leave her since she came back from the kennels at the start of November (was house trained). We are currently on day two and she seems more relaxed. Very pleased with this plug in and will definitely be purchasing a refill when it runs out. After one day I thought it might have just been a flook but two days in a row with no cleaning has been such a relief! Arrived on time too

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Janet Grover Facebook 22/11/16
This is a picture of my two Romanian rescues saved by the wonderful. Leash of Life. Lots of day to day noises made them nervy, washing machine ,frying food and the Dyson to name but a few. I was dreading firework 'month'. On one of the many rescue groups I belong to, pet remedy was recommended. A spray on a hankie and wiped around their cheeks and chest did the trick. My girls had a terrible life on the streets and in the 'shelters' in Romania, if they can be calmed by pet remedy any nervy dog will benefit too.

M and Heptworth Amazon 20/11/16
Bought this to add that extra aroma to the air, it chills out my pets and even helped with a kitty/doggy integration. Fantastic.

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International canine behaviorists Facebook 15/11/16
ICB member Mair Franklin's feedback on using Pet Remedy for this year's fireworks:
"I've been using Pet Remedy spray on a piece of cloth, and also using some Tellington Touches and wraps. I have noticed a marked improvement particularly in my dog who showed lots of fear during previous firework seasons. He's been relaxed and calm throughout."

International canine behaviorists Facebook 15/11/16
ICB member Brigitte Barton found that Pet Remedy helped her three dogs to cope better with bonfire night this year:
"We have a big firework display in the field behind our house every year. It is like living in a war zone and the dogs are not coping well. But this year I plugged in Pet Remedy well before the event and every dog of mine was wearing a bandana which I had sprayed with Pet Remedy. They were coping so much better this year! I will make sure I am well stocked up again for New Years Eve!!!"

Marrie Revill Facebook 13/11/16
These are good i got one for my dog as she hates loud bangs. It has helped her. I have the plug diffuser and spray. And i have very noisy neighbours too so it helps her with the noise from them too.

Roz L Amazon 11/11/16
This product is excellent.
My dogs are normally trembling and hiding upstairs during Guy Fawkes.
However this year they were more relaxed and calm. I can only put it down to this product which is why I have given it 5 stars.

Linda Wright 9/11/16
Hi Martyn

Just a very quick email to say what a brilliant product pet remedy is.  I have a Westie who is so frightened of fireworks, don't like to give her drugs but was recommended by my groomer on Saturday.  I have brought many different products over the years but this is brilliant have recommended it to many friends. Saturday night was less stressful for us both.

Thanks again

Kind regards
Lynda wright

Maggie Shima Onida Cox Facebook 8/11/16
We tried your pet remedy plug in for the first time last week as one of our pack of 5 Northern Inuit wolf lookalike dogs is terrified of fireworks, the result was fantastic as he did not shake continuously or try to sit on my lap or round my neck for the first time in years. I would highly recommend this product. My whole pack have been far more chilled since plugging it in. Here is a photo of the boy who is 8 yrs old x

Jane C Caudy Facebook 7/11/16
Recently bought the Pet Remedy Atomiser for my 3 huskies, especially for my puppy Dolly who has been a little out of sorts since being spayed. And what a difference it has made. All 3 are happy and relaxed in the home. Would definitely recommend to friends but also dogs coming through the rescue i volunteer for 'Howls for Help'

Angie Blanchard 6/11/16
Comment: Just wanted to say thank you so much for inventing this fantastic proven remedy I can honestly say that in all the years we have been owners of Dogs that are terrified of Fireworks I have never seen such fantastic results in that both my 8 month old border collie puppy and my 3 year old border collie dog who is scared witless of bangs etc  they are calm and totally relaxed after using the spray what a relief to have something that works and does what it says on the bottle.

Rosa Abery Facebook 6/11/16
Comment: I would like to thank you on behalf of my 8 year old white rescue standard poodle. It's the first time he has had a stress free Bonfire festivity. Since he was 5 years old, he has suffered from epileptic fits. Hence, it is essential that he does not suffer any unnecessary stress with fireworks. He hates them! I sprayed a bandana with your pet remedy product and straight away he settled down for the evening and relaxed like he's never done before. We rescued him when he was 8 months old and he was very nervous then and didn't bark for a year. He was badly treated by so called "human beings". Gradually he has become a confident dog. However, he cannot face storms or fireworks. Once again, I thank you for making my lovely boy, Charlie, a happier and calmer doggie. He has had a terrible start in life and he deserves simply  the best! I strongly recommend your product!

Kat Smith Facebook 6/11/16
Your product worked wonders for both of my bc's last night while they struggled with the fireworks, not only sent them to sleep but me as well! Am so grateful for something that works for both of them, thank you so much

L.H. 5/11/16 Amazon
I have two whippets and one is petrified of fireworks.As soon as she hears them she whines and pants continually, won't settle anywhere and wanders around nonstop.This usually continues for about 2 hours after they've finished.
I received a money off voucher for the spray and thought I'd give it a try,also ordered the plug in.
I sprayed a scarf around her neck and turned the plug in on.
We are now halfway through bonfire night and what a difference!
She had a few barks to begin with, but still had a waggy tail.there have been some really loud bangs nearby and although she is listening for them she is content to lay on the sofa.
So pleased with this product,even though I really was very sceptical when I purchased it.
But was desperate to relieve some of her fear without sedation.
I thoroughly recommend giving it a try. Yes it does smell, but you don't really notice too much after half an hour or so... anyway it's a small price to pay for the comfort it seems to give your pet

Amazon Customer 5/11/16
This product is miraculous ! My dog suffered from a really extreme reaction to fireworks , trembling uncontrollably racing heartbeat and panting . I used this two days before bonfire night and every 1-2 hours today (5thNovember) . Fireworks have been going off all night and he is completely relaxed - no reaction at all !
I definitely reccomnend this product

Amazon Customer 5/11/16
I bought this as part of a strategy for bonfire night. It helps keep him calm, along with soothing dog music from YouTube and some sedatives from the vet.

Lyndsey Downes Facebook 4/11/16
I feel the need to post and say how amazing me and my mum are both finding this product for our pooches. I wish I'd found it six years ago. My Labrador charlie is a stressed unsettled boy on the best of days. But bonfire night really does distress him to the point its upsetting to see. My mum bought us one of the plug ins with a free sample of the spray and I can't tell you how much of a difference its made to us!! Its the first ever bonfire weekend where I've seen him laid like this!!!!! Thank you !! I feel the need to write a letter to someone important to spread the word. I'm a convert!!

Top of Form
Laura Clarke Facebook 3/11/16
I just want to say a HUGE thank you for making something so amazing! This is the 2nd year I've used pet remedy for my dog with fireworks and it has literally saved her life! We are so grateful and would recommend it to everybody!! Xx

Polly Anne Randall Facebook 2/11/16
Phoebe,our Beautiful Boston terrier.2.5 years old now and a season traveller,When we first got her she was very nervous about travelling.I then discovered pet remedy and used it on her blankets,from the first use she relaxed a little until now she is unfazed by even long journeys.I highly recommend this to all pet owners.Try it and you will never look back.


Abigail Reece Facebook 1/11/16
This is Tuscan, he is 12 years old and he is scared of fireworks, water, wind, plastic bags, balloons and new light shades, and people think staffies are tough! Really they're big softies. When he is scared he claws at our legs to jump in our laps and he jumps into the bath tub (which doesn't help his arthritis in his back legs!). We have tried everything from tablets to calming collars and nothing has really worked well. I purchased pet remedy's natural plugin diffuser and it works a treat (works best if you keep the animal in one room with the door closed) it really chilled him out and our legs are not covered in bruises for once! Couldn't recommend it more.


Milldean Tally Facebook 31/10/16
One chilled out boy remedy a great success here with the fireworks going off ....x


Wendy Wood Facebook 31/10/16
I have to say your spray is amazing. Albert was going into full fireworks panic mode, a quick spray and he and everyone else are totally chilled.


Sarah Jane Stevens Facebook 30/10/16
Absolutely amazing product! Brought this last year for my JRC who's petrified of Fireworks and I'm still using it a year on! Fireworks started earlier and he was going crazy so sprayed this and I haven't heard anything since! Highly recommend!

Amazon Customer 30/10/16
Brilliant product! My dog who usually has panic attacks over fireworks hasn't even barked once, completely relaxed and even sleeping through them, just unheard of for him. Effective within minutes. A slight odour but absolutely worth it. Wish I'd come across this product years ago!

Diane Brown Facebook 29/10/16
I've used Pet Remedy on my nervous boxer for a while and it really works well. I've had great success with the spray rather than the plug in diffuser. I have also used it on my horses with impressive results

Annie Saxby Facebook 26/10/16
 I got a defused and a spray from amazon. It is great I have a dog and two cats. My young cats very nervous it's made a big difference a great stuff. Happy days lol x

Amazon Customer 27/10/16
I was recommended to use this product together with the Pet Remedy spray. I plug it in the day before I am leaving my dog home alone.
There is no odour in the room but it certainly does help to relieve the stress my dog experiences when I leave him. I am so glad I have these products, especially as 5th November is almost upon us and fireworks are already being let off and the bangs get even louder.

Clever Fox Canine Training and Security Facebook 25/10/16
I wanted to say thank you to Pet Remedy for a brilliant product that actually works! As a dog owner, and canine behaviourist I have used to product not only on my own dogs with noise anxiety, stress of change and aggression issues, but also on many many dog training clients. It helped my firework scared Springer Spaniel cope through bonfire night last year, and has already be deployed ready for this year! It has helped countless dog reactive dogs calm enough to play nicely with new dogs. Helped worried dogs being left alone, or adjust to the change of a new home. I recommend it to almost every client I work with, and almost all report it has worked to help their dog relax, de-stress and learn better. (The bonus to it, is it actually help's de-stress me as well!). This product is one of many I have tried, and I can honestly say it works.

Angela Jones Facebook 12/10/16
Diffusers are brilliant. They've worked for my 'rehab' cat who now behaves normally with the others. I'm slowly investing in one for every room. Plus I've found having one in bedroom helps me sleep better too! Would highly recommend and wouldn't use anything else now

Amanda Moreton Facebook 10/10/16
I bought pet remedy for one of my collies who is terrified of fireworks , a few sprays on her collar and she stops shaking , this does mean I have to put some on the dog bed before the lurcher squashed her lol

Jorge Richards Facebook 9/10/16
It works! It took a three days or so before everyone responded but it's worked! Having six resident cats and a dobermann who all usually get along great, we decided to foster two cats temporarily- however my dominant male cat didn't like the new smells and started urinating everywhere downstairs where the two new cats had been. I ordered a pet remedy plug-in diffuser from Amazon on prime and by day four there were no new territorial wee's and his behaviour went back to being the cuddle monster instead of him being possessive of spaces and blocking the other cats paths. We've used feliway in the past and seen good results, but decided on pet remedy as it works for all pets not just our cats. Brilliant product; will be ordering a spray next for transport bedding once my feliway&adaptil have run out.

Jonesy83 Pets at Home 4/10/16
Brought this plug in diffuser for our cockerjack that is just over a year old. He is constantly hyper when other people come around to the house and constantly jumping up. Since buying the diffuser we have noticed that he is so much calmer especially when people come around and the diffuser came with a small spray bottle. Highly recommend this product.

Julie Winstanley Facebook 27/9/16
This is amazing I have a dog who was so frightened off thunder storms she would just sit there and shake but now after using this she just curls up and sleeps I was amazed I just stood there and watched my dog

Kim Scholefield Facebook 23/9/16
We have been using Pet Remedy at my dog grooming salon K9 Clip and shine for over a year and find it second to none in helping to relax nervous dogs and any dog in general with anxiety. We spray it on our own grooming tops and also on the fleeces inside the crates and have seen a huge difference in some of our more nervous customers fur babies since using Pet remedy in helping the dogs to have a relaxed and happy groom. If you have never tried Pet remedy before then I strongly suggest you give it a go, you will not be disappointed, it is brilliant for dogs especially around November with all the fireworks too. Highly recommended.

Lynne Taylor Facebook 22/9/16
Amazing product it does what it says on the tin

Cliare Biggs Amazon 21/9/16
This is the second one of these I have bought, it really helps our dog, we put it on if we have to leave her for a short time, when fireworks are going off she still gets a bit frightened but is a lot calmer with this plug in, we also use when it is thundering too, I would highly recommend if you have a pet who gets stressed

Kate Mallatratt Facebook 19/9/16
Do you use Pet Remedy when you groom your dogs? Oscar - Springy Springer belonging to International Canine Behaviourist member Kate Mallatratt - was getting a tad fidgety during his groom and trim today. Kate sprayed some Pet Remedy around the room and he settled down beautifully. :)
Here he is relaxing during this trim, and looking very dapper afterwards!! Oscar is nearly 16 years young!

Mrs V Wilson Amazon 15/9/16
Wonderful stuff i have an elderly westie who is diabetic and is slowly going blind and has panic attacks when he cant find us and gets disorientated i spray a little onto a napkin and tie it around his neck within a very short while he has calmed right down and is asleep also use this if we are going out as it gives us peace f mind that he will stay calm and relaxed untill we return would not be without my spray bottle

Karen Boyce Facebook 13/9/16
This is Milo on week 3 on his new training class with Beastly thoughts professional dog training. He is a rescue and can be a bit stressed at times so this week we tried the good old #petremedy
Owner's comment?
"I have never ever seen him this relaxed; not even at home!"
Love it!

Kate Mallatratt Facebook 11/9/16
International Canine Behaviourists is delighted to support Pet Remedy. A number of our members recommend Pet Remedy alongside behaviour modification advice to help reduce anxiety. Great product!

Shareen Pollock Facebook 11/9/16
I was lucky enough to win a runner up prize in the dog competition. We received our mini spray just before our new foster greyhound came to our home. Bella was very stressed out pacing up and down and whining. She stood for over an hour refusing to sit down poor baby. I gave her a wee spray on her bandana and watched her instantly relax . I am so impressed how much it helped Bella in the first few days. I only wished I had known about pet remedy before now so I could have helped my previous fosters settle in . Will definitely be recommending this product to everyone who has a stressed out pet.

Jean Armatige Facebook 11/9/16
This is my Lhasa Apso Holly, until I found Pet Remedy she was a very frightened little dog when she heard loud noises, fireworks were a nightmare, we could'nt walk past buses or motorbikes on a walk.... Pet Remedy has calmed her down considerably and made trips out more of a pleasure than it used to be. I would recommend it to anyone who has a pet who struggles in this way..... Jean

Ester Froy Facebook 28/8/16
Brilliant stuff pet remedy i swear by this stuff wouldn’t b without it

Hannah Jane Henshall Facebook 26/8/16
Thank you Pet Remedy!
Max on the left is 15 and Dookie on the right is 9. Max has always been a anxious dog but it has gotten a lot worse since his vision and hearing has deteriorated. Then Dookie didn't help as he would growl at Max if he walked into him but dookie would always lie in the way, typically! So max always seemed to be stressed as he knew dookie was there but wasn't sure where exactly. With a little rearrangement of the house and using your plug in and spray, within hours they were sleeping next to each which they haven't done for years! They are lot more social towards each other and Max has calmed tremendously. It's only been 24hours but so far the results are brilliant!!

Kathy Berner 25/8/16
It's amazing x
I recommend it to everyone I meet x

CatWoman Amazon 25/8/16
We got it for separation anxiety/barking. Instantly made our dog calmer. Nothing wrong with the way it smells- like a real Valerian. Great product!

Amazon Customer Amzaon 23/8/16
Seemed to work on my 2 dogs whilst travelling down to Cornwall - smell was ok once you get used to it. Not 100% sure how effective it was but appeared to calm both pets and the driver !

Lynn Cole Facebook 23/8/16
Had to write to say how pleased we are with the pet remedy plug ins that were recommended by my sister Kathy Cox who owns her own lovely boarding and grooming parlour in Blackpool .
We were at our wits end with our little Elly may who normally was such a good little dog , she has lost nearly all her eyesight and is maybe going deaf as we think she is 13 years old ( rescued at 7 , we have had her six years ) we thought she may be suffering with dementia or stress and anxiety attacks as we had recently been on holiday and she was with a friend, anyway when we got her home she was scratching in corners and panting like mad day and night , nothing seemed to console her , we were considering taking her to the vets to have her put out of her misery which does sound bad but it was awful to see her going mad as she was , till my sis told us about this , so went to our vets and got the plug in and it seemed to work its magic within a day , she is now back to her old relaxed chilled out self . Would definitely recommend this plug in to any pet lovers of any kind in the same situation xxx Thank you so much xxx

Su Amazon 16/8/16
My dog is very highly strung and this is the only product I have found that works. A couple of squirts on his head and in the air and I watch him calm down. Takes about ten mins from frantic to chilled

Chelle Amazon 9/8/16
We bought this product as a cheaper alternative to Adaptil as we we going to be settling a new puppy into our house alongside our dog so we wanted to create a nice calming environment in which to do so. We set up 2 diffusers, one in the lounge and another further into the house so that we could cover all areas. We also bought the spray for concentrated application in certain areas.

The difussers were easy to set up and plug in and they last for about 8 weeks each. Upon initial set-up the smell is quite strong but this does ease after a couple of days, still lingers though and as previously stated in another review the smell is not a pleasant one although it is worth it for the calming environment it creates.

It does seem to bring the dogs down to a calmer level and we will be taking them on holiday with us

Same Howells Facebok 7/8/16
Per remedy is a real miracle worker . Xx

Papillon Amazon 5/8/16
This product works well to calm an excitable dog. I've tried many products but this is the best so far. It is wonderful stuff and keeps me from going insane with my reactive dog, enabling me to train her without continual shouting. Thank you for this great product

Irene Amazon 4/8/16
This product is fantastic and calmed My crazy jack russel down so much

Catherine Campbell Facebook 14/7/16
As Olly the foster greyhound has turned in to a bit of an internet sensation, I thought I would update the Olly fans on his progress.
Yesterday Olly went for a walk.
Maybe not the greatest of achievements for most dogs, but for this traumatised hound, it was a huge step. It was helped by a generous application of Pet Remedy on his chest, muzzle and on my trousers before he stepped out of the house. It really helped him to chill and focus rather than panicking and wanting to bolt back. He was VERY tired after his walk!! Olly is in the care of the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary, rescuing and rehoming greyhounds and lurchers in Scotland


Cheryl Humphreys Facebook 13/7/16
Pet rememdy helps keep these ladies chilled at home and in the salon

Cyrilla Rodgers Facebook 12/7/16
I used this on my pug on a long journey and it really helped as she usually gets very stressed

Catherine Campbell Facebook 12/7/16
Olly, our very scared foster greyhound had been pacing, panting and fretting for a number of days. After rubbing the pet remedy around his muzzle and chest, the results were instant. Although not a cure, it has certainly helped him to calm down and realise that actually, humans aren't too bad after all. Thanks pet remedy! Olly is in the care of the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary, rescuing and rehoming greyhounds and lurchers in Scotland.


Trixie Collin 8/7/16 Facebook
Harley is relaxed during a thunder storm..Pet remedy sprayed on the bit of towel tied onto his collar and his thundershirt. I actually rely on the spray more than the thundershirt. I always take it in my doggy bag if we go away.

Mollie the Collies Mum 6/7/16 Pets at Home
I bought this for my new puppie as we haven't long brought her home and she's quite nervous and doesn't like being left alone, also she was quite jumpy in the car and wouldn't settle at all.
I bought this size because I was sceptical because although it have amazing reviews, I know that every dog is different but I was amazed.

It didn't work instantly but as soon as she got a good sniff of it she chilled right out on the car ride home and had no noise from her at all, got her home fed, watered, toileted, bit of exercise... As a border collie she still had energy to spare after running around the garden and some more training, so I decided to use it to try and calm her down so she's not running around the house .... Again amazed !!

She is currently chilled by my feet after about 1-2 minutes walking around smelling the spray I recommend this to anyone thinking of bringing a new puppy home just to ease them a little also to anyone who has a dog with anxiety.

Come payday I'm buying the plug in and big bottle I love this !!

Elle Watts 4/7/16 Facebook
I adopted Buddy from rescue, he is an ex gun dog, he came he and adjusted very well, crate trained, toilet trained ect with no issues......2 years later he won't sleep past 5 am! Even with late night toilet trips, tonight is the night and last resort! Wish us luck and a good night's sleep!

Alison Leiper 4/7/16 Facebook
I bought Pet Remedy 3 weeks ago after my hormonal bitches had a fight and one of them required stitches. I plugged it in immediately on return from vet and after 4 days of keeping girls separated by a gate and being reintroduced slowly on walks they were able to stay in the same room with no problems. I'm positive Pet Remedy helped speed up the process by calming the girls down. They have been happy ever since

Genevieve Parsons 2/7/16 – Facebook
I own The Sudbury Dog Company, a daycare, grooming, shop and training centre and you gave me a sample to try when we met at a trade show recently. I have been trying it out for three weeks now at my business and with my new rescue chihuahua and I am so impressed! I have experienced fantastic results and I have just had a client message me to tell me how their noise phobic staffie just had a fright from two loud bangs and recovered within ten minutes when she used the spray, normally this dog would have been upset for hours! This is my little rescue Penguin with his big sister Rhubarb, He has been physically abused in the previous home so is terrified of people and many other things but I'm very hopeful that pet remedy and his big sister will help him combat his fears

Martha Young  10/06/16  (Facebook)


I couldn't believe it! Betty is always stressed during rain events, but I just tried Pet Remedy's natural de-stress and calming spray, and to my amazement, she stopped shaking and pacing and whining, then lay down and dozed off, even though some rumblings of thunder remained. Betty and I are both happy now!

Elizabeth Dorer Henry  10/06/16  (Facebook)
I just have to praise your product again,it worked amazingly for my 11 year old shepherd/heeler mix who is having acupuncture for her hips,then tonight it calmed her down in 15 minutes during a thunderstorm.Thank you so much for this product my friend Gill Edwards recommended I try it and she was so right.

Amazon Customer  06/06/16  Amazon 5 Stars
Fantastic, works, would recommend.

Caitlin Penny Forbes  03/06/16  (Facebook)


This is Disney, my Cesky Terrier, who after using Pet Remedy went Best in Show at our local open dog show back in October. We now use pet remedy at every show

Bonnie  28/05/16  Amazon 5 Stars
Really good product. Seems to create a calm environment compared to other brands.

Angela Booker  28/05/16  Amazon 5 Stars
Luv this t really works. This has really helped my nervous Staffy. She is a lot calmer.It isnt noticeable to me but IT WORKS. Will buy again

Helen Sewell  20/05/16  Amazon 5 Stars
This product works really well!

TRACY DAVIS  18/05/16  Amazon 5 Stars
I'm very pleased with the product as I have used it before

Carole Dennis  19/05/16  (Facebook)
Have used this since it's inception and highly recommend. Comes into it's own when introducing a new pet to ones home. Plug in helps enormously in getting my dog aggressive Great Dane to accept a new canine.

