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Cat Testimonials

All reviews are un-edited and have been transcribed exactly as spelt or presented in the original source

BH 13/7/17 Amazon

It works! My cat was badly injured and, following surgery, was really anxious ... the vet recommended it. After spraying Pet Remedy she calms down and settles. Great product


Kerry Jane Birnie 12/7/17 Facebook

Brilliant product, we've used it with our cats, dog and our African Grey Parrot, helped with a house move, introducing new pets, fireworks, and our new stray cat when we had to confine him indoors with neutering, definitely recommend, and love that it is natural


JS 10/7/17 Amazon

My kitty goes quite nutty over this spray!...not in a crazy way in a good way, it definitely calms her down but she has like a cat nip reaction to it and goes all silly!!!....great stuff, it certainly does the job of helping to de-stress her!


Emma 8/7/17 Amazon

Works for the dogs and cat!


Ms M Ls 5/7/17 Amazon

We have a highly strung cat and this works so well in calming her down. We wouldn't use anything else.


Jo Davies 29/6/17 Facebook

Watch our rescues in Cat Room 2: Chloé, Angel, Salem, Gigi, Rocco and Oliver, enjoying their stress-free environment. Many thanks to Pet Remedy UK for providing our Cat Sanctuary with some complimentary natural de-stress & calming atomiser, plug-in diffusers and refills.


Anna Rudd 28/6/17 Amazon

We have 2 kittens 10 weeks and 8 months both from the same parents but different litters. We have gone through the usual stuff to introduce them slowly different rooms, food bowls, litter trays etc. We thought we would try this has the younger one was mewing quite a lot and they seemed a little stressed. It may just be coincidence but the younger one is definately happier and we have been able to leave them with the run of the house together. This is after 3 days. We bought 2 so we have one in the main living area and one upstairs on the landing both plugged in and on constantly. The only thing I would say is they do smell a bit strange not massively unpleasant and bearable if it makes the cats happier.


Peter Tompsett 26/6/17 Amazon

after one hour my cats started to lay around the plugin, it works and that is what I wanted thank you very much.


DS 26/6/17 Amazon

Really thoughtfully packaged in a decent box - nice change to most things you order from the internet! I've been using this 'calming diffuser oil' for my cat for years now. He's never really been a stressy cat or anything like that but this just makes him super chilled and always up for belly rubs :)


Nicole 25/6/17 Amazon

We've recently moved house and our eldest cat was really anxious, she stopped coming to us and was having accidents and wouldn't play anymore. She even went for her sister when she was trying to play
Plugged this is in and half an hour later she wonders in, plays with her toys and wants a belly rub.
It smells a bit odd at first but I love this. Thanks for giving us our happy playful cat back


Lynne0902 23/6/17 Amazon

Excellent product . Helps to calm the cat who is very timid.


GBJ 20/6/17 Amazon

Brilliant product! Had to buy this 'in an emergency' some months ago as I was getting desperate to try anything to help a new cat settle with my existing two - and had tried everything else. Myself and a few friends have the 'difficult to home' rescues - the ones that no one else would take due to their behaviour so it is always a slower process than normal to get these pets really settled. This seemed to be the first product that has actually helped. After the experience with my 'new cat' introductions I have used it with friends who have dogs who are nervous around Bonfire Night, with stressed rabbits, with another friend who's dog gets too excited about everything! That particular dog would be a nightmare if I was in the car with them - she would clamber all over me for how ever long the journey was - so I'd regularly have an hour or so of being trampled (which was not just unpleasant but also dangerous). The first time I used it on her I just sprayed some on a flannel and as soon as she started just gave her the flannel to tug at (in stead of my clothes) and it worked like a charm - within seconds she was already calmer and in under 5 minutes she was the most relaxed in the car that she had ever been. Since then I won't be around any 'skittish' animals without having this product handy as it really does work and makes situations a lot less stressful for them. It has a very 'unusual' aroma - which can take a bit of getting used to - but it just smells 'natural' - sort of strangely herbal (which I find much better than synthetic chemicals of some others.) I am so confident in this product that on this occasion I have bought multiple bottles so that other friends with problem pets can use this too. It really has helped every pet - cat, dog or rabbit - that I have used it on.


Jason Thomas Dolan 19/6/17 Amazon

Really helps!.. I have a male kitten who is 10 months old he has been very nervous since 8 weeks old. But recently another tomcat who is fully grown and an adult cat has been hanging around my front door and this is making my kitten more nervous and talkative and he is starting to pee the kitchen floor. I have tried to introduce him to the visiting cat who looks like his twin in adult form (black cat) but the kitten doesn't like it when I pet the other cat he is screaming to me and his hairs are all standing up and his tail is quivering. I decided to give this product a try. From the first spray on his carry bag my kitten ran to my feet (I think some of the spray hit my shoes) he was lying on his belly and rubbing his face all over my shoes then jumped on his carry bag and did the same face rubbing, he spent over 2 hours just sitting on the bag and seemed very calm and happy! I was so pleased with the results that I immediately ordered another bottle of the spray. It smells quite nice to me, not bad like some reviewers have said. And definitely has a positive effect on my kitten. It's a shame the spray is only 200ml and not 500ml. It is expensive, but you can't put a price on your animals happiness if it helps them.


Amazon Customer 15/6/17 Amazon

All aggression seems to be gone in our older cat. Previously she often attacked our younger cat.

Joanna Bell 11/6/17 Facebook

A very relaxed happy Mommy waiting on her babies a week ago she and my other pregnant girly were at odds and as soon as as we popped the Pet remedy Plug In in and popped on our diffuser there was peace in the land and happy content mummies. I totally recommend this product to allBreeders.

X Nic X Waite 9/6/17 Facebook

I have two cats and a collie cross german Shepard and i recently brought home another smaller dog. I brought this product to help the cats with another dog coming into the home but its worked great for all four animals. The cats went to sleep next to the new dog on the chair next to the plug in. Was amazing! Worth the money

Amazon Customer 9/6/17 Amazon

Worked a tear on my 2 rescue cats who were so stressed when they arrived. Better value and better results than the market leader

Sashenden 9/6/17 Amazon

I have just rehomed an 18 month old cat. He's been very shy and for the past week he has hidden from me during the day but during the night he walks around the house meowing. A couple of small sprays of this in the air and within a minute he was purring, being stroked, rolling around in the carpet and much more relaxed.


Sue Newman 9/6/17 Amazon

I highly recommend Pet Remedy to anyone. It's brilliant!
I've taken on a very stressed 11yr old female cat and had this plugged in ready for her arrival. Within one day she was completely relaxed

Gingerkat 7/6/17 Amazon

I got this to try. My cats companion of 14 years had passed away suddenly. We were left with a distressed and yoweling cat for weeks and weeks, she didn't want to be with us but in her basket alone, which was not like her. We tried feliway and it helped only slightly. We tried pet remedy plug in and it's taken about 10 days but now we have our purry cuddly girl back again! She is still yowling but only alittle. I can not smell it but she goes up to it at least once a day and sniffs it. I think it helped!

Miss C 4/6/17 Amazon

Purchased to reduce fighting between my 2 adopted cats after it was recommended. Cats have calmed down a bit, but still have their moments. Not keen on the smell of the product personally, but happy to keep using.


Miss Jill Francis 2/6/17 Amazon

I purchased this for my arthritic cat who could not settle. Plugged it in next to her bed and from the first night she relaxed and along with the use of her medication settled all night and stopped pacing and calling out. She appears much more rested and as a result has more energy. Product has a mild citrus fragrance which I find quite pleasant.

Tima Lund 31/5/17 Facebook

So today 8 week old kitten arrived from a zero dog home... to a 9 dog home ( all my dogs are nice with resident cat) yes I had plugged in the diffusers, and sprayed his bed prior to arrival. Used the wipe over him to travel; have used a second wipe later.. and he settled down and ate some food within 30 min. I had covered crate with blanket so he didn't get full sight of everything..... but he climbed to where he could see the dogs playing on the floor... Yup I think Pet Remedy makes for good introductions!!

Emma 29/5/17 Amazon

The benefit of this diffuser is that it works for cats and dogs- as a multi-pet household that was important. It is very good value (it has barely gone down in the bottle), well made- the plug is sturdy-, natural and seems to be having a positive effect on the pets. They do seem calmer and happier.

Joy Bowen 29/5/17 Amazon (timid cat)

Worked wonders

Wiltshire Lass 27/5/17 Amazon

Great product!