Amazon customer  11/05/16  Amazon 5 Stars
It works

mrs susan michelle grundy  08/05/16  Amazon 4 Stars
Really good use this every day when I go to work my dog doesn't like been on his own but this does help calm him

lily blythe  04/05/16  Amazon 5 Stars
ordered this product many times, great value and seemed to work just as well as another well-known product.

caroline ramshaw  04/05/16  Amazon 5 Stars
appears to work as neighbour said our dog was howling again and it had run out.

heather wyatt 26/04/16  Amazon 4 Stars
Very good plug in

Biggs 24/04/16  Amazon 5 Stars
First time in using this make, they were recommended to me, I can say they have worked really well so far, and yes I would recommend them too.

Nina 18/04/16  Amazon 5 Stars
All is calm  

Susan Donnelly  12/04/16  (Facebook)
Just would like to say a big thank you from Blackheath pet supplies for your kind donation to our charity dog show to be held on May 2nd - pet remedy is a fantastic product and we have amazing feedback from all the buyers in the pet shop xxxx thanks again xx

Kelly  03/04/16  Amazon 5 Stars
Really helped my puppy settle in!!
Michelle Heath  31/03/16  (Facebook)


I purchased the spray at Crufts when speaking to I think it was Gill, I have a dog who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, hates the wind, car, load noises and sometimes just gets himself all worked up.
After listening to how this product works I thought it was worth a try, next time Harvey was starting to get unsettled I did as advised and put a bit on my hand and rubbed it on him, also sprayed a little on his blanket he sleeps with, and yes it worked!!! he seemed to calm down take comfort in his bed and started to calm down, I have since done this a few times now and had the same effect, we still have a long way to go as not tried on all his situations that we have with him, but so far I’m impressed.  Thank you
Amazon Customer 31/03/16  Amazon 5 Stars
Excellent product, I have a rescue cat and this product really has helped her to adjust . She is now loving, calm and at peace with the world and indeed herself. Recommended to a friend with an 12 week old puppy, she says she plugged it in and within a short time the pup had curled up on her lap and crashed out into a deep peaceful sleep.

Elinor Kemp 31/03/16  (Facebook)


Yesterday I was having visitors to my house. This is usually a huge debacle! Dexter is dry anxious meeting new people, and has been known to bark for their length of their stay! I have been using removal, once his barking gets too much. Let him calm, then allow to meet again. Usually takes me two cycles! Yesterday I sprayed pet remedy around the living room before they arrived. After an initial welcome bark he was quiet...he went up to say hello, allowed new people to give him fuss! (Which he really doesn't usually let people do!)
Of course it could be coincidence....but actually I believe it was down to the calming influence of your spray. Thank you so much for such an amazing product

Happy customer  30/03/16  Amazon 5 Stars
Very happy dog now much more relaxed

Heather Wyatt  26/03/16  Amazon 5 Stars
Very good plug in

Amanda  24/03/16  Amazon 5 Stars
Very good product, almost instantly calmed down my naughty kitty! Helps with my dogs anxiety too. Would highly recommend.
Mo Macleod  24/03/16  (Facebook)
Wouldn't be without it

Sarah Hoggarth  24/03/16  (Facebook)
Fantastic !! This is so popular with my customers

Sue Heywood  24/03/16  (Facebook)
This helped my nervous dog get over his surgery, thank you

Nicole Fletcher 23/03/16  (Facebook)


we got a new rescue dog last week and the first few nights he paced the house destroying and eating things and peeing everywhere,
we then found we still had a plugin that we used for our reactive elderly dog who had dementia (she passed at Xmas)
we have had the plugin on for a day and all is much calmer
we arnt expecting him to change overnight but he seems much calmer and happier
Katie Munden  23/03/16  (Facebook)


Hi all! We'd just like to really thank Annabel who we met at crufts. We'd never used Pet Remedy before, and we were looking for something to reassure our bull lurcher who had been through multiple homes before, and struggled with day to day fears.

Little did we realise it would change our lives! Not only did it help Ellie on her walks, it calmed our foster dog Alec when he had a meet and greet, leading him to being adopted, has calmed our boy with separation anxiety, and now it is helping our new foster as well. Little 13 week old Freddie was born in the pound and cries for half an hour when he wakes multiple times in the night. Last night we were at our wits end (considering he sleeps in a crate in our room it's not like he's alone!) and in desperation, I opened the crate, sprayed some pet remedy on my hands and rubbed his neck. Shut the crate, got back in to bed and waited. Eerie silence. Shuffling as he lay down. Rested breathing. Me and Mat were gobsmacked! Would recommend to anyone. So glad we met you at crufts, and for your advice and explanations. It's been a complete game changer for us.

Robert Nix  15/03/16  (Facebook)
Fantastic more happy dogs

Tina Bctgbfundraiser Holmes  15/03/16  (Facebook)
Such a great product
Alan Smith  15/03/16  (Facebook)

Laura Whieldon  15/03/16  (Facebook)
Fantastic product!

‎Bishop's Stortford Veterinary Hospital  14/03/16  (Facebook)
When our new hydrotherapy unit opened, a pet remedy diffuser was the first thing that was plugged in.
Unfortunately all the plugs were changed to splash proof plugs therefore making in no longer possible to plug in the diffuser.
We tried to order a Atomiser from our wholesaler but Animal Care have not taken on the product yet.
We did trial it without but some of the dogs that had treatments that week, did not do so well in compared to the weeks before.
After speaking to Martyn and ordering the Atomiser directly from him we were keen to see the response of our hydro patients.
The results were amazing. Dogs that were not settling very well when the diffuser was not plugged in were now back to settling straight away. One of them then went on to buy the diffuser to plug in at home to trial it.
Thank you Martyn and thank you Pet Remedy

Kirsty Bateman  14/03/16  (Facebook)
Can I say a massive thank you to Pet Remedy..... Yes, I bought it for my dogs, but boy has it helped ME recently ........ Very stressful times helped immensely by spraying it on me, my clothes and my pillow

Katie Pinkerton  14/03/16  (Facebook)


Gill helped us greatly at crufts yesterday and the product made such a different to our young boy. He relaxed enough to go and win his class. Thank you

Sharon Jones  14/03/16  (Facebook)


Great to see you at Crufts today Martyn. I think the Pet Remedy plug in might just be helping Blue relax while he's recovering from his polyradiculoneuritis.
All 4 are chilled doglets this evening xx

Susan Walters 07/03/16  (Facebook)

Pollyanna Narna Hutton  06/03/16  (Facebook)
My dog suffers badly with separation anxiety. I would never know what I'd be coming home to. After the last time he completely trashed the house I called a dog trainer. Not liking the fees she was charging I had a look around and found pet remedy. Once I plugged it in it was like I had a new dog. Nothing has been chewed or destroyed since and it's been almost 5 years now! We can tell when when it's running out as he becomes almost stuck to your leg and won't leave you alone for a Minute! I recommend pet remedy to everybody. Definitely changed our lives, for the better.

Bethan Victoria George   04/03/16  (Facebook)
Just got a bandanna to use with my pet remedy spray on my dog reactive dog , she will wear it at training and shows to help her

Karen Lander   04/03/16  (Facebook)
Fab news! My refills have arrived and a new one now plugged in! Peace again

Nina Thurstans   04/03/16  (Facebook)
It really is amazing it calmed my boys down too

Michelle Mcelrue 04/03/16  (Facebook)
Wow! On advice from Jan Edwards startd giving this to my 2cats yesterday to help them settle together and its great!had trip to vets today and for first time oldest cat 4yr old didnt attack the vet he was very relaxed and used for my dogs to and the greyhound who normaly wimps was calm !
Time to get a diffuser

Robert Nix about Cassie  04/04/15 (Email)


Just received this wonderful review from Robert Nix about Cassie:
I would just like to thank you for creating such an amazing product. I have had my springer for 6 yrs and from a pup she has had a lot of training for anxiety aggression and hates being left. She will lie in the kitchen and constantly bark at you whilst cooking and washing up i have tried loads of products and trainers. Then 6yrs on i was at the vets and cassie hates the vets and they had a plug in diffuser in the waiting area and she just laid there chilled this is not like her so i ordered it to try at home and hey presto it worked. Cassie is so chilled its like having a new dog no barking whilst cleaning and cooking. And a lot happier wife. She also hates the groomers and i normally stay with her and muzzle her and it takes two hours. This time i sprayed her with pet remedy muzzled her and left her there two hours later i phone them shes fine ready to collect. On arriving i cant see her so thought she was in a crate no she was lying curled up with 12 other dogs i was gob smacked.
i even asked what they had done with my dog. Cassie really does not like other dogs or strangers since she was attacked as a pup by another dog and when i looked she was with 12 other dogs. She is now going for doggy day care at the groomers to re socialize her. 
Thank you for saving my dog and making her happy again. 5 star rating from me and my family. Pet remedy for ever.
Kind regards
Rob Nix

Hayley Hawkins   03/03/16  (Facebook)
I stocking up when I go to crufts it's amazing miracle juice

Robert Nix  03/03/16  (Facebook)
Everyday gets better and so more content when rewarding good behavior. She is fast a sleep and she only normally sleeps after 9 pm lol. I will never stop buying it now.
I have only been using it a short while and wished i had known about it 6 yrs ago

Mollie Clements 02/03/16  (Facebook)
Wow will have to get this

Ange Stocks  02/03/16  (Facebook)

‎Vicky Williams‎  29/02/16  (Facebook)
I have recently been purchasing your plug in diffuser and I am so pleased with it, it is really helping our staffy/lab bitch who easily gets stressed with the stormy weather we've had recently.
I have also recommended it to fellow dog owners who we meet during our walks.

Lydia Hamer  19/02/16  (Facebook)
Thank you so much pet remedy. Tried this on my dog when she was scared of fireworks and helped her to calm down and sleep! Xxx

Amazon Customer   16/02/16  Amazon 5 Stars


We stroke our rabbits with a spray of this on our hand and it has stopped their vicious fighting instantly. They are brothers and normally loving but after neutering and being separated for a few days to recover from the operation they needed to be bonded again and this product saved the day! We have one plugged indoors and a separate bottle of the spray to groom them, our cat and dog are better too.

Chrissi Hercher 12/02/16  (Facebook)
It works perfectly to calm down the dogs. Especially on new years eve with the fireworks! It helped a lot that there was no reason for sedation with medicine.

Nina Thurstans  12/02/16  (Facebook)


My boys Freddy and Oscar use to get scared of fireworks and a few other things then I found Pet remedy it really works they are now brave . It works straight away they just settle down . So impressed with it I tell anyone who will listen

Kate Mallatratt  08/02/16  (Facebook)
Purchased a plug in yesterday, had a very peaceful night for a change. They do seem to be much calmer and less hypo

Pat Langston  08/02/16  (Facebook)
Adopted Tilly from Romania on Tuesday ...very scared and nervous ( understandable ) .. plugged in 2nd diffuser and in the morning she was up and eating and going out in the garden ... ty Pet Remedy very relaxed

Flo Watt  06/02/16  (Facebook)
My highly strung collie got trod on by my horse and badly tore her pad needing 7 stitches under GA. She was absolutely miserable wearing the lampshade collar and cried all the time. I used the pet remedy spray and she fell asleep immediately (it was about 4am!!) and has been so brilliant now at tolerating her bandaged foot. I use it fairly.

budsta89 03/01/16  Amazon  4 Stars
I was very sceptical at first but this stuff actually works. My dog is a rescue and was quite badly treated in her previous life, the vet suggested we try this which is as good a recommendation you can get. The first bonfire night we had her she was hiding and crying out under the table, so for New Year we plugged it in around a week before and though she was still a bit skittish she was definitely calmer and more chilled. I recently bought the calming spray which you apply straight to their bed and this also works very well.

Lezley Burr 24/01/16  (Facebook)
Excellent product. Vet recommend it to me when my two dogs started regular fighting with each other( we had recently moved house) were at the point of having to re home one so were happy to try anything to prevent this. The change in them was instant. They have the odd fight every so often but nothing like it was before Pet Remedy

Diane Humphries 24/01/16  (Facebook)
Been using this brand for months and it the only one (out of the market ) that work fantastic! ! Thank you now are dog doesn't get stressed out at all x

Rosemary Verney  19/01/16  (Facebook)
We tried Pet Remedy on New Year's Eve as our dog, Maddie, is petrified of fireworks. Have to admit that we didn't hold out much hope of it working as we have tried most things including Diazepam. So we were absolutely amazed when she just stayed calm and relaxed while the fireworks went off. It was the best start to a New Year!
Next thing is to try it on a long car journey and see if we get the same result.
Thanks from Maddie and her family

Little Lesley   Pets At Home 10/01/16  (website)
Comments about Pet Remedy Calming Spray 200ml:
I use this product by spraying a large hankerchief and tying it loosely round the dogs knecksi, spray the dogs bedding and also use the plug in defuser The results are amazing,this really does work.It's calmed my seven year old labradore who was over excitable or peed off by my twelve week old Cocker Spaniel who was also over hyper and settling into her new home.
Both dogs are relaxed,happy and content now,even when they are playing together.Peace and tranquility restored.

Pamela Isherwood  06/01/16  (Facebook)
I am a dog behaviourist & Trainer. I recommend this product all the time. It's fabulous.

Amity Pet Care  31/12/15  (Facebook)


It's been a busy, busy, busy festive period this year! As it's New Year's Eve, we're providing all of the animals their dinner slightly earlier than usual, as well as closing curtains, leaving some lights on, and giving a spritz of Pet Remedy for any pets with evening visits, to hopefully alleviate some of the stress which fireworks cause, which can often cause vomiting. Don't forget, if your pet really suffers from anxiety from fireworks, to have a chat to your Vet, to see what they can recommend and prescribe to help.

Catherine Mackay  28/11/15  (Facebook)
I've started using pet remedy spray with my 14 month old Bordoodle is a bit anxious meeting other dogs following a few nasty experiences. It's super!

Amazon Customer  28/11/15  Amazon  5 Stars
Amazingly this product works. My dog is terrified of fireworks and stayed much calmer. would definitely recommend it.

Rosemary McNicholl  23/12/15  (Facebook)
Really hope I don't forget to unplug mine and bring it with us, trying to leave it till the last moment.....
Happy Christmas!

Heather Parkes  22/12/15  (Facebook)
I've found this useful in the house during fireworks etc and really helpful in the car when we're transporting rescue dogs.

Daisy Red Pets At Home 22/12/15  (website) 5 star
Comments about Pet Remedy Calming Spray 200ml:
I use this for my 8 month old lab ever since she was 10 week puppy. We spray her blanket/bed with just 2 or 3 squirts before bed time, and when we leave in the mornings. We used it in the car and when she stayed at a friends house. I think it's fantastic. Our 4 year old cat HATES the puppy, but when this is sprayed, the cat will actually get IN the dog bed and lay down! It definitely calms my 2 and is part of their every day routine. Would recommend to anyone! Adaptil never worked and cost the earth, but this... perfect!

Elizabeth Dorer Henry  22/11/15  (Facebook)
Even though a very good friend of mine works for this company I was a bit dubious about it's effectiveness,well that doubt has been but to rest.I live in the mountains of Colorado where we are visited by many wild animals and I have an 11 year old dog that gets very nervous at night when these animals come to close to the house.When she starts to bark and get excited I spray this on her chest and within minutes she has calmed down and relaxed enough to go to sleep,it truly is a miracle and wished I had tried it sooner.
Thanks Gill Edwards.

Gill Edwards  22/11/15  (Facebook)
Just seen this, great that you've now realised how wonderful this product is. Thrilled.

Pat Langston    21/12/15  (Facebook)
Going away for Christmas ..taking plug ins with us ...x

Anne Jones  21/12/15  (Facebook)
And the spray all ready for the fireworks

Debs Channon 20/11/15  (Facebook)
I have invested in some refills (as well as another unit) because we are packing up to move home, and our pack matriarch was getting quite stressed as she tries to work put what is going on. As a result the rest the pack are not as settled as they usually are.
The refills arrived (via amazon last night, and with half an hour, the girls were back being settled and relaxed. So relaxed in fact, that they couldn't even be bothered to greet the Postie this morning!!

Elayne Gravenor  19/11/15  (Facebook)
Our Patterdale is a nightmare in the car I sprayed it on her jumper it really helped

Lezley Jane Cartledge  19/11/15  (Facebook)
It works my little jack Russell frets really bad with fireworks and it helped her. I also just sprayed it on her bed and on the settee and spray my hands and rub it on her 20 mins before I go out and she carms down a lot. No screaming as I go out. It really does work it's worth £18 .pets at home

Vikki Mann  14/11/15  (Facebook)
I have recently become a stockist of pet remedy. I'm a dog groomer and this product is the only one I have found to actually work.
One occasion I noticed a massive difference was when I had an extremely anxious German Shepherd. We had it plugged in on the cabinet and this dog was still stressing about being dried so I moved the plug in to a lower plug in front of the Shepherd. It was like an instant change with the dog. She calmed down dramatically. She laid down on the floor, panting slowed and heart race calmed down. It was really good to see.
I also spray the spray on my hands before greeting most dogs. When going to meet my Chinese crested for the first time I was told she was a very nervous dog. I had gone prepared with my pet remedy. I sprayed it on my legs top and hands. My dog came straight over to me wagging her tail and allowed me to stroke her. The previous owner was very surprised and agreed to me rehoming her

Rebecca Herd 12/11/15  (Facebook)
I think it works on my dog - he was much less stressed by the fireworks. Normally he'd be panting and scratching and scrabbling under the bed poor thing !

Kath Bevington  11/11/15  (Facebook)
We always have some in hand....

Laura Howe  11/11/15 (Email)
Hello! Just wanted to say how great I think your product is! I'm a veterinary nurse and first discovered it at bvna congress a couple of years back. I have used it on one of my own dogs who as a puppy had awful separation distress. A lot of behaviour modification, training and hard work went into helping him but it wouldn't of been possible without the help of pet remedy spray( it was the only thing that helped relax him in the early days) I now recommend it to all of my clients and feedback has been great so far. I have a diffuser at home and still use the spray regularly for my anxious dog.
Many thanks, Laura Howe RVN

Nadene Pets At Home 10/11/15  (website) 5 star
Comments about Pet Remedy Calming Spray 200ml:
I bought this in time for bonfire night as the fireworks always terrify my dogs, cats and horses! I normally cannot enjoy myself on nights like these because my pets get themselves into such states. Pet Remedy was amazing!!!! I sprayed it on my dogs bed and cats cushion and couldnt believe how quickly they relaxed and settled down.
I also put some on my horses rug and this made a huge difference to him too. I think for your peace of mind and animals safety this product is well worth it

Gill Charles  09/11/15  (Facebook)
I got this product from Crufts this year, used the small handy spray on my trousers when out walking for my noise phobic spaniel and it seemed to work really well, so used the spray and plug in for fireworks season and had a much better time of it than last year. My other reactive dog just went to sleep - and although the spaniel still paced and panted a bit, he was so much better than last year - so definitey recommend it. My sister used it on her lab and it was brilliant

Ladybird Kennels and Cattery 09/11/15  (Facebook)
We use the plug ins in our kennel block during very busy times and over the firework period this results in lovely calm doggies, we also use the spray in our cattery to chill out any stressed felines. All of our guests leave our care happy and content, thank you pet remedy! X

Steve Parker 09/11/15  (Facebook)
We use this and it definitely helps.

Kathryn Williams  09/11/15  (Facebook)
Hello Pet Remedy,
I purchased a spray and plug in diffuser for my rescue cats this year. They live at the rescue/boarding kennels we own. It worked a treat on them for the fireworks, I also used it on 2 of the rescue dogs who were struggling and worked amazingly for one and took the edge of the other (who is VERY bad with the fireworks) we are going to start using it for the rescue dogs to ensure they settle well into the kennels and help with assessing/training/socialising.
I also have my own dogs, all rescues. One of my boys, Harvey, didn't have a very good start in life therefore a very anxious boy when out and about. Mainly with other dogs, I adopted a calm relaxed boy, Ruben, 9 weeks ago, a huge difference when out together. Ruben helps Harvey alot ... but still that anxious boy with alot of things. I was wondering if anyone had used Pet Remedy when out with an anxious dog and your results? I've looked on reviews which is alot about fireworks which was fab for my cats ... but would love to hear about your anxious dogs when out.

Michelle Clarke-Watkin  09/11/15  (Facebook)
I found Pet Remedy by chance, went and bought a diffuser and the spray as one of my cats has been suffering with stress induced cystitis. I plugged in the diffuser and then went out for about 4 hours. When I came home there was a shift in dynamics between the cats which has steadily been impoving. Hasnt cured the indoor spraying yet of stressed cat. However, it HAS had a beneficial effect on dog this week who is terrified of fireworks, she has not been so anxious, still tries to hide but nowhere near as bad as previously. However, I am using one diffuser in an open plan lounge/stairway so it may be that the effects are being diluted. I have used the spray upstairs on an ad hoc basis and this has helped so I am going to get another diffuser for upstairs. And the lovely thing about the diffuser is it smells nice to a human nose too and I prefer the subtle smell to that of joss sticks which can be a bit overpowering! Would definately recomment Pet Remedy, and as a trained aromatherapist, I can tell that the oils are natural and not synthetic.

Julie Evans   09/11/15  (Facebook)
Absolutely brilliant.... Tried it for the first time this year on bonfire night and Zara was so calm I couldn't believe my eyes she's normally shaking and panting when the fireworks start. Wish I'd of bought it years ago.. X

Diesel,s stix Pets At Home 08/11/15  (website) 5 star
Comments about Pet Remedy Plug in Diffuser with 40ml bottle:
Our 11 year old lab has always been very anxious with fireworks and thunderstorms, and in recent years this has evolved to include heavy rain, rumbling traffic and low flying planes! As a result he was losing weight and became anxious so often that we were genuinely worried about his future.
We tested out the spray first and were dubious to be honest but the results were unbelievable, he instantly relaxed and became his old self again. He has put the weight back on and is as happy as he's ever been, with no reaction to all but the fireworks, and even these didn't turn him into the shivering slobbering mess he had previously been.
We now use the diffuser plug as and when necessary and would absolutely recommend both products based on our experience, without question these products have made an enormous difference to our lovely dog's health and wellbeing (and therefore ours too!)

Jeannette Davies  08/11/15  (Facebook)
Worked quite well for my ziggy apart from the really loud ones that sounds like a bomb going off - my 3 cats were really relaxed

Susan Halls 08/11/15  (Facebook)
i spayed my dogs bandanas with pet remedy although tia was still scared instead of running round the house panting and crying she laid at my feet under a cushion just lifting her head when she heard a firework.much calmer than last year xxx

Julie Morris  08/11/15  (Facebook)
we got this for buster this year , as he has been so stressed with fireworks in the past . it really does work ....he is soooo chilled out !!

Linda Reader  08/11/15  (Facebook)
Pet Remedy thank you! My 4 dogs have survived fireworks night/week with the plug in on constantly. Last year one of my 4 developed burying behaviours in the house which included tipping up water bowls & hiding absolutely everything he could find that wasn't put away. He also whined & panted for over a month after, every evening or when left alone. This year none of that! Happy dog mummy!