I have six cats of my own plus foster cats.
Pet remedy plug ins are invaluable in keeping a happy home for the cats...and their owners!
Well worth the money


Ally 22/5/17 Amazon

Totally calmed the cat for journey to the vets! Sprayed the basket before we left - I won't lie it doesn't smell the best but what a difference it made! Wee Ziggy almost enjoyed his road trip - not a wail to be heard


 Joanne 21/5/17 Amazon

We've been using this for just under a week. We can smell no odour from it - it is at the top of the stairs so we walk past it several times a day. Our cats seem a bit calmer (three who don't all get on!) and the female who tends to over groom is covered in fur for the first time in ages. Overall I'm classing it as a success and will keep using it!


Charlotte Freeman 20/5/17

Use the spray everyday mostly at bedtime to calm my cat down before coming into are room and when going to work as he has a bit of separation anxiety works wonders it's made all are lives that more relaxed happy pet happy home.


Sandra Chapman 18/5/14

Really helps to keep my stressed cat calmer

Helen McCann 18/5/17 Facebook

I take a cloth sprayed with Pet Remedy on house visits. Our cat, Ginger Chris, stole it from my bag!!

Kim Moody 17/5/17 Facebook

I have two cats who don't get along. The younger of the two is very highly stung because he had a difficult past,and can be very aggressive with my elderly cat when he is stressed. We've long used the plug-in Pet Remedy which keeps him calm every day, but recently we have been engaged in an international house move involving long periods in transit and major upheaval. We have employed the Pet Remedy spray in this instance to great effect. The cats calm down rapidly when it is sprayed nearby, and haven't gone off their food or acted up in the way the youngest one would do usually. It's a great product.

Mr N J Sharp 17/5/17 Amazon

Kept having cat leaving packages next to litter tray. used this and the effect was instant, started using tray again and has calmed cat down. Great if you go away for a few days.


Demelza Hampshire 17/5/17 Amazon

Works great, and much cheaper than the leading brand. My cats are definitely calmer, we got it because of a problem with peeing in the house, and they have stopped. So I would say it works

Heather Jones 17/5/17 Facebook

Lilly's daughter passed away a few weeks ago, she was 17, and Lilly is just a few months older. She's started screaming in a morning. We got the pet remedy from pets at home on a whim that it probably won't work! This was her this morning! Rubbing what was on the carpet into her fur! She loves it!! And we have a chilled out cat!!


Lynzi Jones 17/5/17 Facebook

I 2nd that.
It works on pretty much every animal including reptiles. 
My 4 cats love it and so I love it. A happy harmonious home. 
It works on us people too. I've found myself much more relaxed and content whilst pottering about the house or watching tv. It actually helps me get to sleep too.
It's totally genius stuff.


Kathryn Atkin 15/5/17 Facebook

The battery operated spray has really helped our adopted scaredy cat Tilly. She's got her confidence back now

A Pearson 14/5/17 Amazon

Great stuff for multi cat house holds,just spray carpets or cat beds once a week,and see how happy your cats are.i wouldn't be without it,great when there is dissruption in the household 


Andrea Jack 13/5/17 Facebook

Thank you Martyn for your excellent product



Andrea Jack Ratcliffe Luxury Cat Hotel 11/5/17 Facebook

I own a luxury cattery in Nottingham. I have used Pet Remedy plug ins, sprays and atomisers for some time now. I have had some brilliant successes with it and much prefer it to Feliway. I always use it for all my new guests and for some of my more timid regular ones too. 6 individual guests in particular have become different cats since using it, they are certainly much more relaxed and stress free and their owners have noticed a difference when they go home too. Thank you for developing such a brilliant product and helping many animals to become less stressed and have a better experience when coming to a cattery.



RSPCA Westmorland Branch 9/5/17 

Dear Martyn 

Just to update you on our use of Pet Remedy

We have been using it in our cattery and kennels for 6 years, it has been great at helping stress in rescued cats and dogs and when taking them to the vets which is a 20 miles round journey, we find the spray and calming wipes calm them.

Also I was talking to our vets who use them In surgery and with puppy training classes and they find them fantastic.


Alan Green (dog & cat re-homing)


112A Highgate




Georgina Leeanne 5/5/17 Facebook

Honestly I was a little skeptical when I heard about this product but Pet Remedy has worked absolute wonders! I bought it for my cat and my new puppy, just to try and de-stress the situation and help them both get along a little better. Previously they loved eachother from a distance. Played chase with eachother for brief moments and for the majority of the time spent their days in separate parts of the house.