Sue Gregory  08/11/15  (Facebook)
This year was the first time Ive used anything on my hound. She was shaking with fear due to fireworks. Last night I sprayed her bed and a bandana, boy was she so much calmer! Even when very loud ones went off! I dashed across town to my friends hound, and it calmed her too. Thank You so much for this

Diesel,s stix Pets At Home 08/11/15  (website) 5 star
Comments about Pet Remedy Plug in Diffuser with 40ml bottle:
Our 11 year old lab has always been very anxious with fireworks and thunderstorms, and in recent years this has evolved to include heavy rain, rumbling traffic and low flying planes! As a result he was losing weight and became anxious so often that we were genuinely worried about his future.
We tested out the spray first and were dubious to be honest but the results were unbelievable, he instantly relaxed and became his old self again. He has put the weight back on and is as happy as he's ever been, with no reaction to all but the fireworks, and even these didn't turn him into the shivering slobbering mess he had previously been.
We now use the diffuser plug as and when necessary and would absolutely recommend both products based on our experience, without question these products have made an enormous difference to our lovely dog's health and wellbeing (and therefore ours too!)

Mandy Margolius  07/11/15  (Facebook)
Well... What can I say... It works for my girl I have 4 dogs and the eldest has always been quite stressed about fireworks - barking, shaking and hiding - but so far she has coped remarkably well after a spray of Pet Remedy on her front and around her neck. Right now fireworks are going off and she is just wandering around then laying at my feet - completely chilled. It was important to me that she was relaxed as I have a young 5 month pup and I didn't want her picking up on any stress related to fireworks. Brilliant product... thank you

‎Gillian Mair  06/11/15  (Facebook)
Fantastic news and great results. I've recently started stocking this product in my grooming salon, and thought I'd share an email one of my customers has sent me this morning re the diffuser.
Hi Gill, last night's fireworks went really well. Truffles could hear them cos her ears were up as they banged but she didn't do all that shaking and panting like all the previous 9 years. So we are preparing for the same tonight and tomorrow. We even got a full nights sleep ? thank you xx. Wonderful news!!

Valerie Widdicombe  05/11/15  (Facebook)
First time user, due to having three stress dogs during fireworks season, I really needed to try something else to help them settle, ( have tried lots of different things)
I used the spray on their bedding tonight in their little dens and I didn't have a peep out of them,
So glad I tried the spray due to my neighbour letting Fireworks off in the garden,my dogs were fast asleep so so pleased I found something that works
Thank you so much in making something that will help the animals,

Hazel Jones 05/11/15  (Facebook)
This is a great product, my rescue jrt has the same fears as your cocker and I've tried the same products as you that haven't helped her until I found Pet Remedy

purple lady Jacky  04/10/15  Amazon  5 Stars
Brilliant pet calming remedy. It has arrived just in time for the 5th November before the fireworks start. We have 2 kittens and a new dog so I think we will need these refills this year!

Andrea Louise Cockayne  04/11/15  (Facebook)
My dog is the same, terrified shaking panting, just bought this literally 3 hrs ago and i,m amazed how calm she is

Wish I tried sooner

Laura Marsden 04/11/15  (Facebook)


Wow!! I bought this today after trying everything possible for my girl and it's a miracle! Never known my girl this calm while fireworks are going off left right and center and the service from Martin who I spoke to was just as good thank-you so much!! And this is roxy being all calm!

Tatiana Van De Watering   03/11/15  (Facebook)
Once again you've worked miracles! I was out of the country and my shin tzu Bella ran off and began acting really strange due to fireworks, my mum was so worried she thought she has psychological issues - upon my return I rushed to buy this as last chance saloon and hey presto, although abit timid when outside Bella is fine again and has not attempted another great escape! Thanks again

Michelle Welch 03/11/15  (Facebook)
I use the spray and plug in and it really does work, its amazing how calm my jack russell is after 10 minutes. Wouldnt be without it

May McGrath 03/11/15  (Facebook)
I have used the spray for my puppy ever since she first came home. We used it on the car journey home from the breeder, and we used it every night for the first few months as part of bed time routine. We no longer use it every single night (no need), but we use it in the car. And when the fireworks start we're going to use it then too.
We also use it for the two cats, because Bearcat especially can get a bit stressed out at times. It works great

Emma Treweeks 03/11/15  (Facebook)
I use the plug in. And have purchased from Amazon, brilliant results,

Paula Heard  02/11/15  (Facebook)
I've sold so much of this at work. Having used it for dogs and parrots I can highly recommend it. Love it

Jo-anne Hill  02/11/15  (Facebook)
Joanne Herbert have you tried Pet Remedy? I've used it for dogs, cats and degus and it helped everyone although their issues weren't as serious as Bensons xx

Anne Jones  02/11/15  (Facebook)
Totally agree with Hayley Hawkins. I am always telling people about pet remedy.

Rebecca Crossman  02/11/15  (Facebook)


Im still amazed that my lurcher is happily sleeping next to the cat. Thanks to pet remedy.

Kait Houching 01/11/15  (Facebook)
Last night went perfectly , loads of fireworks but the dogs slept thru it.....i did too! its a fabulous product...

Hayley Hawkins 01/11/15 (Email)
All I can say is a massive thank you for creating this. I was first introduced to pet remedy from one of your reps at crufts this year. I stopped and purchased this as it was on a fantastic deal price and also I was willing to try anything in the hope that eventually I would find something that worked. (two other well-known brands) did not work at all.
My cocker spaniel is afraid of storms, fireworks even nail clippers. During a bad thunderstorm I decided it was time for pet remedy to come out. WOW is all I can say after ten minutes my dog was curled up asleep and slept through it. Every single time I have used this we have the same outcome. The final test was last night during a lot of fireworks. Well striker the cocker was curled up with not a care in the world. I cannot stop talking to people about pet remedy I'm obsessed with it. Thank you so much for giving me a calm and content dog. Pet remedy is the best

Julia Lavin Kicks 01/11/15  (Facebook)
I have recently bought some for my German pointer, who is terrified of fireworks and thunder. Last night the fireworks started, Archie was trembling, so I got the pet remedy out, sprayed it on his chest.....15 mins later he was relaxed and chilled out. Why it has taken me 5 years to find this product, I do not know!! Thank you Pet Remedy!!! X

Lyndsey Lackford  01/11/15  (Facebook)
What is pet remedy?.. my dog doesn't like his nails cut at all and it's really stressing to watch him go through it! What is it and how does it work?x

Hayley Hawkins  01/11/15  (Facebook)
It's a natural spray or plug in. I spray it on my hands and rub it around my dogs muzzle and under his chin and it has a calming effect that really works. You can buy it at the pet remedy website or pets at home and Amazon. Try it you will be amazed. Go on the pet remedy website and it will explain all

I find the spray works better. After I have sprayed on my hands and stroked round my dogs muzzle and head he is calm and sleepy within ten minutes. It's deffo worth a try I had tried everything then found this when I went to crufts this year and it's awesome.

Fiona Harrower  31/10/15  (Facebook)
Well Ive just used the pet remedy spray for my staffie Darcy, who hates fireworks, last year she was practically up on my shoulder shaking n panting like mad but tonight , its like a different dog, shes just lying sleeping like a big couch potato. We lost her brother 6 weeks ago and I was a bit scared of how she'd be, we'll see how she goes when fireworks really start next week but so far this stuff is AWESOME x

Shauna Duggan  31/10/15  (Facebook)


Morgan (lab cross, 11yrs old), missy (setter cross, 4months old) really settled during fireworks display. Pet remedy plugged in under TVs, for past week as Morgan's the nervous sort.

‎Penny Thomas  31/10/15  (Facebook)
Trick and Treaters at the door every five minutes or so and the three dogs were going balmy. But now I have sprayed the room and they are stretched out, one to each seat, ignoring the door bell. Thank you Pet Remedy

Alexis Kay ‎  31/10/15  (Facebook)


Thank you Pet Remedy for the spray to try on Max, he is a 15 year Parsons Terrier, who is very confused due to his age. We have been using it for about a week and have seen a positive result in his well being

Judith Doble   31/10/15  (Facebook)
Thank you Pet Remedy for the spray t I love this spray too, has helped Solar with travelling and Kali with fireworks

Carol Bamber‎  29/10/15  (Facebook)
Have been using the plug-in and the spray for a while now and can see a huge difference. My youngest dog is affected by noise and vibrations while travelling, but she is so much more relaxed when we spray her travel bed with Pet Remedy

Jennifer Meers  28/10/15  (Facebook)
Already working had my plug in for a month to help move house for cat and dogs but its taking the edge off my firework phobic dog already !
Great product !

Haze Dinnen‎  22/10/15  (Facebook)
I have been using Pet Remedy for a few weeks now with good results. I would also like to commend the company for their excellent customer service. Having received a faulty sample size spray with my order i contacted them to let them know in case it was a manufacturing fault. I was sent a replacement which was very kind indeed . Great company to deal with

Pam Taylor  22/10/15  (Facebook)
Liked and shared love this product

Sharon May 21/10/15  (Facebook)
I use the spray on Jakey when we go dog training and it makes such a difference, he gets so anxious in confined areas.

Adrienne Alcock  21/10/15  (Facebook)
Excellent product.

aida butler  13/09/15  Amazon 5 Stars
this was great

Pam Taylor  20/10/15  (Facebook)
I love this product the plug in works so well used when we went away kept them calm in our room and used spray in their blankets in the car seats. They slept through whole journey home over 2 hours. Will definitely be using both through the firework period

Christine Cook  19/10/15  (Facebook)
it really does work ! Ive tried another well-known brand and others on my siamese...this one chills them out !

etta smith  19/10/15  Amazon 4 Stars
Great believer in this have used it for years and believe it helps calm your dog .

Annabell Wizzy Deacon  19/10/15  (Facebook)
Fab give away I use the spray for miss pumpkin my rescue dog and love the calm side wen I spray it round the house aspecily wen I have visitors makes so much difference to her xx

Teresa Winter 19/10/15  (Facebook)
Brilliant products.

Karla Quo  18/10/15  (Facebook)
We use it all,the time in our salon and pleased to recommend to customers ...... We are so use to having pet remedy that it would be hard to say what life without pet remedy would be like now.
We have seen so many amazing results.

Pamela Wheatley 18/10/15  (Facebook)
Definitely worked on my 6 dogs, & 6 cats..

Beverley Pope 18/10/15  (Facebook)
I also spray on my grooming table for nervous or stressed dogs

Beverley Pope 18/10/15  (Facebook)
Fab product I use in my salon and recommend to my customers too

Fay Mccallum  18/10/15  (Facebook)
Really really helps my greyhound xx

Kait Houching, 18/10/15  (Facebook)
it's fabulous, my alf is SO scared of fireworks, but last yr after using this spray he just slept thru it!!!...nice one!!
Claire Stewart  17/10/15  (Facebook)
Great feedback received from my clients who use it.

Kait Houching  17/10/15  (Facebook)
All i know is, this product is amazing.......cant be without it...

Pauline B Jackson 17/10/15  (Facebook)
wonderful stuff, much better than another well-known brand. Will be using it again durinf firework season

KT Haribo 17/10/15  (Facebook)
I think it works for mine, hard to say for sure as only used it once at her training class, she was really relaxed, will have to see how she goes next week

Tracey Holland  11/10/15   Amazon 5 Stars
have this plugged in my living room , could smell it at first but don't notice it now , I leave it on all the time as I keep forgetting to turn it of ! again am convinced this works as my two settle down quicker when they are inside.again will be buying again

caz  10/10/15   Amazon 5 Stars
Great stuff really seems to be working seems to keep our dog de stressed when we are not in

Kait Houching  10/10/15  (Facebook)
I definitely could not cope without pet remedy, have just got a bottle for a friend who's dog is poorly, and is having trouble sleeping, she phoned me today to say how wonderful the product was, her dog slept through the night, and she couldnt thank me enough for putting her....and Chloe....on to it!!..last yr i was dreading bonfire night and Halloween, but not this armed and ready!!!!!!!

Rebecca Fare  10/10/15   Amazon 4 Stars
Good product

Daphne Perry  05/10/15   Amazon 5 Stars
Am very impressed by this product. It has calmed our destructive dog into a calmer none destructive one. He hates being left but this has worked wonders. We only put it on while out. I will definitely get refills. And would recommend for any dog that gets distressed when left on its own.

Contemplating Canines – Kate Mallatratt Behaviourist 04/10/15  (Facebook)
I have been terrier sitting. Unfortunately I had run out of my Pet Remedy plug-in and had to place an order. The first week I had to manage her environmental carefully to prevent over-arousal and barking, the second week her environment was managed as before but with the addition of a Pet Remedy plug-in by her crate and a further one upstairs. There was a significant reduction in her barking the second week, and although this could partly be attributed to her settling in the Pet Remedy appears to have considerably helped to reduce her arousal levels in the house and thus her barking. This is a nice example of Pet Remedy working in partnership with behaviour modification in a symbiotic relationship.

Andrea Quaily Sanders  04/10/15  (Facebook)
My husband and i have just purchased your Pet Remedy spray and i just wanted to thank you on behalf of our very nervous 3 year old Jack Russell Toby.
He suffers with separation anxiety an has issues with other dogs when we goes out and we've really struggled with him as a result. We have another dog the same age and also a 14 week old puppy so we now have to take them all out separately and retrain him because if he see's another dog he panics and its carnage. And with a new puppy it can be so stressful for all. This spray has worked wonders especially at home because he is also a very active dog who just doesn't sit still. It helps him to chill out and relax more. At £18 a time though its so expensive but worth it if my pooch is happy and safe.
We are also looking into buying the plug in as Nov 5th is on its way and thats a terrible time for him. More help the better.

Emma Broom  08/10/15  (Facebook)
Big thankyou from us at Welsh poundies for your kind donation of pet remedy this will help many off the dogs that we take in and work with rehoming diolch from all at Welsh poundies xxxx

Stephanie Smith  02/10/15  (Facebook)
I use Pet Remedy in my grooming salon to help dogs relax, I also recommend it to my clients for anxiety/travel sickness issues

Haze Dinnen  02/10/15  (Facebook)


I purchased a diffuser and large spray to try with my very nervous labrador. She is frightened of most loud noises and absolutely hates when the window cleaner comes. Having had Pet Remedy in use has been amazing, Rowan no longer tries to hide when I open the window or cowers when she hears loud noises.
I work as a dog walker and have also used the spray in the van with great results
3 happy relaxed doggies while I have my break. One very happy customer

Julie Blanch 02/10/15  (Facebook)
wow look at those three didnt think they could be that still wow

Kate Geering  23/09/15  (Facebook)
I have just bought a diffuser as our elderly Vizsla has recently become very anxious and unsettled. He is now asleep,

Christine Megan Woodham  13/09/15  Amazon 5 Stars
I always use this item and it is very good we have a peaceful house

Gilly Bursnoll  08/09/15  (Facebook)
We are away in Scotland and Anna stresses - she is so relaxed bless her makes a holiday so worthwhile!! Brilliant product - we use it with most of our GSP Rescues too

Deborah Holden & Ruby  08/09/15  (Facebook)
I have a five year old labradoodle who at times is very hyper particularly in the evening time after a meal.
For a number of years we have just ridden the mad half hour. However that was until I found pet remedy which was recommended to me by a professional trainer and behaviourist. I have used a pheromone product in the past which had no effect.
I tried a sample of Pet Remedy initially and was absolutely amazed at the effects. The dog became calm within minutes having had it sprayed on her fur and blanket.
The fact that it is all natural and actually works is remarkable!!. 
It makes the perfect partner to reward base training and a happy dog is a happy owner.

Bronwyn Shaw 08/09/15  (Facebook)
we gave your pet remedy spray a go today with one of my dogs bertie at the groomers and it was the best grooming visit we have ever had. usually cut his nails is like a wrestling match but put a couple squirts on a bandana for him and he just stood there and let the groomer do everything didnt kick up a fuss at all, didnt need to be bribed with treats and even let her file his nails as well which is the first time hes done that he is usually one of the worst dogs to have his nails cut

Jayne Louise Spalding 31/08/15  (Facebook)
Never usually post reviews about things but your plug in diffuser and spray has been so effective on our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier I felt I need to share to others who like myself are probably a bit sceptical about things like this.
Our dog Izzy has been terrified of rain or windy stormy conditions ever since we had her spayed when she was 2. She's now 7, we have tried Valerian syrup and various other branded calming tablets to help her settle when the weather's bad....she would calm a little but never fully and would nearly turn herself inside out panting and shaking for hours. We were due some heavy rain that would last a while so with this in mind I purchased your products as a last ditch attempt to help her settle. I plugged in the diffuser when we got home and sprayed her coat lightly with the spray a couple of hours before the bad weather was due. It worked a stressing! I have never seen her as calm ever.....I really couldn't believe how effective it is. 5 star review for a fantastic product !!!

Kat Pets At Home 08/11/15  (website) 5 star
Great product. Could notice a difference in under 48 hours.

Gill Edwards 24/08/15  (Facebook)


Two chilled out pet remedy fans!!

Bonnie and Friends 24/08/15  (Facebook)


Hello Pet Remedy. Ive come along to paw your like button and to share with you some happy smiles this monday morning
Puppy Kisses and waggy tails x

Adrian H. 23/08/15  Amazon 5 Stars
Great product great quality great price and quickly received

Chepstow Pet Supplies Ltd  22/08/15  (Facebook)

Alfie doesn't like thunder, he cowers, wants to be right next to you and pants. So when the thunder started early, we put on his thunder shirt and some Pet Remedy spray and he was much more relaxed. Ask us in store if your V.I.Pet also struggles with thunder.


Chepstow Pet Supplies Ltd
Pet Supplies

Mr Slobberchops  22/08/15  (Facebook)


Not only are our customers here at Mr Slobberchops loving Pet Remedy and giving great feedback, this little girl managed an afternoon happy and content with a loud airshow going on around her, not even the typhoon caused her to fret. The local Friday fireworks also send her into an almighty tizz but last night she slept through them. THANK YOU

Gaynor Judge  21/08/15  (Facebook)
Pet Remedy has been unbelievably helpful at our equine rehabilitation centre and livery yard. We have seen stressed horses being loaded change to calmer, happier horses who travel better. Young horses being backed taking things in their stride. New horses to the yard going on their first hack and getting used to their new surroundings not helped by a tense owner/rider. Pet Remedy has helped them to relax and enjoy the ride.
We also have Llamas who have benefited from the remedy. Shearing and teeth clipping is not that much fun for a llama but ours were more concerned about having the remedy wiped on their noses!! We of course have a plug in in the house for the dogs and cats (and us!). I highly recommend this product.

Emily  20/08/15  Amazon 5 Stars

Amity Pet Care  19/08/15  (Facebook)


Here're a couple of ideas of non-medical pain relieving methods, which we spoke about during the live webinar I participated in yesterday, with Dr. Andy Roark. (Please Note: Always get a diagnosis from your Vet, and take their advice for treatment. These ideas are to compliment what your Vet prescribes).
*Hot or cold packs-for acute and new injuries, cold packs can help to reduce the inflammation, and reduce the pain and swelling. For chronic/ongoing pain, warm packs can help to increase the functionality of the painful limb or area, and ease the pain. It's important to wrap whichever pack needed in a towel, and always test on yourself first. You can apply packs every couple of hours.
*Reducing Anxiety-stress increases pain sensitivity. We all know that when we're worried about something, there tends to be a lot of tension in our bodies, and pain has actually shown to cause damage to the brain! Do all that you can to lower the stress levels-look into both the herbal based plug-ins and sprays, like Pet Remedy, as well as the pheromone ones. Provide the animal with an item of your clothing which you've worn-the familiar scent can help to keep them calmer (also a good idea for home boarding). Always respect the animal's space, and allow them to choose where they feel comfortable.
*Acupuncture can also relieve pain and stress-contact us if you'd like us to recommend a local Vet who offers this.
Again, always consult your Vet before changing anything in your pet's routine, or if you think they're in any sort of pain or discomfort.

Amity Pet Care
Pet Sitter- Dog Walker

Amity Pet Care 19/08/15  (Facebook)

Little Bear is modelling his Peter Rabbit (remember him?!!) bandanna with some Pet Remedy spray on it, along with our Pet Rem plug ins, as he's currently on cage rest.

Carola.leman  14/08/15 Email
Bishop's Stortford Veterinary Hospital
Hello Martyn,
I have not had a chance yet to trial the spay on my horse, but I use the diffuser in my house.
I had a very stressed dog who reacted badly to the high pitched noises on the tv.
Now we have pet remedy plugged in she is calm and relaxed. She does have 1 or 2 tv programs she really does not like and leaves the room. But then after the episode has finished she will join us in the room again. And she is fine spending the rest of the time with us. Before pet remedy she was panicking, trying to hide, trying to climb on our heads which you can imagine a 23kg is not a pleasant experience.
She now is not scared of the wind anymore either and does not scratch the walls.
We know this is down to Pet Remedy as a few weeks ago she started the stressed behaviour again and I checked and the diffuser was empty, replaced it and the next day she was fine.
We have also had a lunch and learn from Gillian Washington (Animal Care) and we use the spray in the hospital. A nurse used it the other day with a cat that was in for blood pressure measurement and sprayed it on a towel and on herself, the cat would not leave her alone, wanted to cuddle.
I will try it on my horse this winter and see if it helps him too.
Kind Regards,
Carola Leman RVN
p.s. hoping to open a hydrotherapy unit soon and will get a diffuser plugged in there¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

Doug Adams 14/08/15  (Facebook)
It's amazing stuff, much cheaper than other leading brands and in my opinion it works much better!

Rebecca Crossman  14/08/15  (Facebook)
Pet Remedy is really good for all sorts of problems, potential or happening now. it works on all mammals and birds. If you want to know if may help your pet ring your vet for advice.

Rebecca Crossman  14/08/15  (Facebook)
It's made from Valarian, a natural plant.

Doug Adams 14/08/15  (Facebook)


This is my boy Douglas, a very happy and laid back dog. However, over the last few months he has become very agitated in the car, lots of panting and whining. I just put it down to anticipation until he started to shake in fear. I used pet remedy this morning for a 10 minute trip in the car, it was like a magic potion from Harry Potter! There was no whining, no panting and absolutely no shaking! Pet remedy is amazing, thank you thank you thank you xx

Kat Pets At Home 09/08/15  (website) 5 star
Comments about Pet Remedy Plug in Diffuser with 40ml bottle:
Great product. Could notice a difference in under 48 hours.

Bella's collar's 03/08/15  (Facebook)


Hi, I supply the yellow dog harnesses & leads to nervous dogs that need space. Could you like & share my page as we spray her harness before we go out on a busy walk, works a treat!

Bella’s collar’s
Pet Supplies

Hazel Gethhin 10/08/15  Amazon 5 Stars
Very pleased with this product and it actually seems to work! Would be happy to buy again.

sarah priestley 10/08/15  Amazon 5 Stars
great stuff

Sam Potter  07/08/15  (Facebook)


This is Rosie i have began to use the spray as she can become nervous and very restless when there is any form of loud noise. She now completly calms down and settles after about 10 minutes of her having her bandana (with the spray on)! It is so nice to see the old Rosie coming through again

David 17/08/15  Amazon 4 Stars
Seems to be working, so far so good !

Amy Dickinson  03/08/15  (Facebook)


Mary loves her pet remedy.

John Summerton  05/08/15  (Facebook)


Bolt has always been an anxious and therefore very noisy traveller which caused all of us to be stressed on car journeys. As a fairly desperate last resort we bought some Pet Remedy de-stress and calming spray before our 150 mile each way trip to Whitby. To our amazement it worked incredibly well and we had a calm, sleepy and above all quiet dog all the way and back. Thank you for the 8 hours of peaceful travel. Looking forward to going to Scotland later in the month now.

Veronique Tangney  04/08/15  Amazon 5 Stars
well recommended calm's my dog's

Kerry Hall   03/08/15  (Facebook)


Was recommended pet remedy due to problems I was having with my new puppy. They are all wearing their bibs sprayed with pet remedy and although only day 1 the change in the household is amazing and there is a definite calmness to them all. I very much hope it continues. Thank you!
PS. I think you should make some promotional bandanas?

Lisa Thomas
Iv been using this for ages it's great, I use the plug ins and the spray for when travelling in the car x

Ceri Lehrer oh bless them! so cute! I have to say we have Pet remedy in every single ward now and use it daily..especially for those stressed and nervous patients. Also our cat consult room has a plug in and is always sprayed with it! haha

Louise Forrester  
I am proud to say that i stock the Pet Remedy Range in my Pet shop, Which is based in Westbury, Wiltshire. Not only is it a brand that customers can trust, but its a brand that works day in day out.

Forrester Pet Supplies
Pet Shop


Ann Burke  01/08/15  Amazon 5 Stars
fantastic value

Valery Holden  29/07/15  (Facebook)
I use it in my grooming salon with fab results I couldn't be without it. I also use it in my home for my dogs it's great. Thank you to Pet Remedy!

Gill Edwards 27/07/15  (Facebook)
For me another well known brand doesn't have a patch on pet remedy, PR works faster and I find much better than anything else I've tried.

SY "SY"  01/08/15  Amazon 5 Stars
works well

Pugnest Almandine  23/07/15  (Facebook)
I love it, it's so useful for the rescue Pugs

Kirsty Bateman 22/07/15  (Facebook)
Been eying up Pet Remedy for a while...... Went to vets with 3 of my dogs this afternoon and they had it for sale at the desk. I bought the small spray and immediately used it on the dogs........ WOW!
Got home to the other 4 dogs going berserk because they had been left and promptly treated them........ You wouldn't believe how quiet my 7 dog household currently is!!!!!
Do you guys think the diffusers will help me keep them all quiet when one of my boys is recovering from a major op? I need to keep him quiet for 6 weeks minimum!

Catherine Higgins Yes please use the plug diffuser. May help to get a couple and put around the house. Hope all goes well with your dogs opp. Love and hugs. Xxx

Elaine Lucas I have the room diffuser - it is used in stables and kennels. I swear by it. X

Kirsty Bateman Thank you !
I also have issues with my lot and the door........ They all rush to go out of it and wind each other up to a frenzy, flying out of it and knocking each other flying........ The last two poo and pee breaks before bed, I did a quick spray before opening the door and although things weren't perfect, (learned behaviour that I've been trying to battle for some time), things were vastly improved

Tricia Bristow 22/07/15  (Facebook)
lt works for all sorts of situations! l give out the leaflets wherever l go

Julia Firippis Yes helped my dog even on firework night

Pat Langston I have 2 plugins in the hall ...1 on the landing ....
I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and a peaceful home unless it runs out ...I also sleep well ...

Trixie Collin I like to use it on a bit of cloth in their collars.

Maggie Robinson My trainer recommends this and I have found it great

annie simpson  13/07/15  Amazon  5 Stars
Working really well, dog is noticeably calmer, even happier

Karen 10/07/15  Amazon  5 Stars
Helped my dogs around bonfire night

Contemplating Canines - Kate Mallatratt 06/07/15  (Facebook)
I find Pet Remedy to be a very useful addition to the behaviourist’s/trainer's tool box. When we look to treat behaviour problems, we always look for a root cause and there is usually an underlying anxiety. As part of a tailored behaviour modification programme, Pet Remedy can often help reduce levels of anxiety and help dogs (and other animals) feel more secure. It can be useful to plug in a Pet Remedy diffuser when you get a new puppy to help reduce the stress of leaving siblings and as an aid to relaxation for car travel. In training classes it can help to reduce anxiety and support learning and be used in the grooming salon to encourage relaxation. Pets may benefit at other stressful times of the year such as Bonfire Night to help reduce noise phobia. Pet Remedy may be useful as a stand-alone product for some issues, however for serious behaviour problems it should be used to support behaviour modification with a qualified behaviourist after ruling out an underlying medical cause with your vet.

Trixie Collin 06/07/15  (Facebook)
Pet remedy is really making life easier when it rescue boy barks at thunder but having pet remedy on a cloth tucked into his collar is making him calmer and settling sooner.

rhian davina owen  05/07/15  Amazon  5 Stars
item as described

YVONNE  04/07/15  Amazon  5 Stars
Can't believe how good this is, bought it for one dog who was stressing out at night but it had an affect on all three, they all seem really laid back now and I wouldn't have called the other two stressed but they're far less excitable now.

Tima Lund 27/06/15  (Facebook)
Have been sending puppies to their new homes this week. Gave them all a bottle of Pet Remedy, only 1 was car sick..( I blame the driver style) and we sprayed it on existing pets at home prior to first introductions too. So far all going splendidly!!

Dawn Saward  17/06/15  (Facebook)
This stuff is a miracle! Our yorkie should be any only dog, but she has to put up with our other one. And she's not very dog friendly

So we got pet remedy to see if it would calm her down. and it's wonderful works without fail. So now our other dog can live in peace

Ann Bush  17/06/15  (Facebook)
Got Gambit on it with good results

Sue Rihoy  16/06/15  (Facebook)
K9 Klippers has used Pet Remedy in out grooming room since March and it has helped some of my more nervous dogs, one dog who needed to wear a muzzle to be groomed, after using the Pet Remedy I was able to complete the groom without a muzzle, it was brilliant.

Pat Langston  11/06/15  (Facebook)
We take it to our caravan ...our dogs are so chilled we can all relax x

caroline m pring  05/07/15  Amazon  5 Stars
very good
Tima Lund 10/06/15  (Facebook)
I have been using and recommending Pet Remedy for over a year now. last week a maiden bitch came to be mated, and was quite nervous in a strange place ( my other dogs barked) , I 'misted' some Pet Remedy above her, and she noticeably calmed down.... A few minutes later she and Aceman got down to business.

Aarons Pets 10/06/15  (Facebook)
We stock Pet Remedy spray and plug in at Aarons Pets Ltd in Clevedon and Nailsea!

Tricia Bristow 10/06/15  (Facebook)
Last week l did a transport run for several rescues and ended up with 5 strange dogs in separate crates in the van. Most of them were strays that had been in danger of being pts as they were at the end of their 7 days in the pounds. l was told that two of them were very dog reactive because they had been abused, and one was a terrified SBT pup of about 6 months old that had been literally thrown over the wall into the pound one night! Sounds like a chaotic journey, no??? Well, it wasn't. l sprayed all the bedding with Pet Remedy before l picked the dogs up and then sprayed into the air once all were loaded (l picked them up in Bristol and took them to Plymouth where they were being fostered or were going into kennels to be assessed) l covered up the two who were most frightened/upset and they ALL slept all the way!

Tina Clements Ne Hudson  08/06/15  (Facebook)
Well very please bought pet plug in for my 7 month old pup because when we leave the house she wees and poops even though my son and my other dog is with its only been plugged in two days shes not dun a thing well impressed both dogs r totally chilled big thanku x

Kate Elizabeth Rowlands  03/06/15  (Facebook)
Currently using the plug in pet remedy for our new 8 week old puppy! Recommended by our vets! It's made him so much more relaxed and settled! Thumbs up from us!

Natalie Bond  03/06/15  (Facebook)
I have an extremely territorial male cat who tends to spray if he feels even slightly put out by something/someone. It's a terrible problem. I picked up our new addition to the family (a gorgeous sprocker puppy) last weekend and was dreading the aftermatj of her arrival but I plugged in Pet Remedy the day before and used the spray where the cat likes to sit. I've had no problems with him whatsoever, he doesn't even seem bothered that the puppy is here! And most importantly no spraying!! Cannot recommend enough

Pat Langston  30/05/15  (Facebook)
I agree ...use it in our caravan ...we have 2 jack russells ...they become so chilled and I sleep well
too ..

Bethan Victoria George  30/05/15  (Facebook)
Hi, bought a mini spray off amazon to try with my lab x gsd who has fear aggression issues when on lead and also wakes throughout the night , usually crying then onto a bark ! I've heard great things so decided anything would be worth a try , amazingly after the first use I saw results ! I sprayed it on her bed , and she woke only once during the night , instead of three /four times which is great , second night was the same, so today I've been and bought the plug in and hope for similar results, will use the spray for dog shows on a bandanna and my trousers. Thanks pet remedy

Ann Alexander  24/05/15  (Facebook)
Plug in is fantastic in a caravan! Use it all the time.

Dawn Harvey  23/05/15  (Facebook)
Hi Martyn , just wanted to let you know how much better Sam was in the caravan , just come back from 7 days away at a show and he was so much better , pretty much as soon as I turned it on ! Will be recommending your products to everyone many thanks for all your help Dawn.

Tricia Bristow 23/05/15  (Facebook)
l belong to an Animal Transport group that helps to relay dogs, cats, rabbits etc to fosters or other kennels and have recently taken a couple of Romanian dogs across the country. One was barking continuously and ripping and chewing bedding on his previous leg of the journey, threatening to nip and generally a very unhappy little dog. When l met him, l sprayed the bedding in my crate with Pet Remedy and then transferred him, with great care (!) as we had been told he would bite if unsure. He yapped for about five minutes, then settled down and slept for the rest of the 60 mile journey. l sprayed a little Pet Remedy inside the car when we stopped and he barked again, and once again, he settled. When we arrived at his foster home l told the new foster mum about Pet Remedy and she was going to get some for some of the other Romanian dogs she was fostering and had adopted because they were still so anxious.

Sarah Jane Hatcher 23/05/15  (Facebook)
This is my 14 year old dog Benny, he suffers from separation anxiety, and normally shakes and cries in the car, as you can see he's very chilled after his pet remedy spray! We've been using the spray and diffuser for about 1 mth and the improvement in him is great! (I'm a vet nurse and recommend per remedy to all the anxious animals and always using it in Kennel!)

michael hall  11/05/15  Amazon 5 Stars
Thank you

Ann Alexander 28/04/15  (Facebook)
Just been to our pet shop to buy new refills for plug in, just can't live without it!

Rebecca Herd 08/08/15  (Facebook)
I've been using pet remedy for 2 months + and have seen a change in my dog who suddenly became rather nervy and highly strung and terrified of loud bangs etc.Using a plug in diffuser and the sprays and the cardboard hanging thingy in the car. I spray his bedding and some on his coat and collar. He's not a rescue dog and we haven't moved,just think he'd picked up on my stress and anxiety - I use lavender and on his collar.I wanted to use a more natural product and not a sedating thing from the vets. Thanks x

Dave Sunter 08/08/15  (Facebook)
I collect rescue dogs from airports on arrival in the uk and I have been using it for the last 2 to 3 years

Gillian Eales 08/08/15  (Facebook)
I use it in my puppy classes all the time on pups that don't seem to cope.

Berverley Pope 08/08/15  (Facebook)
I use it in my dog grooming salon with great results and recommend to my customers

Sarah Jane Hatcher  12/05/15  (Facebook)


This is my 14year old dog Benny, he suffers from separation anxiety, and normally shakes and cries in the car, as you can see he's very chilled after his pet remedy spray! We've been using the spray and diffuser for about 1 mth and the improvement in him is great! (I'm a vet nurse and recommend per remedy to all the anxious animals and always using it in Kennel!)

Anna Jones 07/05/15  (Facebook)
I think pet remedy is fantastic

Trixie Collin 07/05/15  (Facebook)
Thank you so whippet Harley hates thunder and certain car sounds and barks no-stop. one spray of Pet remedy sprayed onto a microfibre cloth and tucked into his collar and we have a blissful silence!!

Kay Greenwood  07/05/15  (Facebook)
I recently purchased a battery operated diffuser to use in my caravan. As my GSD gets both excited and stressed and barks continually, I set it to half hour intervals and used it in the car! Not what it was designed for, but she barked for one hour instead of 5, and on arrival my fear aggressive male dog took one look at the tents by our caravan, huffed once...and that was it. I find spraying the car isn’t enough for my girl, maybe a car/van sized diffuser could be added to the range at some point?

WoofLife 07/05/15  (Facebook)
Thanks Pet Remedy for allowing us to review your product. It was really nice to have a calm household while we worked wink emoticon

Jo Peel  07/05/15  (Facebook)
We use it in our Cat Hotel and Kennels owners say they go home more confident and happier then they came in.

Heather Findon 26/04/15  (Facebook)
This is amazing and works instantly!!! Thank you very much!

mr kevin j taylor 25/04/15  Amazon 4 Stars
Good value

Helen Moorat  24/04/15  (Facebook)
I have to say your product is fabulous in calming my boy when the girls are in season. 100 times more effective than ???????. I’ve also had a 7 month puppy back that’s been man handled by children. She was jumping out of her skin at the slightest noise and wetting her bedding but not since plugging the diffuser in near her bed. Sleeps all night now and dry in the morning.

¬liz Ashley  21/04/15  Amazon 5 Stars
Seems to work, my dog is more settled and I will be ordering the item again.
Amy Dickinson 23/04/15  (Facebook)
I have three cats and two dogs. My cat isabella has epilepsy. (Photo) I have two plug ins. One in the living room and one in the hallway. Isabella eats better and is much calmer with the pet remedy. It also helps all the pets get along better. I leave them on all the time, I was wondering how safe it is to do this as you hear horror stories of plug in diffusers causing fires.

Ms. V. J. Shaw "weirdandwonderfull"  20/04/15  Amazon
Product from Amazon didn't arrive, they were quick to refund. Ordered off a different site (sorry Amazon). It only arrived a couple of days ago, seems to be doing the job. Bought because my elderly rescue dog is blind in one eye, gets a bit stressed when left alone, this has helped. It has a slight unpleasant odour, but onemof those that you quickly adapt to and don't notice. Would recommend.

Stephen Smith  19/04/15  Amazon 5 Stars

Tina Bctgbfundraiser Holmes 09/04/15  (Facebook)
I have used pet remedy with many dogs and always had good results. I especially like the instant results from using the spray and I always carry a mini one in my handbag. Today I put it to a different use when moving a large group of rabbits to a new home. They were showing signs of stress and some were hiding until I gave a spray of Pet Remedy and in no time everyone was looking happy and settled smile emoticon

Kerry Christina Hart 04/04/15  (Facebook)
I have a pet remedy plug in disfuser and mini spray and im sure all six dogs are much calmer and quieter , a great product !

Helen Cridland 04/04/15  (Facebook)
I bought a diffuser last week....within just an hour or two of plugging in, I could see the difference. My dog is much less anxious about being left, and doesn’t behave as though I’ve been away for a fortnight when it’s only been an hour! Even the cats seem more relaxed. I am very please with the effects and will DEFINITELY be getting refills and maybe a spray for in the car etc.

Sam J Legg 03/04/15  (Facebook)
Amazing product. Thank you.
I am a dog groomer and use this daily in my salon with the plug in. When I have an extra nervous or lively dog I top up with some spray!!

Kay Greenwood 03/04/15  (Facebook)
On a 7 hour car journey, my German Shepherd barked for 6 hours and 59 minutes. I tried a sonic bark buster, she barked til it gave her earache and then barked at it for hurting her ears (I never said she was clever!). Then I dug out my mini spray and saturated the car...we were down to 45% barking!! And as a bonus, my fear aggressive disabled dog who loves his plug-in, was on such good behaviour with my daughter’s friend (who he’d never met before) that he checked her bag for food and sniffed her ear! On our return journey gobby , said German Shepherd was on the back seat rather than the boot, and we were down to 10% barking... Thank you Pet Remedy, you’ve saved me from deafness and resorting to Gaffer tape

Gary Huyton  01/04/15  Amazon 5 Stars
Great Product, has really helped calm all of our pets!
AggieB  01/04/15  Amazon 4 Stars
Was advised by a behaviorist to try this to help calm my ex breeding puppy farm girl in the house. Smells a bit but you soon get used to it and wasn't sure it was doing any good, but then I noticed where previously she would get her favourite tennis balls and strip them of their fluffy covering, since using the diffuser, she no longer feels the need to do this. I also use this when visiting my friends house to keep her calm in a different location, together with the well known brand of collar. I live quite near a main road so large lorries etc make quite a noise while passing so will keep this to help her with this noise.

Anne Hanton 30/03/15  (Facebook)
I have been recommending Pet Remedy since I used it to help my dog deal with noise.

Rebecca Crossman 30/03/15  (Facebook)


I only had the Pet Remedy plugged in for an hour before these two happily sat next to each other for the first time in 9 years. Amazing.

Ann Alexander 29/03/15  (Facebook)


Have tried other similar products, but I have to say I have every confidence in Pet Remedy. I use the plug-ins at home and in our caravan, and the spray in the car. I will never be without this product, and carry the wee spray with me all the time. I cannot speak highly enough, it definitely works, and recommend it. I have 3 very lively Cockers, but since using Pet Remedy they are far more controllable.

Debs Channon 29/03/15  (Facebook)
Your ears must have been burning today, as i recommended to a friend.
I have used the plug in and Spray to great effect with a ‘flaky’ spinone. She would seek out the plug in to lue next to if she felt anxious, and the spray helped her when out and about, while I worked on her fears, by spraying on her chest and on my trousers. Thankfully she rarely needs it now, but I never hesitate to recommend your products.

Gerri Hickman  29/03/15  (Facebook)
I couldn’t recommend Pet Remedy highly enough. My rescue lurcher hates storms and fireworks but I use a combination of the plug in and spray a bandana and she settles so much quicker. The fact that it works straight away is a huge advantage. If there is a storm in the night, I can spray her bandana and she will settle down in her bed almost immediately.

Hazel Jones 29/03/15  (Facebook)
I’ve been using the pet Remedy spray for my noise sensitive rescue Jack Russell for a while now. It is the best and most successful anti stress product I have ever used. I would highly recommend this product (and do so when speaking to people) for pets of all kinds.
Thank you Martin for such a brilliant product

Gill Edwards 28/03/15  (Facebook)
Used a plug in for separation anxiety, brilliant. Happy relaxed dog now. Thank you

Paul Fish  19/03/15  Amazon 5 Stars
Very good it helps a lot

Lynn Huggins-cooper 18/03/15  (Facebook)
We swear by this spray

Anice McNamee 19/03/15  Amazon 5 Stars
The owner of our Dog Creche recommend we try this after none of the other 'calming' items available had any effect. Our Lab/Collie cross is very highly strung and gets upset very easily. Pet Remedy has really helped him and us!

Karley Wright 18/03/15  (Facebook)
WAGS: Woolton Accredited Grooming School can't get enough of Pet Remedy's De-stress Calming Spray and atomiser. We've noticed a huge difference in nervous dogs since we started using it. Highly recommend it!

Indy Brave Marshall  13/03/15 (Facebook)


As you can see, Pet Remedy is a favourite here

Viv Nickless 13/03/15 (Facebook)
I’ve recently started using Pet Remedy for my dog who was suffering with SA and I have to say I’m amazed and very pleased with the results! I switch the plug in on an hour before I’m going out and put a tiny spot of spray on a toy in his crate with him and it’s done the trick. No more howling or digging to get out. Thank you Pet Remedy!

Keri Stoner  09/03/15 (Facebook)
Great seeing Pet Remedy yesterday at Crufts, I swear by your product & always put your link in my puppy packs.. very passionate about your products

Lou Oneofakind Platt  06/03/15  (Facebook)
OMG found ur stall at crufts after walking round for hours!!
Gill thank you for ur advice...i had a very very stressed sibe and was worried at her anxiety levels. I bought the diffuser and spray. Used it as was advised and actually cant believe the instant calmness in zala....first night in a month i have come to bed and zala is sleeping. Brilliant thanks xx

Polly  03/03/15  Amazon  5 Stars
works wonderfully, dog rehomed because owner died this was just the job for separation anxiety

Mrs. Carole Brittain 03/03/15  Amazon  5 Stars
seems to work well with my dogs

Kay Greenwood 02/03/15  (Facebook)
On holiday for a weekend at Newquay, I popped in to St Francis dog’s home in Newquay to suggest they try Pet Remedy.....I highly recommended it to them x

murray peter paton 27/02/15  Amazon  5 Stars
seemed to work like it described

Classic17  23/02/15  Amazon  5 Stars
Excellent product

Deborah Mason 22/02/15 (Facebook)
Comment: Just a note to say I have had my rescued lurcher for over 12 years he has always suffered from severe separation anxiety and stress ( not fireworks or thunder these don’t bother him ) as he got older he got worse the last 4 months have been dreadful he wasn’t sleeping at night, panting excessively and looked scared and depressed not enjoying a fuss or anything I didn’t think is life was worth living over 12 years I thought I had tried everything until this was recommended He still doesn’t like the car or change but he now sleeps through the night,settles better in the day, enjoys a fuss and his panting has reduced dramatically Thank you so very very much I was struggling to cope I have just been on your website to order some more xx

Ann Alexander 18/02/15 (Facebook)
Should be product of the year, just changed my bottle today. Amazing value, it’s been running for nearly 3 months! Will never run out of this one. Just love it.

Donna Leigh Saddlery’s  17/02/15  (Facebook)
Hi, just to let you know we had another two customers on Saturday singing the praises of this fab stuff. One a rescue doggy with lots of issues, but chilled out and happy now. Another one a cat stressed to the max, but again nice and chilled after using your products.

Sharon Cousins 16/02/15  (Facebook)
As a dog trainer working with dogs with behavioural problems, i have had consistently good results with this product and highly recommend it.

Jean Davies 16/02/15 (Facebook)
I’m a pet sitter and animal Reiki practitioner, and I’m having wonderful results and experiences with it.

Julie Bell  15/02/15  (Facebook)


Before Pet Remedy this would not be possible, getting closer now it's amazing

Crystal Goodall 15/02/15  (Facebook)
i purchased your spray and defuser at Pets At Home online.
It’s actually saved my female Shih Tzu.
The transformation in personality is astounding. She’s more in control of her anxiety ....biting and barking is not a minimum and she’s happy and calm.

Sue Williams 15/02/15 (Facebook)
This stuff really works I am pleased to say!

purple lady Jacky 14/02/15 Amazon 5 Stars
Really good at calming old cats and dogs at stressful times. Alas 2 cats had cancer are no longer with us, but when I had to take them to the vets in the car, I used to leave them shut in a room for a couple of hours with this plugged in and it left them very chilled out. The car journey stressed one of them so much otherwise that she needed oxygen when she got to the vets. We have had it 3 years now!!