Just one spritz on my dressing gown sleeve and rubbed on my cats back, head and chest took him from a pretty 'keep-to-myself' cat who is sometimes a bit nippy when you go to pet him, to a love-sick mess. He was rubbing his entire body all over me and licking my face, arms and hands, as you can see in the video. He's now plodded away and gone to sleep.

As for my puppy, at the time of cracking to bottle open, she was having what I like to call a 'Puppy Explosion'. A massive burst of energy which usually results in her getting a bit play-bitey and annoying the cat with her need to wrestle with someone/something.

Noe i have to admit Pet Remedy didn't work as quickly or as much on my puppy than on my cat. But within a few minutes she went from chewing on our hands and toes, to just sauntering about and eventually curling up in her already Pet Remedy sprayed bed.

All of my doubts about this product gave been thrown out of the window. It may be a little bit pricey, £6 for a 15ml bottle, but it is so very much worth it. I would recommend this to anyone who has a particularly boisterous or stressy pet. IT IS INCREDIBLE!


Gemma Coo 1/5/17 Facebook

I am so impressed. 

Maleta, my white and black female cat (the one snuggled on my Knee in the photo) came to me a few years ago as a Stray kitten with her twin sister, she was always a little nervous but got along well with my other 2 cats. 
My job as a veterinary nurse and avid animal rescuer has meant I've adopted more pets. and over the past few months Maleta became withdrawn and would hide away upstairs and avoid integrating with the others. I tried other products which didn't help, then remembered pet remedy and thought I'd give it a try. (I had tried the spray with my nervous dog). Within a week Maleta was coming downstairs and integrating more, now 4 weeks in, she is rubbing on me and miaowing for attention and will even snuggle into me while her big brother Mufasa sits right beside us (she has previously been afraid of him as he likes to rough play and she's too shy of him). I will continue to use the diffuser as it is clearly having a positive effect on my babies Thank you pet remedy!


Kirsty Dawson 1/5/17 Facebook

 I have used pet remedy for my cat when fire works go of it's very good


Laura Candler 1/5/17 Facebook

The spray is amazing! The plug in is good but I have a very nervous cat but if I spray her bed and the cat carrier should we have to visit the vets then she is so much calmer and content.


Amazon Customer 30/4/17 Amazon

I use this in my home all the time, it keeps my three indoor cats and two dogs calm (specifically the cats) and peace has once again been restored! I do use a timer that comes on 9 am to 10 pm, as it makes the bottle last longer.


Debbie Johnson 30/4/17 Facebook

This is Bruce, he is Feline Network's latest permanent foster, he is an older boy, long term stray and FIV+ - currently very unhappy so the trusty Pet Rem is plugged in for him. He has been here for about 5 days so hoping he will come round, this is no life for a cat and we would love him to integrate into the existing household. Fingers and paws crossed!

N. Reid 29/4/17 Amazon

Works brilliantly. My 12yr old female cat suddenly developed separation anxiety when my daughter went to college. The cat was over-grooming, miowing constantly and searching around the house, not eating or sleeping until she was absolutely exhausted. She lost weight and had bald patches. We tried medication from the vet at first but it was so expensive I decided to give the plug in a try. Instantly the cat was over sniffing at it and rubbing her face on it. After a few hours the cat was settled and happy. No more symptoms. She is back to her old self again. So glad I bought this. I'm not too keen on the smell but my cat is happy and that's the main thing. Besides, I have smelled a lot worse while owning a pet!!
I also have a dog and she is not bothered by this plug in, it hasn't had any affect on her at all. She didn't have any issues, so it may have worked if she had, but she certainly doesn't mind it anyway. Win win.


Amazon Customer 27/4/17 Amazon

When we adopted our cat he was a bag of nerves .pet remedy is amazing which helped him settle in over time .


Emma Peniston 27/4/17

I picked up my first Pet Remedy diffuser from my vet tonight but managed to spill a little. This is the result

Wendy Barrow 23/4/17

13year old Lacey found some interesting info in her refill box


Chloe Auld 23/4/17 Facebook

I swear by this stuff it's truly amazing as an animal nursing assistant and pet groomer it's something that is a must from nervous dogs to stress cats, mischievous small furries to big spooky horses. This is a must have for anyone having behavioural issues little- large. Worth the price and more! Will definitely be purchasing more when my current bottles run out


Lisa Britton 18/4/17 Facebook

Works just as well for my cats, if not better, than Feliway, and it's half the price and lasts longer. What's not to like?