Mrs Paula Barbary  07/02/15 Amazon 5 Stars
Very good used another brand before and find this one is much better and lasts longer.

Jan  07/02/15  Amazon  4 Stars
this product is great and sends everyone into a stupor except for the kit I really need it for lol. Nevertheless all my 10 kits and 2 pups are really chilled out to the point of a couple of the kits have fallen off the activity centre and woken themselves up. Have added to my list and will receive every 2 months, so yes, all in all, jolly good

Aimee 04/02/15  Amazon 5 Stars
Fantastic plug in. My dog’s been suffering with separation anxiety. We have recently moved into a new house, After we have left him to go to work in the mornings our neighbour’s have informed us our dog has been howling which has been quite distressing for the dog and neighbour. We got the plug in and a Kong toy which we put treats in. Our dog has been fine, no more worrying about him being distressed. I really recommend the pet remedy.

Maya J. Acar 31/01/15 (Facebook)
Hi. I was wondering how many times I can spray per day. Can't find anything about this anywhere. My dog is around 10 kgs and crying a lot cz I have to confine her (she has ringworm). Thx)

Pet Remedy Every few hours at most and you only need a little spray!!!

Guiscriff56 31/01/15  Amazon
I was very sceptical about this, but read all the reviews and decided to give it a try, because I had run out of other ideas. My dog(Labrador)was completely neurotic, would cry if one of us left the room, could not leave him alone in the house etc. Within 2 days he is a different animal! I now intend to buy more refills and and look forward to a stress free future. Could not recommend highly enough.

Maya J. Acar
Great Thx! It’s doing wonders so far so happy I gave it a shot

Kate Mallatratt  31/01/15 (Facebook)
from Contemplating Canines, is a much respected trainer.
Kate loves Pet Remedy and has been successfully using sprays and diffusers for several years.
Kate kindly participated in filming for the new Pet Remedy video.
Have a look at her website and FB page!
Leicester Animal Aid rescue centre  31/01/15 (Facebook)
Pet Remedy is proving a real hit with Leicester Animal Aid rescue centre and we are supplying stock on a very regular basis.
Really great to know we are helping in our own little way!!!

Guiscriff56 "Guiscriff56"  31/01/15  Amazon
I was very sceptical about this, but read all the reviews and decided to give it a try, because I had run out of other ideas. My dog(Labrador)was completely neurotic, would cry if one of us left the room, could not leave him alone in the house etc. Within 2 days he is a different animal! I now intend to buy more refills and and look forward to a stress free future. Could not recommend highly enough.

mrs s woods  29/01/15  Amazon 5 Star
Many thanks superb very pleased A1+++++++++++++SELLER

Donna Leigh Saddlery 25/01/15 (Facebook)
It's great stuff really works. Our customers keep coming back for more once they have tried it. My little dog Charlie was having one of his moments this afternoon something had frightened him, so a quick spray on his chest and spread it around his neck and he was back outside playing happily.

Amy -  24/01/15 (Email)
Hi Martyn
Pet Remedy is going well for us and most importantly for the animals that are using it.
We have had some much much happier dogs and bunnies on fireworks night including one dog who would previously go and hide in the shower cubicle!
Kind Regards
Barks & Bunnies

Does Pet Remedy Work?
Our very own Harvest Moon Boy reports on how Pet Remedy works for Willow.


Here’s what you do. You spray it on her, it chills her out and we get to walk without stopping for imaginary monsters Every Blimmin Second. That’s pretty much my review, but Mum said I had to say a bit more, so here goes.

Have you met my sister Willow? I imagine you have, but if not you can read all about her here.. Willow comes from a faraway place where some of the people eat dogs.  I rescued her, I put on my special black cape which looks rather dapper with my smart white blaze, and went and got her. [Mum Edit: Not strictly true Harvey]

Anyway, when she got here she was scared, I mean really scared – more scared than I’ve ever been, even more scared than how the post-man makes me feel when he knocks on the door in his hi-vis jacket showing off his big knobbly knees. Her scaredness means that our walks are a bit frustrating. I like to walk as fast as I can, until we get to the bit where I’m allowed to run as fast as I can. But with Willow we do more stopping and looking for monsters than walking. I’ve never actually seen Willow's monsters, but she says they are there and doesn’t like them one bit – they scare her. So Mum bought her some monster slaying stuff – it’s called Pet Remedy.

This is how it works:

There are things in our brain-head that tell our nerve cells whether to be happy or sad or frightened or whatever – these things are called neuro-transmitters. Mum tells me that Pet Remedy is made up of a mixture of natural essential oils that are believed to calm and settle you (aka monster slayers). The calming/settling bits of the oils chat with the neuro-transmitters and tells them to tell the nerves to calm down fer-goodness-sakes. So, the nerves calm down and we get to go on fast walks again.

The monster slaying stuff doesn’t just come in a spray – Mum says there’s also a diffuser and an atomiser too. I suppose they all kill the monsters in different ways. I expect that the atomiser one makes them explode into a million different pieces and the diffuser one blows them away into outer-space or something.

Mum says it doesn't have the prettiest of smells – if fact she said it smells a lot like bottoms, but I don’t know what her problem is with that, every dog knows that bottom smells rock.

Anyway, the first time we used the monster slaying stuff we noticed quite a difference – Willow got as far as the end of the road before digging her paws in and refusing to walk any further. This was a lot further than any other time we’d tried a walk together, but we had to come back home and Nanny took me out while Mum stayed with Willow.

The next day Mum sprayed some around Willow and also on her Thunder Shirt as a kind of barrier to stop the monsters getting through I would think. This worked much better and we got all the way down to the beach before Willow decided she wanted to go home again.

The third time Mum did the same as the other days, but also sprayed her jeans on the side where Willow walks. Now, I'm not sure why she did this, perhaps the monsters had started attacking her legs or something – but whatever the reason, it seemed to work and we got to go on a whole walk, with lots of running for me too - I was really happy about that. The only down-side Mum said was that she smelled like bottoms for the rest of the day.

We followed this routine for a few weeks until Willow felt happier walking.

I don’t really know the science behind it all, I'm a dog after all, but, I do believe that the monster slaying spray has helped Willow cope and fight her monsters. It hasn’t slayed them all, we're still working on that (perhaps we need to get a new bottle), but…I think the little ones that stopped her being able to go outside have gone now.

Harvey gives Pet Remedy a monster slaying 4 STARS.


Keran Sunaski Gilmore 09/01/15 (Facebook)


Pet Remedy Diffuser doing it's job nicely on one of my crates

Melanie Mogford 05/01/15 (Facebook)


Jasper joined us yesterday. He is a four year old Boxer X who is extremely timid. We sprayed Pet Remedy on his new bed and on the lower legs of our trousers.What a difference it made to his state of mind as you can see by the photo. We will continue using Pet Remedy until he settles in completely. Thank you Pet Remedy

Eric Purvis 05/01/15  (Facebook)
I am not a fan of adverts but I must say that this product is good and it worked for me
or I should say my dog 10/10

Mary Smith 04/01/15  (Facebook)
Me too, couldnt be without it.

Alan John Pearch 22/12/14  (Facebook)
This has been a wonderful product to use for calming down my male papillon (who has a heart condition ) when one of my bitches is in season.
I would and have recommended this to many friends.

C Brownhill   12/12/14  Amazon 4 Stars
Kept the dog calm indoors during bonfire night

rebelcook 29/11/14  Amazon
I have a very stressed Beagle whenever fireworks go off at the start of November and a Working Cocker that barks just for the hell of it . Since having the plug in diffuser they have both been a lot calmer . So far ,
So good !

Jean Davies  24/11/14 (Facebook)
Just thought I'd update you on the dog I visited this morning for a Reiki session, Martyn, following our phone conversation this morning. I sprayed just a touch of Pet Remedy on my hands, then rubbed them together. It was wonderful, the combination of both the Reiki and Pet Remedy together. The client said she'd never ever known him as quiet and relaxed - she'd told me before that he has a tendency to get overexcited, then can't breathe. This just didn't happen, and she was amazed. I left the bottle with her, to spray on his bedding. Reiki is obviously very calming, but I think the use of Pet Remedy added another dimension!! Thank you! Jean, Whiskers Pet Care.

kym ayers 20/11/14  Amazon
Well worth the money, works more stress with fireworks

Pat Langston 17/11/14 (Facebook)
Pet remedy really helped this year with the 3 WEEKS ! of fire works ..Had 2 plug ins going and as soon as it got dusk a tissue sprayed with pet remedy put by Cody (J R ) where he was sleeping .....was still upset but no awful gasping or terrible shaking ...ty

Olwyn Thresh 13/11/14 (Facebook)
Thank you. We got our Plug In & spray today. Our most timid 8 year old girl had to have 5 teeth extracted, a week ago & she has been quite 'sad' & not at all happy with her world. What a difference since plugging in the Pet Remedy. Totally relaxed & cuddling up with her sisters, tail curled & wagging at visitors. she even accepted kisses from our 15 month old, usually hyperactive male Pug. They all seem to be much more relaxed now. Many Thanks for developing this product.
From a VERY happy Mum & Dad + of course the 4 little ones.

Ann Jolly 11/11/14 (Facebook)
First time I have found a Diffuser that actually works. Brilliant product.

Laura Rowley  10/11/14 (Facebook)
Wow! What a product! After trying many different types of calming products for my rescue spaniel x who I've had 4 years I came across pet remedy.
Winston hadn't been feeling himself the past few months and ended up at fitzpatricks, I saw this product plugged in and they were trialling them. I ordered one online after visiting my cousin who had them plugged in for her cats.
Well what can I say? Winston is a different dog, I was also dreading firework week this year. Winston normally stresses so much he shakes. This year although not 100% happy he didn't shake in fear or have excessive panting! when told to go lie down he did and didn't climb all over me, so thank you!

Diane Wilsher 09/11/14 (Facebook)
Wow. This product is so brilliant they sold out at my local pet

Sarah Hunter  09/11/14 (Facebook)
I won a competition for a Pet Remedy diffuser and small spray it's working we have 4 dogs and it's helping them during this time .
Throughly recommended.

Heidi Burnham  0911/14 (Facebook)
Hi just to let you know you have another customer of mine that's very very happy. Her beautiful Daschund have for the first time coped well with the fireworks this year.

Georgina Kirby 08/11/14 (Facebook)
My daughter tried the plug in and the spray last night. Within half hr her dog had calmed down...she said at least 80% improvement on his anxiety attacks when fireworks go off....

Diane Wilsher 0811/14 (Facebook)
Brilliant stuff. I bought a plug in back in April as Megan was very anxious after losing her doggy companion Sandy and she has had two big tests one was going to the vet for a kennel cough jab and was very relaxed and even let the vet pick her up. Test no 2 was Guy Fawkes. As soon as she heard fireworks she would tremble and run to hide but not Wednesday. She remained calm throughout the evening and made no attempt to hide. Well done Pet Remedy.

Zoe Williams  0811/14 (Facebook)
used this product on a great dane and a collie. Both of which were not a fan of the fireworks. used the plug in plus the spray for the great dane who was on edge shaking like crazy at the fireworks. within an hour of using both products he had calmed down and relaxed and you wouldn't have thought there was anything to worry about in the first place. tonight we have just had the plug in on and he has been perfectly fine. great result. The collie was terrified of fireworks. would want to go into the nearest bedroom and lay there shaking crazily. He has always done this for a few years and we didn't think anything would help him but after using pet remedy he was so chilled out he didn't even want to go into a bedroom he was happy to sleep on his bed. couldn't of asked for a better result. Thank you.

Kait Houching  0811/14 (Facebook)
Absolutely fantastic!!..used the spray last night on my older dog and he slept through the fireworks we had here, as peacefully as a normal night. Hope it works tonight as good, as we have a huge fireworks display in village, but im sure it will, ive been telling everyone, and they are all going out today to buy some. Fab products

Outi Kuisma-Parwar DVM, Cert VD Veterinary Specialist Biofarm Oy Finland  07/11/14 (Facebook)
My experience with Pet Remedy has been positive:
it really seems to work immediately.
I use it in the practice and sell it to our clients.
During the past 10 months I have seen scary cats turning to relaxed individuals and suspicious dogs starting to wag the tail after smelling Pet Remedy on my hands.
One rabbit who always behaves like a kick-boxing champion when his nails are clipped started to tolerate nail clipping. His owners bought a Pet Remedy plug-in and were very happy to see this rabbit relax at home.
Feedback from multi cat households has been promising: no more cat fights.
Based on my personal experience and the feedback from my clients I am convinced that this product is useful and recommend it to clients whenever I think it would be beneficial for their pets.

Patsy Hand  07/11/14  (Facebook)
I spray my Buddy’s bandanna, as I have done 5 mins ago, fire works going off left right and center, and he is just so chilled, here he is with my other two, who are not bothered, try again x

Patsy Hand 05/11/14 (Facebook)
This has got my Buddy through the first week of fire works ! As I'm sure there is more to come, but with Pet Remedy we are prepared, thank you it's amazing

Bicton Pet Supplies  05/11/14 (Facebook)
We're proud to stock Pet Remedy in our independent pet shop in Exmouth, in the beautiful South West of England!
We've had several very satisfied users, who have used it when moving home, or bringing a new fur-kid into their homes... now we're just waiting for the positive comments regarding firework stress!.. We KNOW they'll be coming! Thank you for a brilliant product that REALLY works!

Keith Gullis  05/11/14 (Facebook)
You've heard the expression "It does what it says on the tin" Well, Pet Remedy Does What It Says on The Box !!!
This product is, in my opinion, Quite Simply The Best Product of Its Kind On The Market, It's Brilliant.
Plug in the Atomiser, secretly stroke a little spray into their coats and Hey Presto, noticeably calmer Chilled Dogs. Fabulous !!

Georgina Kirby 05/11/14 (Facebook)
My daughter tried the plug in and the spray last night. Within half hr her dog had calmed down...she said at least 80% improvement on his anxiety attacks when fireworks go off....

Lesley  05/11/14  Amazon
It seems to have worked!!!!!! Had new boiler fitted and all the fireworks going off. The dogs are normal very streefull, but have been brilliant. And total calm, which is good for them.

cozy 05/11/14  Amazon  
Well I am surprised! I was sceptical about this working but it appears to stop my dog barking at fireworks. He seems oblivious to them and sleeps well now. I have been using it for 2 weeks now, started 1 week before the firework season, turning it on at dusk. Can highly recommend this product and the delivery from Amazon.

A Vet Nurse and Scientific Manager in Iceland!!!  05/11/14 (Facebook)
I want so share with you a positive feedback that I got last week.
I know this Golden Retriver breeder who lives 900 km from Reykjarvík, she oftens needs to send some of her dogs to Reykjarvík for vet visits or showing, they travel by air plane.
One of her females ( 2 years ) does not handle this travelling too good. She gets sick and ...she ALWAYS has diarré and womiting in her cage. Poor little thing . it had come to that point that the breeder was considering to stop showing her in the bloom of her show in carrier !
I gave her the 15 ml pet remedy spray and ask her to give it a try, she sprayed it in the cage and on her blanket she had with her for the flight.
The person who was picking her up at the airport was prepared to meet a sick stinky dog. ( yes rubber gloves, towel and spray on dog shampoo!!! ) But she came out of the cage just as white and wonderful as she usually is !!! she had NONE sickness during the flight, no sign of diarré or vomiting, she was calm and happy.
The breeder did not believe her own ears so a photo had to been taken to proof a point.
She did not have high hopes about Pet remedy but now she's absolutely thrilled about this and so am I .
From now on Amy will not travel with out her pet remedy spray, that‘s for sure.
Cheers Kolla

Gerwyn Bowen  04/11/14 (Facebook)
The pet remedy plug in & spray does help if you're pets are nervous with fireworks etc. highly recommended.

Tima Lund  03/11/14 (Facebook)
I bought this product at Crufts last year, both the plug in and spray. I've used it a lot on all sorts of dogs and situations. From a dog nervous at agility class, to thunder fear, to general anxiety when out walking....really think this is a great addition to my ability to help dogs cope.

Colette Rudland  03/11/14 (Facebook)
I have 2 plug in's running in my house at the moment due to fireworks etc....but I have been amazed at the daily calming effect they are having on one of my dogs-he is a rescue Rottweiler and he shadow chases & is quite obsessive/fixates but with the plug in's running he relaxes much more quickly & is definitely more easily distracted so we can continue to work on his issues much more easily-thank you it is really helping him & us!

Tangerine 02/11/14  Amazon  
This plug in is well worth the money. It has definitely calmed our little dog down.
Would recommend you give it a try.

Russ 02/11/14  Amazon  
this stuff is amazing! I wish I knew about it before as my last dog was frantic when fireworks went off or there was thunder. My present dog isn't so bad but she still gets nervous when the fireworks start (I get a triple dose - Diwali and Nov. 5th and also new year). I just plug this in and a couple of minutes later she doesn't take a blind bit of notice of all the bangs, in fact she dozes off quite happily! I would recommend this to anyone with a nervous dog

Pat Langston 02/11/14 (Facebook)
Ive got plug ins working all the time now .....when fire works I spray a tissue with pet remedy and lay near where Cody sleeping ...this year he is so much more relaxed ty

Sharon Dodd 02/11/14 (Facebook)
You can get the plug in too Jackie Wealleans might be worth getting both if Skye is not well, I was doubtful when I first looked at pet remedy as I’d tried other similar items, but within 10 mins of using it Ellie was so calm we couldn’t believe it. My mam phoned yesterday to say Jack, our Tonys staffie was much better with the fireworks since they had started using the pet remedy I got for him. Xxx

Sharon Dodd I bought it from Amazon Prime Jackie Wealleans I got some for Peters two German shepherds and our Tonys staffie. It’s really good I would highly recommend it. Anything that can calm our Ellie down has to be fantastic lol. Xxx

Keith Gullis  01/11/14 (Facebook)
Quite Simply The Best Product of its kind on The Market

Lyn Griffiths  01/11/14 (Facebook)
Put a new bottle on the Pet Remedy diffuser (in the hall) tonight ..... now have mega-chilled happy dog under the stairs ......despite the fireworks

Sharon Dodd 01/11/14 (Facebook)
This is fantastic stuff, it works so well calming my two yorkies xxx

No Longer In the Dog House  2910/14 (Facebook)
Out of all the products i've tried both professionally and on my own dogs this simply is the best product. Well done!!

Alex  28/10/14  Amazon  
My Puppy wouldn't settle at night up three or four time and not requiring anything, the noise was unbearable. I got this plug in and after the first night she started to settle and now sleeps for 7-8 hours a night bliss for us all. This is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it to relax your pets.

Sheelagh Ann Dale  2410/14 (Facebook)
only have a couple of scared doggies but have to say pet remedy has done the trick - plugin & a squirt every now & again of the spray - best stuff ever to calm down furries - worked well last year too - can highly recommend  Pet Remedy

The Pets Country Manor  2410/14 (Facebook)
last night the pets country manor in Liverpool was voted as THE BEST cattery in the UK!! by the pet industry federation! -there are over 2000 licensed boarding establishments in the UK so to be chosen as the best in the UK is incredible! not only do we stock pet remedy in our shop and use it ourselves for our own pets we'll now have it in our cattery and small animal hotel! meaning that when our guests -cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc come on holiday they'll be calm and relaxed and able to settle in much more quickly leaving them able to enjoy their holidays.

Heidi Burnham  14/10/14 (Facebook)
As a #‎MobileDogGroomer some of our little customers get themselves a little hyper, but within 2 minutes puppy below, was mellow and calm so I could finish his #‎BarkingMad #‎Pamper. Thank you Martyn & his team for the prompt delivery & service of my #‎PetRemedy #‎StarterKit

Gill Edwards 14/10/14 (Facebook)
I was sent this photo today from a new dog sitter, this chocolate Labrador puppy Hugo , was quite anxious until a little spray of pet remedy, suffice to say his stay was relaxed and fun after this.........she was so happy and so were his owners on return.

Cheryl Kerry  10/10/14 (Facebook)
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you. We recently adopted 2 dogs from Spain and one of them has really bad separation anxiety. She has been going crazy when left and being very destructive. A vet nurse I know recommended your pet remedy spray. This morning I picked up one of your diffusers with the mini spray. We had to go out this afternoon so we left 3 of the dogs in the lounge and coco (the one with SA) in a dog crate in the same room. We plugged in the diffuser and sprayed her crate mat. To our surprise she happily went in and settled and when we got home not only was she happy and relaxed but the other 3 were chilled out aswell. A 100% improvement.

pauline needham 09/10/14  Amazon
Very helpful to a stress out pet

Samantha Sambrooks 05/10/14 (Facebook)
Hi I met you at the Pet Show at the NEC a few weeks ago and we bought some plug ins and spray and a heat pad for my dog Zac I would just like to say thank you for giving me my dog back it's was upsetting to see him in such a state and now he is totally a different dog I have my baby back we noticed a difference the first day with the plugin wow,he wouldn't go out for a wee would just stand there,but before we took him outside we put the spray underneath his chin and it helped to settle him as the weeks have gone on he has got better and better he wouldn't run he wouldn't settle and would be scared of his own shadow now he runs he sleeps and he doesn't want to snap your hand off thank you so much you do not realise how much this means to us a big thank you for giving my dog his life back xxxxxxxxxx

Barks & Bunnies 02/10/14 (Facebook)
Pet Remedy really is great, we know several dogs and bunnies it has helped (including our own!) Lots of customers have given us excellent feedback too

Nikki Griffiths  25/09/14 (Facebook)
I recently bought an 8 week old Dalmatian puppy. She is adorable but on her first night home she whined very loudly when I put her in her bed. I plugged in Pet Remedy and sprayed her bedding. She was instantly attracted to the scent on her bedding and within minutes was chilling quietly. I have used it every night and she has slept perfectly. Pet Remedy has made her transition to my home so easy. It's a great product thank you!

Paula Garratt 18/09/14 (Facebook)
I've had great results with Pet Remedy. I first used it for my blind dog. A plug in next to his crate and the spray when travelling in the car. Inow have a puppy and have used the same products. I switch on the plug in just before bed time and I think it has helped him to settle. I have had on,y one problem over the past two and a half of the prongs stuck in the plug socket. I contacted Pet Remedy and was sent a replacement within two days. Super product. I'd recommend it for people with puppies, newly arrived dogs and dogs with fear based problems. Thanks Pet Remedy!

Diane Wilsher 11/09/14 (Facebook)
Megan was brilliant at the vets. We went in and there was a Pomerainian and a Siberian Husky and she didn't even bark at them! When we were called in to have her kennel cough jab, she even let the young girl vet pick her up and didn't even flinch when she had the jab up the nose! All thanks to Pet Remedy. Fantastic stuff.

Joanne Freeman 12/09/14 (Facebook)
I have recently tried Pet Remedy for my 3 year old Basset Hound. She get very anxious when I leave her and when I moved house last year just so stressed. I have just moved house again and used the plug in, what a difference, calmer, not shaking if I leave and just seems a lot more content and happy. I was a little cynical about the success of this product but I really don't think it's just coincidence, It has made such a difference, happy days :)

Rhys Archer 09/09/14 (Facebook)
I just wanted to say that the spray worked brilliantly
To be honest I wasn’t really sure that it would work but for the first time ever he jumped in the car laied down and had a nap. Didn’t cry, moan or shiver. Highly recommend the spray to anyone with a dog thats nervous in a car!
Margaret Colton 01/09/14 Amazon
Works well with my two Westies. I will continue to buy this product.

Mr G W Purdy  30/08/14 Amazon
Our 14yrs old lovely Cocker Spaniel has been getting anxious in her old age. This has helped to calm her. Happy to recommend it

Nathalie - 20/08/14 Amazon
I really believed this helped my dog calm.
He gets very stressed with visitors and events, and really seems to have helped

Paula Garratt 18/08/14 (Facebook)
I've had great results with Pet Remedy. I first used it for my blind dog. A plug in next to his crate and the spray when travelling in the car. Inow have a puppy and have used the same products. I switch on the plug in just before bed time and I think it has helped him to settle. I have had on,y one problem over the past two and a half of the prongs stuck in the plug socket. I contacted Pet Remedy and was sent a replacement within two days. Super product. I'd recommend it for people with puppies, newly arrived dogs and dogs with fear based problems. Thanks Pet Remedy!

Diane Wilsher 18/08/14 (Facebook)
Megan was brilliant at the vets. We went in and there was a Pomerainian and a Siberian Husky and she didn't even bark at them! When we were called in to have her kennel cough jab, she even let the young girl vet pick her up and didn't even flinch when she had the jab up the nose! All thanks to Pet Remedy. Fantastic stuff.

tracyhill  07/08/14  Amazon
I have only had these plugged in for 1 day, but the difference in both my dogs and cats is very noticeable, all 6 are very calm, not the usual state of frenzy that I cope with daily, I have tried other well known brands for both the dogs and cats with no change.. but so far with pet remedy I am loving the result

Pamela Richardson "pamela r"  07/08/14  Amazon
I have two dogs, brother and sister, who are the world's greatest anxiety separation artists. Much loved but very frustrating to live with. I have now been using this product for the last six weeks and it has been quite dramatic the difference it has made. Live is now enjoyable. I realise all dogs are different, but this has definitely worked for mine.

gordonknee  07/08/14  Amazon
it dose what it says on the tin our dog did not like fire works but since we have had the plug in she seem s to be a lot calmer

Mike Jones Pets At Home 03/08/14  (website) 5 star
Comments about Pet Remedy Calming Spray 200ml:
Excellent results and started to work immediately for me. Well done Pet Remedy

Mysticbell Pets At Home 03/08/14  (website) 5 star
Comments about Pet Remedy Calming Spray 200ml:
OMG this really really works... And great value as can use mini spray for when out of house and it is refillable from this big spray so great value. All my cat and dog breeder friends are using!

Amanda  02/08/14  Amazon
My little dog was barking at the slightist noise, she was very hyper after a hour of this product she had calm down a lot, its now been four days, she only barks at loud noises now, where as before she used to bark when anyone stud up. I've given this product five stars, ad I think its brilliant, would 100% recommend this product thanx so much.

Emma Baker 04/08/14 (Facebook)
Hi, i just wanted to write a review on the plug in and calming spray i recently bought. I have 3 dogs and 2 of them get very stressed with thunder storms. A couple of weeks ago we had a bad storm and both dogs had me up at 4am. Panting, shaking, overheating, destruction and pacing. I thought one was going to fit he was so stressed, i had to give them both an xanax.
Then my friend recommended pet remedy as it had worked on her cats. I thought it was worth the try. I only had the plug in for 2 days when there was a worse storm. The thunder was continious and so loud. I couldnt believe the difference in the 2 dogs. They were both listening to the thunder and had slight trembles but were otherwise calm. No panting, no pacing. One even went outside for a wee. I am amazed at how quick it has worked.
I am also using the calming spray on a bandana for the dog that gets worked up in the car but he definitely seemed calmer when i took them out yesterday.
I just want to thank you for your wonderful product, i love the fact it is herbal with no chemicals like other brands.
Ive recommended it to my mum whos dog suffers with noise anxiety. And as an insomniac i seem to be sleeping better!
I cant recommend this product enough and is worth giving it a try.
Thank you.
Emma Baker, Milo, Matty and Mickey.

Mrs R Farmer 2107/14 Amazon
definitely works for calming our dog during fireworks and thunder.

customer01 14/07/14 Amazon
We have a very skittish dog who doesn’t like being left alone. The diffuser seems to have calmed him down, i.e. no damage anywhere whilst we were out of the house.

Duggan Veterinary 14/07/14 (Facebook)
Pet Remedy TESTIMONIAL- Fionnuala Garvey MVB, Cert VR, Blessington Pet Hospital. "I have been using Pet Remedy sprays and diffusers for the past 10 months, in my companion animal veterinary hospital. I have had excellent feedback from our clients as to their efficacy. I have used them for variety of stressful conditions in dogs and in cats, and have universally had great success with them. FLUTD in cats, travel sickness in dogs, separation and anxiety, phobia of fireworks, arrival of a new baby or new pet int eh house, moving house, all of these situations have rendered more manageable for owner and pet alike with Pet Remedy. i now also use the diffuser throughout the hospital and in the kennel area, to reduce stress for patients. i would highly recommend Pet Remedy as an adjunct to behavioural modification in treating anxious/ stressful situations for domestic animals"

Sarah Baker 01/07/14  (Facebook)
I have recently changed from another brand of diffuser after reading the reviews on this as I have a pup who doesn’t like being left. Well I must say within 2 days I have a chilled out pup who will now settle whilst we get on with our day .

Colette Rudland 28/06/14 (Facebook)
we are currently experiencing a thunderstorm and my rottweiler got very stressed-pacing and crying. I have just sprayed Pet Remedy onto a bandana and popped it on him, he's now laid down and starting to relax! Very impressed so far-thank you for a great product!

Carole Harrison Havercroft 2706/14 (Facebook)
Hello from Bermuda. I picked up some of this product at Crufts and it has really helped my dog who is not confident and takes a while to figure things out. In fact I find it helps all of my dogs and me:-)

Kay Greenwood 13/06/14 (Facebook)
Yes, Lucky does lie right next to his plug in, by his own choice! He rarely needs his t-shirt on now, which is a comforter for him; he's not seeing much of me at the moment but is nowhere near as stressed as he would normally have been. And if I don't switch it on, he sniffs it! I know it works, it seems he does too

Tina Bctgbfundraiser Holmes  08/06/14 (Facebook)
This is the lovely Teddy and Norman - they were hyper little boys until I spent some time working with them and their Mum Jules - they use Pet Remedy and it has really helped

Armelle Madelin 08/06/14 (Facebook)
i ve been using pet remedy since london pet show, along with an IP camera. well since using the pet remedy, doggies seem to be sleeping or relaxed in their bed when i m away! have been checking camera but dogs are lying in bed instead of walking around! and lobe the car diffuser pad for travel as a bonus with the diffuser! definitely recommend it, especially as i have try pheromones based diffusers not working at all!!

Sally Ellen 23/05/14 (Facebook)
It was great meeting the lady running the Pet Remedy stall at the London Pet Show last weekend. She explained to my husband and I all the benefits of Pet Remedy. We gave a bottle of the spray to my parents to use with their golden retriever-Shandy, she gets very anxious getting into/ being in the car. They used it 15 minutes before travelling and for the first time ever shandy got into the back of the car of her own accord and seemed relaxed throughout the whole journey. My parents were astounded! This makes journeys a lot less stressful for every one.

Angela Kingshott 21/05/14 (Facebook)
I take in and rehabilitate un wanted pets and I have found the results amazing from a dog that was so fearful as he was attacked by another when he was a pup. when taking him out for walks was so stressful not only for him but for myself to. The pocket spray was great s it only took minutes when we were out to calm him so positive training and rehabilitation could commence and I also used the plugin in the home. I use it in my animal room and I have found great results with aggressive parrots to, in the video is a hans macaw that would attack you as soon as you approached the cage but look at her now. — at Home .

Siobhan Learmonth 20/05/14 (Facebook)
Pet Remedy really works. Not only have I seen a change in the behaviour of my dogs, but I have also seen positive effects in my other small animals, namely a groups of 6 male rats. One of the boys was bullying his cage mates so severely that I was about to book him in to be neutered. At the same time I was due to take a very nervous foster dog and purchased a pet remedy diffuser to help settle her in. Not only did it help the dog but the rat in question also stopped bully his cage mates. I work as a canine trainer and behaviourist as well as owning a number of dogs with behavioural problems ranging from anxiety, OCD and autism and I would not be without pet remedy in the house. I also recommend it to many of my clients as it not only helps calm animals but humans as well!

Siobhan Learmonth 20/05/14 (Facebook)
Pet Remedy really works. Not only have I seen a change in the behaviour of my dogs, but I have also seen positive effects in my other small animals, namely a groups of 6 male rats. One of the boys was bullying his cage mates so severely that I was about to book him in to be neutered. At the same time I was due to take a very nervous foster dog and purchased a pet remedy diffuser to help settle her in. Not only did it help the dog but the rat in question also stopped bully his cage mates. I work as a canine trainer and behaviourist as well as owning a number of dogs with behavioural problems ranging from anxiety, OCD and autism and I would not be without pet remedy in the house. I also recommend it to many of my clients as it not only helps calm animals but humans as well!

Jennifer Phillips  20/05/14 (Facebook)
Cant find where to write a review so just posting here. We have a springer/lab bitch who is very nervous. Last year she got stress induced colitis an possible stomach ulcer. The pet remedy diffuser has helped her settle no end, we now have two. Brilliant product.

Nikki Randles  10/05/2014 (Facebook)
My 6 month old Vizsla has just had a total hip replacement after fracturing her femoral head. She has a Pet Remedy diffuser in her 'den' and a pet remedy spray for everywhere else after being introduced to it at BSAVA. THANK YOU - I know it's helping to keep her stress, anxiety and sheer puppy like excitability under control.

Martin Essex  29/04/13 Email
We are Top N Tails Pet Nutrition Centre and we give advice on behavioural issues and feeding. We help and deal with rescue dogs and we have used and recommend Pet Remedy diffusers and sprays. They can be used safely for any animal and in any situation they use totally natural ingredients unlike some others and they last longer up to 6 weeks making them more economical. We have seen this work first hand and the dogs involved have unwound and relaxed well.

Justine Colledge  16/04/2014 (Facebook)
I used Pet Remedy spray after being recommended by the owner of my livery yard. Well what can I say?? I can't praise this product enough. I have a re-homed pug that stresses very badly on trips to the vet, so I used it on the blanket in the cage in the car and also on a cloth which I took into the waiting room for her to smell. The difference was amazing, no crying on journey and a totally relaxed dog in waiting and consultation room.
 It was so lovely to see her so relaxed and stress free. Thank you Pet Remedy.

KF 06/05/14 Amazon
Got this to calm down my pup when i have visitors etc. Works almost instanly. The first time i put it on he was sniffing around looking for what it was but now he just calms down and is very relaxed with it.

Karen Forrest 04/04/14 Amazon
This is the 4th bottle of Pet Remedy we’ve used and yes I’ll definitely keep using it. I had forgotten just how well it works on our feisty young female until it ran out. It just takes the edge of nervous behaviour. An effective and slightly cheaper alternative to another well known brand. In fact I think it also lasts longer too.

Keri Stoner  03/04/2014 (Facebook)
Every puppy I have sold I have recommended the new owners buy your fab products. 
I have now put the link on my puppy packs as I am so impressed by pet remedy and it's soothing effect. Thank you

Zoe Williams  29/03/2014 (Facebook)
A fantastic product. We use this with all our rescue danes that come in. One was completely out of control he would jump up at people run around the house jump on tables and never settle. Used the plug in and that night he slept In his crate feet up in the air and never moved. We couldn't believe it. When he went to his new home we advised them to get the plug in and they did and still use it today resulting in a very calm dane. We have used it for nervous danes and seen an amazing result with them also. We recommend all our potential new adoptees to buy pet remedy.
We even recommended it to a lot of people at crufts. One dane who was very interested in all the girls around him and wouldn't settle in his stall we sprayed with the small travel pet remedy and within an hour he was happily settled laying down in his stall his owner was shocked and has continued to use the pet remedy spray with all the shows he goes to. 
All in all a fantastic product which we would highly recommend to people.

HarperandQuinn Hairdressing 24/03/2014 (Facebook)
This product is beyond amazing... It really does do what it says on the bottle, after being advices by our wonderful dog behaviourist Tina from The Animal Behaviour Centre in Lymm, we are seeing results with my Rescue dogs Ellis and Zara, the plugins last for a considerable amount of time and the sprays are great to use on dog leads and collars as well as directly on your pets Ellis has very sensitive skin but because this product is so natural he's absolutely fine with it... 
And the service and advice I've received is second to non xx Thanks Martyn and team xx

Tina Bctgbfundraiser Holmes  12/03/2014 (Facebook)
I will do a more proffessional review as soon as I get time but I just wanted to let you know the plugin and spray you gave me to try on Stan have worked wonders - on our third day now and I am tempted to say they must be made by witchcraft! 

When the postman is in the street Stan barks non stop and gets very stressed and it takes him over an hour to recover after the letters arrive - he chases his tail, runs about, barks, bites at things, people and his mate Tommy. It is really horrid - everyday. Yesterday he barked five times, had a two min run about and it was all over! That spray was made in Hogwarts! Thank you.

Adam Flack  10/03/2014 (Facebook)
The dogs laying in the sun with their plug in diffuser. Really seems to have settled them in our new house.

Mary Smith  22/02/2014 (Facebook)
I did not belive this product would work but as a last resort to calm down our very naughty Pug we purchased a Plugin and the difference in him is amazing. He even sleeps in the bed we got him as a pup, he's not following me everywhere and is quite content dozing in style in a different room....first time ever. If I go out without him the "protest-pees" have stopped. Thank you.

The Pets Country Manor  21/02/2014 (Facebook)
We've been selling pet remedy in our little shop for a few months and have been receiving really good feedback. This week we adopted 2 cats ourselves from a rescue centre who are very shy and haven't really had that much socialisation with people. They've been hiding in their scratching tree most of the time and what we've realised is that they only let us stroke them after we've sprayed pet remedy by them -and ive been spraying a bit on my cuff too so when im stroking them the pet remedy is close to them, -when i dont spray pet remedy they aren't really to keen on being stroked and hiss quite alot but they always seem much more relaxed and chilled out thanks to pet remedy so its really doing the trick. -just ordered another batch of plug in's and sprays! thanks for all your help martyn!

Gill Edwards  20/02/2014 (Facebook)
My German spitz YOGI has so so benefitted from this WONDERFUL product, bless him he got quite stressed when he had to go to a friend for a couple of nights as usual I used the calming spray and he was a happy little dog again.
I highly rec this it's amazing! 
Use it and tell your friends.
Fantastic. Thank you PET REMEDY we love it

Teeny (Barnsley, UK) 19/02/14 Amazon
Fast, prompt delivery. Was a bit sceptical about using this but didn’t want to make my little pup have tablets to sooth her on bonfire night. Plugged it in a few weeks before bonfire night and on the big night she was hardly shaking at all, when the fireworks started she was a bit unsettled, but she soon settled down on my knee and was relaxed, which was a great relief. Would recommend this product.

Jan 16/02/14 Amazon
Love it works well, for my naughty whippet. calms him down no end..Would recommend .to any one that has a overactive dog

Virginia Houghton  06/02/2014 (Facebook)
A big thank you to Martyn from pet remedy for getting back to me so quick and sorting out my issue
I use Pet Remedy in my Doggie Salon its brill not only for the pooches but also for me 
I am just so calm and so are all the pooches I groom even the pocket spray comes with me so I can use it everywhere I go great product keep up the good work 
Ginnysgroomers Doggie Spa

Laski  Pets At Home 31/01/14  (website) 5 star
Comments about Pet Remedy Calming Spray 200ml:
tried this calming spray and was amazed how quickly it worked on my cat. He was frquently weeing on my bed and this has now stopped. I have also used it for an anxious dog when out walking as well as my stressy mare who does not like loading, all with great results. Discovered the mini spray is refillable from this big one too, so great value. Thank you Pet Remedy

Elizabeth Bateman "Surrey Girl"  18/01/14  Amazon
Well, as with lots of things, you are not sure whether anything will work! I have to say this does with my Lurcher/Saluki boy, he gets quite anxious if I leave the room, even for a few mins, he'll pace, whine, bark on some occasions! Since having this plug in, he is much calmer, I have been upstairs without him for almost an hour, and when I come back down he us either on the sofa or in his bed, quiet and not anxious!!! Brilliant product and works for me!!

Serena Skipper 30/12/13 (Facebook)
I would just like to say thank you to the fb team for great customer service, Saturday was the second time I messages them for help and they came back to me really quickly with an answer.
I can't say how much pet remedy has helped my 19 month old lab who has calmed down so much since I started using the diffuser and spray with him. When he gets too excited and try's to eat my husbands feet I just spray them and he stops! It really helps in the car and around the house, such a good change in his behavior. Thank you

Mrs AJ 30/12/13 Amazon
We have an 8 year old Westie who for some reason, has started barking during the night. Tried other methods but none worked and this was a last resort. Almost the first night this was plugged in, there was no barking. Several weeks later we can honestly say this has worked. From having a dog barking two/three times a night, every night, to just the occasional bark is great. Definitely recommend this.

Becky Collins 02/12/13 (Facebook)
This is a long over due praise of both the product and the company itself. I have a rescue Greyhound who suffered horribly from SA and he would stress himself out silly when we left. I had previously used another diffuser and even after a month saw little difference so it was a big shock that within a week on this product that he settled down happily and a big bonus that it works on all the animals so no need to buy different ones for the dog and cat if you had both. Also worked wonders for the puppy.

emma Bailey 26/11/13 (Facebook)
Our Chi pup Oscar has been a terrible sleeper and wakes in the night for attention. Usually we have to bring him up with us as he doesn't stop barking. 
I bought Pet Remedy spray on sunday from a pet shop and sprayed it on his blankets and left him downstairs for the night.
I couldnt believe the improvement, he woke at 2am and he let out a little bark but it was a much calmer bark and it was only once so i shouted down to him "go back in bed oscar" and he did! We didnt hear a peep until i woke up at 8am and that has never happened!
So pleased ive found this product and will be buying the diffuser

Anna Tink Taylor 23/11/13 (Facebook)
We tried this when our rather nervy border collie suddenly started a strange barking all through the night- a woof every minute! I was seeking a solution and this was it. The initial spray helped and once the diffuser kicked in- fantastic. Nice one

Mrs. J. Gowing 11/11/13  Amazon

Di Wood 06/11/13 Amazon
wasnt sure this would work but cant believe how calm my dogs have been during fireworks will deff get another

Atiana Van De Watering 05/11/13 (Facebook)
I really want to say a huge thankyou to pet remedy - my story goes as follows .. i have 2 shih tzus who are 5 years old both previously neglected, maisie i have had since she was 1 and she is calm and collected always, last year i bought another shih tzu bella - she was used as a breeding dog and at 4 years old has had 7 litters before been sold as she cannot have more litters, shes scared of bangs and any loud noises, my dogs are raw fed and i dont use commercial medicine with them i try to remain as natural as possible, i began to fear bonfire night and searched the web for some helo but nothing worked - 3 days ago i came across this product at my local pets at home store .. bella was weeing herself panting and trying to hide whenever she heard a firework - the plug in has made her stay calm and collected the last couple of days and the change has been amazing. I cannot thank or recommend this product enough its amazing and makes me at ease that its 100% natural! thankyou so much pet remedy from myself and maisie and bella

Susan Donnelly  03/11/13 (Facebook)
Pet Remedy ........... The full Range Has arrived at Blackheath Pet Supplies 7 Old Dover Rd SE3 7BT ..... really happy to promote and sell this product great feedback from all the customers who have tried it so far ...... A Safe Natural Product to help keep your Pets calm

Sarah Shaylor 03/11/13 (Facebook)
I recently discovered pet remedy and so glad I did. For the first year in his life with us our lurcher did not need sedatives for the fireworks. All 6 hounds were as quiet as mice and just chilled. TV a little loud but that was all. I will email for the info xx

tracey connors 31/10/13  Amazon
I bought this because my Staffie is terrified of fireworks. Hear could hear them in the distance last night but he just laid on the sofa with me and didn't try to get behind the TV as usual.

Dave Sunter  07/10/13 (Facebook)
i deal with a lot of rescue dogs and in my opinion this product really works

Pat Langston  06/10/13 (Facebook)
I cant praise this product enough ...took one our caravan holiday stress ... have 2 always on at home ...even I have relaxed x

Jo Hanlon-Moores 02/10/13 (Facebook)
I bought my first bottle of Pet Remedy last week to try with one of my rescue dogs who is a total sweetheart but can be extremely anxious and also gets over-excited and bouncy really quickly. I've sprayed a little on his bed and also onto my hands before stroking it gently over his neck and shoulders. I have to say I'm really impressed and it helps him to settle almost immediately. I'll definitely be getting more, thank you!

acquie Dowrick 01/10//13 (Facebook)
I love these products. I have a multi pet house hold and am a trainee vet nurse. Have had some great feedback from clients who've tried it and I know I will stick with it.

Paul Daly 29/10//13 (Facebook)
Hi, just would like to say that being a Behaviourist here in Northampton I am having some fantastic results using Pet Remedy

jamkam 26/10/13  Amazon I always have a diffuser of Pet Remedy in the sitting room - it definitely seems to keep my dogs calm and peaceful. It lasts a lot longer than Adaptil and I like it because it is a natural remedy. I would never not have this and as a dog sitter really do think that is helps to settle new doggy guests into our home a lot quicker. Highly recommend.

From the Animal Behaviour Centre, Manchester 05/8/13 (Facebook)
The very best result I have seen in the last month is Eddie the Staffie he cries and whines every time he sees the car that is even before he gets into the thing, spray his collar and his blanket and he is as quiet as can be, mum Pat uses the plug in at home the spray in the car and on his blankets when he is traveling and on her clothes when she goes to the vet, Eddie is such a super star, he came to me as an aggressor, he has now passed Bronze, Silver and Gold KCGCDS and he works in a group of dogs off lead no trouble at all

I look forward to trialing more of your products with a view to using and selling them on

Mabel Presley 21/07/13  Amazon
this helps so much for bonfire night and flaming new year rotten fireworks, I wish they were banned, Just excellent product and worked !!! I love it

Debbie Wingfield 19/7/13 (Facebook)
We foster dogs and most are ex-breeders and have never lived in a home before. Our last one was an exceptionally scared little bichon but we found after a couple of days with the plug-in and a few sprays here and there she really did settle down and become more relaxed. The pacing that she did incessantly practically stopped and she was not only happy to sleep in the lounge with the other dogs, and more importantly us, but she chose a bed under the tv and stopped leaping up every time there was the slightest noise and actually uncurled from a tight little ball that wouldn't do more than doze into a relaxed and sleeping dog! I recommended Pet Remedy to her new mum who is going to buy some and when she left I sprayed the car crate and she slept the 2 hrs back to her new home!! Will definitely be using it on the next scared foster we have! :O)
Decorum Dog Walking  25/06/13 (Facebook)
Quite remarkable and almost immediate effect, within a few days a noticeable calmness at home, and incredible in the car :)

Chris and Susi Batstone West Hill Farm West Down Ilfracombe Devon EX34 8NF 30/05/13  (Facebook)
Am delighted to say that after soothing the anxious collie, the sprayed dog bed was monopolised all afternoon by the elderly farm cat, with a huge smile on his face.
  Encouraged by this, I sprayed some on my coat sleeves later in the evening when I went to get the two horses in - both are half-bred chestnut mares, who were cold, bored and wound up by the wind (despite rugs - it’s May after all!).
  Both the girls were on their toes, crowding the gate to come in for supper, and to make matters worse the silage gang had arrived so large machines were charging up and down the track we had to cross.
Normally there is an amount of ‘pushy’ behaviour from the new loanee, so I was anticipating having to hang on to her!
  Am delighted to report that both girls dropped their heads for their headcollars, stood politely as I opened the gate, and walked in an exemplary fashion back to the yard.
Seriously impressed now!   Great product, well done.

Jackie Pied Piper Platt  13/05/13  (Facebook)
Just bought the spray , after also trying the diffuser . The cats have been rolling in it and licking it .I have a very nervous and slightly aggressive stray cat that I've taken in about 6 weeks ago and the house has been mayhem ,he's lashed out at all my 5 cats and scared 1 so badly she keeps hiding now , so I'm really hoping this will help. But oddly enough , after spraying everywhere about an hour ago now , they're all asleep ! even the dogs are chilled out ! I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come :)

Sammy Thornby 12/05/13  (Facebook)
Tried out Pet Remedy Spray and Diffuser on my very enxious pooch and I have to say I was very surprised at how calm she is now. Whereas she would always follow me about the house she is quite happy to chill out on her bed by the difuser and chill for a while. I also took her to her first ever fun dog show in which she entered 3 classes in total. She was still a little nervous but she naturally is anyway, but using the travel mini spray she was brilliant! I was so chuffed with her and how she took the event as it was very busy. She usually salivates excessively when in those types of situations but not a drop on her! Brilliant product will always be buying more in the future. Thanks ever so much for such a wonderful product.

Strauss”AMJ” 12/05/13 Amazon
I had to relocate and my 12 year old collie gets stressed by the slightest change to his environment. I got this diffuser for one room-and an Adaptil one for another room-both in the new house. In the area of the Adaptil one- no difference in his demeanour. In the area with this FAB natural de stress plug in- he is totally relaxed and even sleeps well.! Love it and would highly recommend.
Peter Cave 11/05/13 Amazon
very good and love the tag you get with it i use it for the car when the dogs are in it and good price.

Philippa Short 05/05/13 (Facebook)
Just to update you on a couple more trials of my own. Last night the young Collie who I put Pet Remedy on the bandanna last week at class and she was quieter and more settled, well, we put the bandanna on her last night (which was medal work night – in house club testing) and this youngster is not normally good at staying if the handler goes further than 6 foot away as she gets too anxious . . . . . well she got her 5 minute down stay from 30 foot away last night – the entire class erupted in applause and I immediately took 6 orders for bottles of Pet Remedy!!!!!!

G Kelly 18/03/13 Amazon
I have 5 cats and 2 dogs and this seems to worked wonders on all of them My one cat - who was very timid and hid in wardrobes etc all the time is now sleeping on beds and being very friendly. The dogs have stopped jumping up at visitors and have stopped stealing from the bins too. A miracle

Philippa Short  14/03/13 (Email)
     Just wanted to say thank you very much for offering me a trade account, very much appreciated and I will be placing an order shortly!  I have spoken to the manager of the animal rescue centre that I work regularly with and they are going to allow me to work with Pet Remedy down there and also advise new owners about the product to help the dogs, cats etc to settle in to their new homes.
      Just to update you on a couple more trials of my own. Last night the young Collie who I put Pet Remedy on the bandanna last week at class and she was quieter and more settled, well, we put the bandanna on her last night (which was medal work night – in house club testing) and this youngster is not normally good at staying if the handler goes further than 6 foot away as she gets too anxious . . . . .  well she got her 5 minute down stay from 30 foot away last night – the entire class erupted in applause and I immediately took 6 orders for bottles of Pet Remedy!!!!!!
      In the novice class, there is a JRT X which is a rescue, very mixed up little dog, very sweet, but very nervous, very reactive, very tense (she grinds her teeth), she charges at the end of the lead if dogs come to close to her in class and then trembles and stress pants. So again bandanna with PR on it along with some handling tips for the owner and teaching her to read the very early warning signs of the dog becoming stressed, the dog only lunged and barked once in class, the stress panting was at a minimum and more importantly the dog was calm enough to ‘hear’ the owner’s requests, and be able to act upon them (whereas often stress shuts down learning and the dog simply cannot respond), the owner was able to praise Tilly more than she had ever done before and as we all know ‘Success breeds Success’, so I have no doubt that this is the turning point for Tilly . . . . . .  and yes, she wants to order a bottle as well!!
      I think you have a really fantastic product  Martyn and I will be thrilled to be able to use it regularly to help the dogs and other animals that I work with! I would love to chat with you at some point, particularly about epileptic dogs and whether you have done any research with that. I have worked with a couple of epileptic dogs with essential oils, but done on a self-selection basis (Valerian, Vetivert and St. Johns Wort being particularly selected by the dogs along with Peppermint and Lavender) but medication requirements then needed to be checked because the dose often needed lowering.
I was just wondering if you have any data on this with regard to PR. Really looking forward to the Exeter University Study coming out, very exciting!  Kind regards  Philippa Short

Philippa Short  12/03/13 (Email)
Hi Martyn,
My name is Philippa Short and I have been home boarding and training dogs for 20 years. I instruct both group classes and one to one sessions and work with a variety of behavioural problems. I have held a few holistic clinics for Nick Thompson who suggested I contact you about  a possible distributor account. I have worked with essential oils with animals for the last 7 years having completed a diploma with the Guild of Essential Oil Therapists for Animals and a Diploma in Zoopharmacognosy with the Ingraham Academy of Zoopharmacognosy.

Your pet remedy is the only pre-formulated product that I have found on the market that actually works. I have been working with it a lot for the last month, with nervous dogs, high prey dogs in class, aggressive dogs etc.

A Yorkshire Terrier that I was boarding who had been badly attacked a couple of weeks before he came to me (he had several puncture wounds all over his body, which had been shaved and treated by the vet) he was shaking with fear when he came in to my house, utterly terrified of the other dogs. I sprayed his blanket the owner had brought with him and laid it on the sofa next to me and gently placed him on it, within 10 mins he had curled up next to me on the blanket, not shaking and just calmly watching the other dogs playing in the room. A Cocker Spaniel that I have been working with for the last 5 weeks(been badly attacked in the past, now very defensively aggressive if any dog approaches him) , I saw him last week, sprayed a bandanna with Pet Remedy allowed him to smell it for a couple of mins before then loosley tying around his neck, he was the calmest I have ever seen him, he allowed 3 dogs to come right up to him and sniff him and although he was not completely happy, it was an enormous breakthrough!

A young Collie in one of our classes is very very vocal for the first half of the class (due to being very sight and sound sensitive and a little nervous), again I sprayed a bandanna with Pet Remedy allowed her to smell the bandanna for a couple of mins, tied loosely around the neck, she settled much quicker into the class, was a lot quieter and seemed more relaxed and able to focus on the ‘job in hand’.

These are to name but a few cases.

Very good product, very happy to recommend it, but was just wondering if you do offer trade accounts for trainers?

I was hoping to see you (or a representative) at the Labrador Lifeline Trust Seminar last weekend, but I know there were difficulties and you couldn’t make it, hence my e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you,
kind regards  Philippa Short

Elizabeth Standford 12/03/12 (Facebook)
hiya, I bought the plug in at crufts. I wasn't sure at first but I am pleased with the product. I have a boisterous border collie puppy who since I have started using the plug in has calmed down a great deal. I can tell when I have forgotten to move it from her sleeping quarters to the living room as she reverts back to being over playful and destructive.

Becky Smith 09/03/13  (Facebook)
Absolutely amazed at how effective the spray is on one of my friends dogs! She is brain damaged due to being beaten in her past and has some Obsessive behaviours, a brief spray of your pet remedy and she goes to sleep!!

From Kolla, a Vet Nurse and Scientific Manager in Iceland!!!  07/02/13  (Facebook)
I want so share with you a positive feedback that I got last week.
I know this Golden Retriver breeder who lives 900 km from Reykjarvík, she oftens needs to send some of her dogs to Reykjarvík for vet visits or showing, they travel by air plane.
One of her females ( 5 years old ) does not handle this travelling too good. She gets sick and she ALWAYS has diarré and womiting in her cage. Poor little thing . it had come to that point that the breeder was considering to give her up, find her a new home in Reykjarvík so that she did not have travell for shows anymore, or just stop showing her (in the bloom of her very succsessfull showin carrier )
I gave her the 15 ml pet remedy spray and ask her to give it a try, she sprayed it in the cage and on her blanket she had with her for the flight.
I went to the airport in Reykjarvík to pick her up, prepared to meet a sick stincky dog. ( yes I had rubber gloves, towel and spray on dog shampoo with me!!! ) But she came out of the cage just as white and wonderfull as she usually is !!! she had NONE sickness during the flight, no sign of diarré or vomiting, she was calm and happy.
The breeder did not believe it when I told her on the phone, so I took a picture of the dog and the cage at the airport to proof my point ;)
She‘s absolutly thrilled about this and so am I .
From now on Isabella will not travel with out her pet remedy spray, that‘s for sure.

Mrs J Fuller 26/02/13 Amazon
Hi I have 2 female dogs I bred the first one every thing went well 5 lovely pups but then the second dog get so stressed out about not being with her and she lost all the fur on the torso ( body /back only ) so purchased the pet remedy and so far she seems more relaxed and has started to regrow her fur ,, she still looks like a bog brush but I am so pleased with how by just plugging in this pet remedy that I will stay with this now ,,

Lisa Reader  15/02/13  (Facebook)
I bought this for my Beagle puppy BB. She wasn’t sleeping at night at all!!!!!! After 2 wks and me walking
round like a zombie as I was half asleep I decided to get the plug in, that night she slept through til about half 4. Absolutely brilliant. She sleeps til about 4:30-5 but that’s when my husband gets up anyway. Highly recommend it

Dormouse 12/02/13 Amazon
I bought this to help my old dog wiv his incontinence and it has made a huge difference. In fact the whole hsehold - I have 5 others - is so chilled out! I will def keep using it and have recommended it to friends and family.

Catherine Byrne   07/02/13  (Facebook)
Snowy’s diffuser arrived today I put it in bedroom where he sleeps and have to say the change is dramatic he normally spends hrs grooming before he settles he is fast asleep snoring and no grooming going on. Hopefully it continues. I’m amazed at how fast it worked.

Cheryl Jones 05/01/13  (Facebook)
am just writing to let you know how I am getting on with your product. I can’t remember exactly how long we have been using the plug in diffuser, but it must be around the six week mark. I have 2 labradoodles and although they are both great dogs and have fab temperaments, the younger one is a bit highly strung, hence me wanting to try something to help him calm down. To anyone else that knows him (Herbie), they probably would not notice any difference, but I can. For one, he has put on some weight, which has always been a problem. He was skin and bone despite being fed a good diet and I put this down to his stressy nature, it is lovely to be able to feel some meat on him at last. He doesn’t bark as much at noises and he seems a bit braver with our other dog who, although is as soft as butter, would sometimes ‘bully’ Herbie – we have had no incidents lately. I also purchased the spray but have hardly used this for no other reason than I forget. We have had a lot of problems with recall with him, but he has been much better the last couple of months – whether this is down to him being calmer I don’t know, but I will try to start using the spray as well when we are out to see if it helps with lead walking (he pulls like a train).

Overall I would say it hasn’t changed his temperament or character, but has definitely calmed him which is such a lovely thing to see, plus a calmer dog means a calmer owner!
Thank you very much for producing a product that has helped my dog lead a better life.

Anna Laurence  02/01/13  (Facebook)
Hi Martyn, Been using your Pet Remedy with fantastic results for a few months now for our dog Millie. A couple of days ago she went back to being extremely stressed and not wanting to be away from us at all. We couldn’t understand it, we’d had a quiet Christmas so nothing different there. after a day and a half of it we just happened to look at the plug in and it was empty!!!!!!! We quickly put in a new refill and within hours she was back to be all calm again. Can’t believe how stupid we were as we always change it every 5-6 weeks. Just thought I’d like to share our story with you. Happy New Year to you all at Pet Remedy.

Ms R S Sewrey 16/12/12 Amazon
I consider a few products before deciding on this one but after reading the reviews I was quite confident.When the product came I noticed a difference in my two boisterous Jack Russells within a few hours.It has calmed them down they seem more chilled out and the real test was bonfire night.Normally a horrible time for them but they hardly reacted I was amazed .Would definitely be a regular customer and recommend this to others!!!

TC  29/11/12 Amazon
We have recently re homed a very shy and nervous dog and whilst it is difficult to quantify the effects of the product I am convinced it has a positive calming effect on her in the house. In my opinion the product is well worth the money and to us humans there is no noticeable smell.

Sheenag 23/11/12 Amazon
I used this for the first time last night, my wee dog who is nearly 17 years old has been barking most of the night for a few months now, I have tried various things but nothing seemed to work Until I found this product, I could hardly believe it, he settled down and slept most of the night (had to get up and let him out a 5am as he needed to wee)but then he settled straight back down again. This is a god send for me as I had not had a full nights sleep in months. It also smells quite pleasant

Pollyanna Narna-Hutton Moore  23/11/12  (Facebook)
We’ve got one for our dog. He was a rescue and has bad separation anxiety. We would come home to find all manner of things chewed up and he follows us everywhere. Since using the plug in nothing has been chewed and he’s not so much of a shadow. Sadly, we’ve run out and I haven’t got the refills through yet so he’s back to following us, but not chewing... Phew! I’ve recommended it to everybody :-)

P Shackleton 16/11/12 Amazon
This product calmed my dog down she was not as nervous. When I turned it off after November 5th the weekend after when a firework went off she was barking and crying. Would recommend.

Sarah   15/11/12   (Facebook)
I purchased one of your diffusers from pets at home about a month ago as my 18 month old dog suffered from separation anxiety when left home alone and would howl constantly until we returned. Since having the diffuser he has been a lot calmer andmore settled and has stopped howling when left alone. I also purchased the spray from yourself direct as he does not travel all that well and we were taking him on holiday to Devon, I sprayed the bedding in crate before I put him in and within 10 minutes he was curled up sleeping and was calm for the entire journey. I have recommended this product to a couple of friends and my mum as her dog stresses easily and is terrified of fireworks. I will be buying a diffuser refill shortly. I have also recommended this product to my old employer who runs a pet shop for him to stock your products (I’m not sure if he has been in touch). This is a great product and highly recommend for anyone to try this.
Many thanks  Sarah

Stacey 05/11/12 Amazon
I ordered this for 2 crazy dogs and 1 crazy cat at fireworks - I plugged it in went out leaving my mum, 2 dogs and 1 cat indoors come back to a silent house, all had falledn asleep including the crazy mum :) It is a little smelly but it really does work - when I unplugged it they started barking and running around again! Very Good product!

Lynn Mundy 6/11/12   (Facebook)
We have been using your Pet remedy product for the last month. We have a female husky that can get rather excited at times, especially at this time of the year. There were fireworks going off near our road the other night. She went out for her walk with no problems and the noise from the fireworks did not bother her at all. Great product and I would/will recommend it to my friends.
Thanks again for a great product.

Harvey01   03/11/12 Amazon

Carole Maitland   28/10/12   (Facebook)
Hi Martyn,    I own 2 greyhounds, and this time of year can be a problem for them. Fireworks, darker evenings and the run up to christmas, can often get them anxious. I have in the past used Adaptil plug in. However my new girl was showing anxiety when out walking, and it was recommended to me to try the Pet Remedy spray. I sprayed it on a bandana, and tied it round her collar. Within the week, she was visibly more relaxed. I left the bandana on the sofa ( at first by mistake!) When I returned home, I found 2 very chilled out dogs. Yet our neighbours were having an extension built, so there was noise from diggers etc all going on, they took no notice of the noise. I now keep the bandana in place on the sofa, and put it on Nina when we go out for walks. For the last few weeks we have had fireworks going off, I have never known my dogs to be so relaxed, after previous years of stressed out dogs at firework time.
The most noticible change is that of my autistic son, who has very challenging behaviour. I started spraying some on his curtains in his room, within a few weeks we noticed him to be more relaxed in himself. Autistic behaviour cannot be changed, he has his ways and routine. But we noticed he wasn’t getting as agitated as he was, which would then lead to violent outbursts. As he is a teenager, this was difficult to manage. I am now spraying some on his trousers, for when we are out / or school. Disabled children often respond to sensory things, and he loves the smell of it!! I know this is not pet related, but I wanted to share my experience, incase there are any other parents out there in a similar situation. (As there is so little help available)
I have been so impressed, I will continue to use this product.
Kind regards

Dr Keith.lloyd   28/10/12   (Facebook)
Dear Martyn   Following our recent telephone conversation I am writing to let you know how Pet remedy has dramatically changed the behaviour of our 4 cats and 2 dogs. We had previously tried a number of different products including another well-known brand, which had no discernable effect and have been using Pet remedy for around 3 months.
Each of our cats previously behaved in different ways and each has changed in different ways.
….Rudy, a 5 year old marmalade male, went out early in the morning, came in half a dozen times for food and lived in one of several elevated cat houses until 8- 9 pm when he would go upstairs to sleep on a bed. When in the house he was constantly over grooming and territorial, marking chairs and curtains. He was taken to the vet and given sedatives but with little long term effect. Since we have started using Pet remedy his behaviour has changed completely. He comes in the afternoon and is happy to stay indoors.
…Oliver, a 4 year old black tom,was extremely timid and cautious. As with Rudy he came in for food but remained in the garden for most of the day. He is now going out for a short time but spends considerable periods indoors. Since we began using Pet remedy he has undergone a change in personality. He is now approachable and happy to be picked up and has put weight on. Neither Rudy or Oliver are as highly strung as they were previously.
…Patch, an 18 year old black and white tom, was very aggressive towards the other cats - wanting to be top dog. He has calmed down considerably and only has occasional outbursts.
…Our latest addition Danny, a 2 year old marmalade and white tom, was so grateful for a home he never went out other than for toilet purposes, fearing that he would never get in again. Since we began using Pet remedy he has become far more relaxed and is happy to go outdoors.
…Pet remedy has also had a calming effect on our 2 female staffies who get on well with the cats and are happy to share their lives with them.    In summary since starting to use Pet remedy we have seen a dramatic change in the behaviour of all our pets and recently witnessed for the first time all of them sitting together on a sheep skin rug! Oliver previously so timid has taken to sleeping on top of my wife’s head. We intend using Pet remedy as a long term solution for our pets and are certain that you are going to enjoy continued success in the future. Best wishes  (Dr) Keith Lloyd
Lisa Ramsey  28/10/12  (Facebook)
we purchased the Pet Remedy plugin difuser only!!!! yesterday for our anxious rescue dog who we have had since january. & i can honestly say we already see a difference. On her evening walk she was more calm & didnt get too excited when passing another dog, also just now fireworks were let off, her normal reaction is to bark & jump on couch to get to window. This time she just sat next to me while i calmly stroked her. THANKYOU Pet Remedy & will soon be purchasing other products from you in the near future :)

Rona Whiteway 15/10/12   (Facebook)
I have been struggling over the past year or so with a dog who kept us awake most of the night, constantly turning, digging, banging the radiators as he rolled back and forth on his back, in other words would or could not settle, she wondered if your product might help knowing how I had tried, DAP, Calmex , Piriton and several things that my vet had suggested even night lights, in case he didn’t like the dark - by this time I would have tried anything! We had really had enough and had run out of ideas.

A friend told me about your product as she knew that we were more or less at the end of our tether and extremely tired. I rang Martyn and explained the problem we were having last week. I bought 2 plug ins and a large spray which arrived very quickly. THIS REALLY WORKS we have had quieter nights, in fact each night is better than the night before, and last night we were not disturbed once - I did check this morning to see if he was still alive!! We are all now sleeping so your remedy has helped us out as well, again THANK YOU.

As I am a volunteer with Greyhound Rescue West of England I told them about Pet Remedy and have passed your leaflets that you sent me on to them, also I have talked to Born to be wild which is a small charity in Bude which is wonderful as I thought that it may help them.

Once again, thank you, and I now know where to come!
Best regards,   Rona Whiteway.  10/08/12  (Facebook)  Online Pet Health Retailer
U.K suppliers of non prescription veterinary medicines, supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies for Dogs, Cats, Horses and small animals.
A great alternative to adaptil and feliway, our customers love it

Megan Jenkins  25/07/12  (Facebook)
I purchased your product from Pets at Home around 6 weeks ago as my dog was getting very stressed when I went away for weekends, which led to over grooming. This behaviour had become somewhat obsessive and she had to be put on several short courses of steroids to stop the licking. I personally do not like her to be on medication like that long term so thought I would try a pet remedy plug in. I was very sceptical about plug-ins having heard many stories about how they are a waste of money and time. Well it has worked wonderfully; Holly has stopped licking her fur and is a much calmer, more relaxed dog not only in the house but also out on walks. All her hair has grown back and she is a much more contented dog! The plug in also had another, unexpected affect. Our cat is now also much more chilled out and more social and friendly – an added bonus! I have just received my order from your online shop of some refills and an extra diffuser for a friend – very fast delivery, an excellent service and such a fantastic price!! Overall, A wonderful product that I am now recommending to all my customers!

Yuki Carr  08/07/12  (Facebook)
these are an absolute must have to all you new owners of my puppies....they will keep them perfectly calm for the new move to there new homes

Claire Louise Barnes 16/06/12  (Facebook)
The spray is brilliant. I use it every time I have a stressed dog that doesn’t like being groomed.

Beth Railton  10/06/12  (Facebook)
Since using pet remedy my Norwegian forest cat has chilled out and his lady friend is a lot less skitty. My dogs seem to be less noisy and the cockatile spends less time hanging upside down winding the dogs up!! ;)  I have recommended pet remedy and still do, I have started stocking supplies in my grooming salon with great feedback. I even have a plug in in the salon to try and make the grooming experience a little easier for the shy and reluctant dogs.

Shirley Russell  08/06/12  (Facebook)
I must say how good the calming spray is, I had my friends dog round (was meant to stay the week) but she was in season but had take her home as my dog also un-neutered was going mad (he’s a male) but he was still going mad after she had gone so spraye the room within 15min he had calmed down & settled on the sofa next to me

Donna Sellars  08/06/12  (Facebook)
Absolutely amazed how well the plug in worked for my recently rescued dog. Tried many products alongside training to help calm and settle him down. He would bark at every sound in the night even though he is in the bedroom with us. Completely terrified in the car poor thing. Saw the plug in in a pet shop and thought dout it will work but hey ho give it a go. Put in on in the bedroom that night and did not have one bark out of him! Amazing! Tried it in the car with the supplied tag and he was much better, still worried but not crying ,shaking and dribbling. That was all on the first use! It has enabled him to relax enough now to realise that all these things werent really that bad and he is much more relaxed now. I have now got the spray for when we are out and about. Thank you so much for this product can’t praise it enough. Tommy is now making good progress in and out of the house with this product and reward based training, and we all get to sleep at night :)

Sheila joss 30 May 2012 Pet remedy diffuser  ( (Email)
Dear Martyn,  I ordered a couple of these because one of my dogs needed a minor op and was going to be under house arrest while the stitches were in. I live alone and had no one to leave him with which meant that his brother also had to stay home. When I tell you that they are brothers, four years old and gsp Weimaraner cross, you can imagine what I was expecting! I had tried Adaptil in the past and, while I wouldn’t say that it didn’t
work at all, I definitely didn’t think it would be sufficient under these circs. Someone on the Dog Pages forum mentioned your product so I thought it was worth a try. The result was that we had a quiet week and,
used in conjunction with stuffed kongs, we got through it without madness or disaster.  My own vet surgery keeps a stock  of alternative items and when I was in getting the stitches removed, I mentioned your product to them. I will certainly now keep it on hand. Many thanks

Ref: Christine Meaney 30/05/12  Animal behaviour Centre Manchester  (Email)
Hi Martyn
I have a lady in this evening who has your product she has 3 GSD’s that are anxious and the product has helped her and her dogs  hugs Tina

Belinda Boyd 26/05/12  (Facebook)
Since I plugged in Pet Remedy our dogs certainly appear to be calmer - could it be working on their owners too?!

Charlotte   17/05/12   Ref: Christine Meaney 17/05/12 Animal behaviour Centre Manchester   (Email)
My name is Charlotte and I own a Border Terrier pup, he is from working stock, I only wanted a pet but went to this breeder without prior knowledge of what I was getting into, my sister has his litter brother so one of us is using training and a diffuser and spray and one of us is using the products, it became obvious that I was the one with the products you provided Tina with, and this is so obvious because my little man (Rebel) is so chilled and relaxed at class now on week 2 and Bindie his litter brother is still barking and lunging out at other pups, Francesca (my sister) has now been given your products and we will see the difference in the two pups this week, my pup was able to take his puppy foundation and Bindie was deemed not ready!!!! an independant assessor came to class to assess the dogs, so as not to have an inside view on the class, there are 6 pups in the sample of dogs, 3 on your product and 3 on a different product, all lessons and homework are the same, so we are going to look at nature versus nurture too, I must just say you could not have chosen a better person to trial your products, The Animal Behaviour Centre really does do thing thouroughly, Tina is a fantastic instructor, and nothing is too much trouble for her, she is allowing us to use her computer to email, she is making notes on all aspects of our pet behaviur and I feel I was so lucky in finding this centre to belkong too, I only went because I couldn’t get my pup into a club closer to home so I went by default really, but what an amazing person she is, yor products are fantastic too
Best Regards Charlotte and Rebel

Jilly  17/05/12   Ref: Christine Meaney 17/05/12 Animal behaviour Centre Manchester  (Email)
I am a groomer Tina allows me to use part of her centre to groom the puppies and to teach the owners how to handle their pups, I noticed the smelly plugins and the smelly sprays she uses and asked if she would leave them in for me to use whilst groomiong, what a difference they are making to the pups and my own dogs too when they enter the centre
Thanks Jilly

Kath Worrall  The trial with the German Wire Haired Pointers:-  17/05/12
 Ref: Christine Meaney 17/05/12 Animal behaviour Centre Manchester  (Email)
Hi my name is Kath Worrall, and I have 2 GWHP’s the male is a shy creature and is not good with loud noises i.e. the gun, bangs, firewoks etc; the female is a bolshy creature and will tackle anything that moves, apparently just what was required for the sample of dogs coming through The Animal Behaviour Centre!!!! Tina asked me if I would  be willing to trial the pet products, (plug in and spray) over 3 weeks and to send on the results, they are:- Male dog, :- Along with a training program given to me to pracice in conjunction witht he product, H eis happier in himslef, more relaxed demeanor, making oprogress with noises, been out on 3 shoots, 2nd & 3rd a noticeable differenc, sat by my side, went out and picked up game, brought it back, dropped it at my feet,chilled and relaxed in Land Rover with other dogs, Female:- again along with training program in place, she sat in Land Rover with other dogs, no need to grate and muzzle noticeable results in sessions, I am being asked for the number of The Behaviour Centre and the name of the products I am using, I will certainly purchase the products from yourselves or Tina fore future use, wsell done, cant thank yuou and Tina enough, without you 2 my dogs would have to be re-homed, the only issue i found was that when the plug ins were left in all day one of them leaked a little bit onto the floor, possibly a design fault
Regards Kath

Howard Lawrence  13/05/12  (Facebook)
We received our Pet Remedy from you for our 12 year old Shih Tzu. Over the past few years she had become very nervous due to building works that had been going on in the adjoining property. For the last 6-9 months, she has been having what we can only describe as panic attacks for no apparent reason. We came across This Pet Remedy and thought we’d give it a try. The day after we plugged it in she was like a different dog, we can’t believe the difference it has made to her. We would have no problem recommending it to anyone who has experienced similar problems with their pets.

Mr & Mrs Kershaw 12/04/12  (Email)
Pet remedy plug in helped our Jack Russell from being nervous when we were at work would recommend this plug in to other dog owners. It helped our dog within two weeks. thanks.

Shoreline Pet Supplies  02/05/12  (Facebook)
 “Highly recommended product if you have an excitable/anxious dog! This spray is fantastic for calming, we have been trialling it for a week now and have found great results. We spray on bedding, bandana around dogs neck and sometimes on our own clothing if we intend on plenty of cuddles! It also benefits our shop cats. Great product, great price Pet Remedy”

Christopher Weetman  30/04/12 (
I have just received you Pet Remedy diffuser and regarding you insert for the free refill, I would just like to let you know how I’ve gotten on so far.
Our 10 week old Miniature Schnauzer would just cry and howl even for the shortest period of time on her own. Literally, if I pop upstairs to go to the loo she starts.
We have to leave her for at least 2 hours a day on her own and I would try and tire her out so she is normally asleep when I leave. The thing is, she must wake up as soon as I leave as I recorded her on my phone and for the full 2 hours she was crying the house down.  
 I left my phone at home this morning to record her again. Before where she would cry for the full 2 hours, she whimpered for about five minutes, then found her Kong and settled for an hour. Then she cried and howled for another 10-15 minutes then settled for an hour until I got in. Found her asleep on the mat having a sunbathing session. Must say I’m very very impressed with the product, to go from 2 hours crying to 15 minutes is it brilliant. Great product and easy to use.Thank you Pet Remedy.  Regards  Chris

Christine Meaney 29/04/12 Animal behaviour Centre Manchester  (Facebook)
“We trialed the plug ins and the spray, the results were seen by all, clients happy, visiting vet all too interested, owner of a dog day care astounded by results, her own little terrier calmed down in front of her eyes, she will contact you all ASAP, the owner of boarding kennels is to approach you too, she was interested in your product, The Animal Behaviour Centre are backing this product ALL THE WAY,”

Trace Coyne 22/04/12  (Facebook)
“I am currently training to be a Canine Therapist, I tried the diffuser on my stressy Alaskan Malamute and it has worked a treat on him. I’m trying the spray which I use on myself before I enter a clients house to work on their pet, so far it has been a hit. One particular dog is very wary of strangers but was more than happy to let me massage him.”

Sandra Blunden 22/04/12  (Facebook)
“I have been using pet remedy for 2weeks now and my 2 border collies and my cat seem much calmer i take it from room to room wherever they are with me i wish id found it sooner.”

Tina Meaney  Manchester 21/04/12 Kennel Club Accredited Instructor
 ( (Facebook)
Hi Martyn    I ran the class again last night, decided to trial the plug in again, but, in a different way, I plugged in some placebo plug ins, the difference was remarkable, dogs back to snotting growling and lunging at each other, I had not told anyone what I had planned, not even the other instructors, I passed them the plug ins, told them to sort them out, and I filled up water bowls and put chairs and mats out, so the instructors thought they were using your plug ins, (I had them in the boxes) what they did actually plug in was a cheap plug in containing lemon grass and camomile, I now know I need to purchase at least 6 of your plug ins to ensure I have harmony in my classes, here comes the cheeky part of the email:- if I buy 6 plug ins will you send me some sprays as a free bee, or something similar, I would also like to stock your product too, I am also passing your details on to a friend that runs doggy day care and a friend that owns boarding kennels, I think these girls will benefit from your products regards Tina

Mrs Judy Lobley 19/04/12    (Facebook)
Have been using the spray now for approx 3 weeks and I must say it’s doing what it says !!! We spray it in the car 5 minutes before we set off and put a few drops on the hanger and our puppy just chills out on the back seat - NO MORE BARKING when stationary - also when sprayed on hubby’s trouser leg he’s walking to heel better too (that’s the dog not hubby so all in all very pleased with Pet Remedy - also use the plug-in’s in the house - thanks to Martyn for all his help :)

Tina Meaney  Manchester 19/04/12 Kennel Club Accredited Instructor
( (Facebook)
Fantastic to hear from Christine Meaney as she a is very well respected Kennel Club Accredited Instructor, canine behaviourist and canine psychologist at the Animal Behaviour Centre in Manchester
They offer a range of services including:Clicker Training.• Behaviour Modification.• Obedience Training.• Discipline.• Kennel Club Awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold).• The North-West’s only specialists in dealing with aggressive dogs..
Hi   Just wanted to thank you for insisting I take 2 free samples of your product, as a dog trainer, behaviourist, canine psychologist, I come across lots of family pets with issues, we had a class of interesting dogs coming in to us so on the first session I didn’t use the product, 1st session went like this grumbly growly unhappy dogs and handlers, second session with the dogs went like this:- I plugged in one of your products at one of the dogs clubs I run, and sat back and waited, and yes there was a noticeable improvement in the puppy class, I then thought hmmmmm what about the adult class that follows, so said product remained plugged in, and yes again a noticeable difference, so I thought again hmmm, wonder of it works on the Grumpers and Growlers class, following evening, plugged in and waiting, adolescent class appeared to be calmer, could be the weather, could be the training starting to fall into place (can’t beat a doubter) Grumpers came in and again a noticeable difference in handlers and dogs alike, I loaned the product out to a client because this team are really struggling, and we are hearing great reports regarding the plug in, Debbie (the owner) calls it her little plug in of fairy dust, I loaned the second plug in to a member of staff that has just rescued a German Shepherd (cruelty case RSPCA took this dog and 4 others) and she tells me the plug in helps not only the new addition,but her and her own dog too, so I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU  so much on behalf of my clients, my staff, the dogs concerned, I am at a dog show this weekend and one in May raising funds for rescue centres in my area, and I would love to take along some of your literature to promote your product wholeheartedly
Thank you once again for taking the time to speak to me (and convert me too)
Regards  Tina Meaney

Mrs Judy Lobley 04/04/12  (Facebook)
Have used the plug-in difusser now for approx 2 weeks and defiantely got a calmer dog !! I have even been the first to buy and try the spray...whoo!!! and that works too - just spray in the car before a journey or spray on hubby’s trouser leg and he seems to heel better too.......thats Oscar that heels not the hubby (he’s obeyed for years - daren’t do no other) LOL

Mrs Daisy Nickless 01/04/12  (Facebook)
Mum says: This is Fat Sam enjoying the plug-in Pet remedy diffuser, he has lived wiht us for 3 weeks now. Sam came into a house with two dogs and another cat, this would obviously be a very stressful enviroment for him. Pet remedy helped and significantly improved sams mood and stress levels, this became clear when sam came out from his hiding place as soon as it was plugged in. it was like having a new cat in the house!

Emily  Atters 01/04/12  (Facebook)
My 11 year old cat had a tendancy of scratching and biting, but since I bought pet remedy she has calmed down and no longer scratches or bites!! I recomend this to everyone as it works wonders

Miss Beth Railton 27/03/12  (Facebook)
Introduced a new adult cat to the household of already 2 cats, 3 dogs and a cockatile the breeder gave me a plug in and I’m very happy with the results. My highly strung Norwegian Forest cat’s behaviour has improved! The new cat settled in great and quickly. Her and the Norwegian are best friends, however her and my other female cat may take a little longer.
I will be recommending pet remedy to my dog grooming customers who now ask me about such issues.

Mrs Kerry Night-Bake 16/03/12  (Facebook)
Hi should I place one in each room as have placed 2 in hall one upstairs and one downstairs. The one upstairs is near the tray, but the cat with the digestive problems sleeps in my room. Also have a spaniel with a few anxiety problems so should it be in the room they sleep or were they are in the evening. Need a bit of advise please.

Mrs Deb Carr 10/03/12  (Facebook)
just had the best nights sleep ever....bought a plug in at CRUFTS SHOW yesterday and all 4 dogs have really calmed down......its like magic dust has been sprinkled on the carr household......will keep you posted.

Mrs Delphine Bancroft 10/03/12  (Facebook)
Works wonders on all our cats and dogs, am not sure but it also seems to have a calming effect on the humans in our house hold.

Mrs Deb Carr 10/03/12  (Facebook)
48 hours now....and what a diffenerce a little plug has made. i have 4 dogs that were making my life hell with there constant barking and fighting with each other over the slightest thing....THANK YOU.....hope it lasts.....

Mrs Delphine Bancroft 09/03/12  (Facebook)
Works wonders on all our cats and dogs, am not sure but it also seems to have a calming effect on the humans in our house hold. Am now waiting for the spray version which will be great for travelling I’m sure!

Mrs Gill  Edwards 12/01/12  (Facebook)
I just had to write and say how very impressed I am with your pet remedy. I originally bought it to try and calm my rescued greyhound, she had become stressed after a house move and the arrival of our new baby son.
I plugged it in and after a few moments she settled down near the plug in and seemed much more at ease after 24hours.
However, the more dramatic change was in my baby who slept soundly for the first time in 6weeks, he was so much happier (and so was I). Also my husband and I have stopped arguing!!! A combination of more sleep and I am sure due to all feeling less stressed.
This is a product I will not be living without and will be recommending it to my local baby group, and friends

Bryony Thepet Nurse  09/01/12  (Facebook)
ust thought I’d add that I love this product! Trialed it this year during the fireworks period for my dogs and also took on some stray kittens, within hours of it being plugged in the kittens started playing and I also didnt need to give my dogs any extra oral medication! fab
I regularly board animals and see behaviour clients so have one in the house and will also be putting one in my groom room, Highly recommended
The Pet Nurse
oh i do! Ive sold quite a few...all with glowing reports :)

Elanie Hunt  22/11/11  (Facebook)
how interesting... we have just had a case of a howling dog and Pet Remedy did not help. Then it turns out the plug-in was in the kitchen and plugged in above the work top. So too high off the ground and all the potent properties of the valerian blend would have been wofting out of the kitchen, as the door was always left open. Really important to plug in at floor level near where the pet sleeps or spends most of the time ...

Mrs M Phillips from Wimbledon London  21/09/11
I’m a huge fan of natural remedies, both for myself and for my pets, so was very excited about trying Pet Remedy.
I own a West Highland Terrier called Sally. She’s a rescue dog, so we’re unsure of her background.
Sally suffers from skin problems and bites and scratches herself, especially when stressed.
Sally like many westies Is quite hyperactive and often whines and scratches at the door during the night.
I placed the Pet Remedy dIffuser In Sally’s sleeping area. I was pleasantly surprised by the smell, very fresh and uplifting.
The effects were apparent pretty much straight away.
Sally has been much quieter at night, often sleeping throughout the night. She also Is scratching at herself much less. I’m very convinced by this product, after using it for just three weeks and excited about the long-term results.  A great product and excellent value for money.

Mrs Yvonne Davies 07/09/11
Arrived promptly . We brought it as we were taking our nervous border collie on holiday for the first time. It came with a strip to use whilst travelling and I must say our dog coped well with the two hour journey- he normally stresses a little on short journeys. We plugged in the device in the holiday flat and overall our dog seemed relaxed in a new environment

Mrs Y Doore 10/09/11 Amazon
We wanted to take our Border collie Max on holiday with us but he is a very nervous dog so when I saw this product I was a little sceptical but thought I would give it a try anyway. The product comes with a small travel tag that you can put a few drops of the pet remedy onto and then attach it in the car, this is said to help calm the pet whilst travelling.Max has gone on several small journeys in the past and he often starts to get a little stressed after a while , however during the two and a half hour journey (with one 20 min stop)he remained very calm throughout! At the holiday flat I thought we would encounter some problems as Max does not like being in unfamiliar buildings but I must say he remained as calm as though he was in his own home, I dont know if this is down to the sea air or the pet remedy but I was amazed. On the way home Max slept most of the way back!!! I still use the diffuser back home and our dog and three cats appear more relaxed around each other, Im not saying that it is a miracle cure as Max still has his moments but on the whole I am pretty impressed.

Dr Flo Watt Consultant Psychiatrist, Newton Abbot 05/05/11
I have used Pet Remedy for a couple of specific situations and found it extremely helpful. I got a Border collie puppy last November – a breed well known for being somewhat “hyper” – and was concerned as to how she would be, particularly at night during that initial settling in period. She slept through the night from the start and did not seem unduly distressed in any way. I was reluctant to try without the diffuser as things were going so well but there was no doubt she was less settled if I did not have it on.
She is currently in her first season at 9 months and I have again started to use it as she appears confused and distressed as to her usual routine being disturbed and not having her usual exercise. As she is coming into the period where she is likely to be most “interesting” I have not switched it off but will be interested to compare how she is when I feel confident I can do so.
As an interesting aside, I woke the other morning amazed at the good sleep I had just had and was wondering why that should be the case (I am normally a poor sleeper). I had completely forgotten I had moved the diffuser into my bedroom!

Mrs Judy Brown  April 2011
I own a four  old Boxador (Boxer cross Labrador) who  was attacked by a mastiff dog, about three weeks ago. She sustained multiple lacerations to both her front legs, which thankfully have now healed.
However, after the incident she became withdrawn and would not interact, in fact she just slept most of the day, which was so unlike her. Then we were given a Pet Remedy plug-in diffuser and within twenty four hours of ‘switching on’ she was back to her normal playful self.
In case there was any doubt about how effective the remedy was it was accidentally switched off and she instantly reverted to being lethargic  again. As soon as the diffuser was in use again Lacey was back. The remedy is now never touched!
Thank you Pet Remedy for giving me back Lacey.

Mrs S Brown
Have used pet remedy in one room so far (waiting for Feliway now to run out) and have found a big difference with my 16 month old siamese boy, who was very wary of strangers and used to disappear when people visited, now he stays in his bed and will actually have a fuss. It has also stop him wetting on the furniture and spraying when nervous. (The room with the Feliway in he still does). The travel diffuser I have used once so far, tied around the carriers handle, when I we gave a lift to a friend and her cat, he wasn’t bothered about a strange cat being next to him, he just went to sleep, so did the other cat (2.5 hour journey).
The whole room has a relaxed atmosphere with no chemical smell and the cats and dogs are much more contented, would recommend Pet Remedy to anyone.
Will let you know how we get on with Lily (my neurotic blue girl) who freaks out over anything, Feliway doesn’t work, also if it calms down my other cat who wails not stop when travelling.

Mrs S, (Facebook)
I just want to say thank you. I bought the plug-in to keep my dog calm and it really works.  Thanks you sop much. It’s the first year we have not had to give him tablets to knock him out!

Mrs J, Ipplepen
After our boxador was attacked by another dog she sustained multiple lacerations and became timid and withdrawn.  She would not interact and slept most of the day.  Within 24 hours of using Pet Remedy she was back to her old self.  Thank you Pet Remedy for giving me back Lacey.

Mrs W,   Abbotskerswell
I have used Pet Remedy for a couple of specific situations and found it extremely helpful. My border collie puppy known for being somewhat hyper, responded well to Pet Remedy when first settling into her new home.  I used it again when she came into her first season with equally positive and noticeable results.

Mrs Rachel Gowshall Dip AVN (Surgical)  PetVetCare 10/11/10  (
I have just received a great bit of feedback from a dog owner who used the diffuser over bonfire night:  
“ I  just want to say Thank you
I bought the plug in to keep my dog calm & it really works  
Thank you so very much its the 1st year we have not had to give him tablets to knock him out  
once again thank you xxxx  
Lyn Ian & Toby the happy dog xxxxx”

Mr & Mrs D
We were very keen to trial the Pet Remedy diffuser. The diffuser is simply plugged into the wall socket and gently releases a mixture of oils creating a relaxed environment.
The diffuser gives off a pleasant fresh smell, but is not over powering. Our trial dog was Flo, a nervy 3-year-old English Pointer. Flo is a timid dog and reacts to noises around the office. She certainly seemed more relaxed, and settled within a few moments of switching the diffuser on.  Flo tends to sleep in different areas, but she was certainly drawn towards the diffuser.

Mr G. N Portsmouth
I have been using Pet Remedy for 2 weeks. I own a nervous Poodle called Millie, and 3 cats Korky, Misty and Stanley. My cats often squabble amongst themselves and Misty In particular dislikes household noises.
The dIffuser gives off a subtle, pleasant aroma and Is not overpowering.
My cats were aware of the dIffuser almost Immediately. I noticed they were far more relaxed and friction between the cats has definitely decreased.
The cats sleep close to the dIffuser and appear much calmer.
Millie the Poodle also seems more relaxed.
I am very Impressed with Pet Remedy and would recommend It to any pet owner with nervous pets.

Mrs. Y Doore
This review is from: Pet Remedy is a natural de-stress and calming plug-in diffuser for pets. Effective relief for dog stress, cat stress and other pet stress. (Misc.)
We wanted to take our Border collie Max on holiday with us but he is a very nervous dog so when I saw this product I was a little sceptical but thought I would give it a try anyway. The product comes with a small travel tag that you can put a few drops of the pet remedy onto and then attach it in the car, this is said to help calm the pet whilst travelling.Max has gone on several small journeys in the past and he often starts to get a little stressed after a while , however during the two and a half hour journey (with one 20 min stop)he remained very calm throughout! At the holiday flat I thought we would encounter some problems as Max does not like being in unfamiliar buildings but I must say he remained as calm as though he was in his own home, I dont know if this is down to the sea air or the pet remedy but I was amazed. On the way home Max slept most of the way back!!! I still use the diffuser back home and our dog and three cats appear more relaxed around each other, Im not saying that it is a miracle cure as Max still has his moments but on the whole I am pretty impressed.