Amazon Customer 17/4/17 Amazon

This works magic.
Forget about Feliway - waste of your money. Wish I bought this before spending huge amount money on other things.


Charlotte Freeman 16/4/17 Facebook

Well I purchased pet Remedy spray ages ago for are old dog unforchantly he passed away before being able to use it. Putting away I use it once or twice when we first got are kitten but then didn't fully see full affect of it until my 6 month old kitten went in for a hernia sewing up its been a life saver this weekend & really managed to keep him calm especially when the pain killers wore off & also when his energy levels were high but he really needed to rest.we just simply sprayed it onto the carpet in his large dog cage and he calmed down within minutes. Very impressed and will be reordering when this is used up its a good back up when your pet is stressed and need something to calm them. Although sat very uncomfortable (also been castrated) the spray after 10min calmed the constant meowing after just getting back from the vets and soon he layed down to sleep. The spray has managed to keep him calm most of the weekend which has been a God send since he has so many stitches in his stomach and needs the rest.


Charlotte Reynolds 12/4/17 Facebook

A miracle product! We were having problems with one of our cats spraying daily in the house. As soon as we plugged in the pet remedy, the problem was solved - no issues since! Amazing! Thank you pet remedy!


Victoria Penaluna 8/4/17 Facebook

 I love pet remedy sue, find it much more effective then others personally and at work. I spray it on me too haha!


Patricia Stewart 8/4/17 Facebook

Great stuff. Helped my cat. 


Sue McCabe 8/4/17 Facebook

Janouk-the cat in front-has always found sharing the house with three dogs and three other cats quite a challenge, never joining us to cuddle and generally keeping herself to herself. Last summer when we brought Jellybean (the JRT in the background) home we plugged Pet Remedy in, in the sitting room, actually more to help my older dog who finds puppies a challenge. Almost immediately, for the first time in 15 years, Janouk started to spend time in the sitting room, choosing a spot directly over the plug in, to perch. She's a regular lap sitter now and has become very much an evening sofa buddy with all the other animals. It makes me very happy that she is clearly also happier.


Lorna Lowes 6/4/17 Facebook

I have a cat that I groom called hash .. She plays up for her owner... She tried it on with me so I remembered I had a pet remedy wipe in my bag. Here she is on the wipe after I'd used it she just laid on the table 

Pete Lamburg 4/4/17 Facebook

Our two cats Tink and Freddie have changed since we started using Pet Remedy. Tink was the original bad tempered older female. Freddie the younger layer back male. Tink no longer spits and hiss's at Freddie. Both happy in each other's company. Highly recommended

Angela Conroy 3/4/17 Facebook

Oh wow what a result. I too love this product

Michelle Clarke-Watkin 2/4/17 Facebook

 I cant imagine life without Pet Remedy, not only for my cats and dog but me too


Sarah Cockburn 2/4/17 Facebook

 We have 3 rescue cats, 3 rescue dogs and two rats the diffence in them all is amazing


Helen Moss 2/4/17 Facbook

We have just started stocking this at Mcl animal rescue and already had fabulous feedback, we took one of the foster cats the vets as he was over grooming vet gave him calming tablets but didn't help within a few hours of the fosterer spraying his favourite 3 beds with the pet remedy spray he has actually stopped, the fosterer is so amazed and freeloader the cat is so much happier thank you so much


Sally Edwards 2/4/17 Facebook

These four little babies arrived only last Thursday as little ferals who I couldn't get near. After just a few days of using the pet remedy spray I have a breakthrough with them:) This spray is amazing at calming frightened and feral cats/kittens. Thankyou so much Pet Remedy for developing such a great product x 


Sara Cockburn 31/3/17 Facebook

We've had pet remedy plugged in for just over 48hours now and what a dramatic difference it has made my new rescue boy is calm and is now friendly with my dogs (he has never been around dogs before) this was the result after 6hours plugged in Thank You! We won't be without it now 5/5 ★★★★★

M J Brooks 29/3/17 Amazon

We recently adopted a rescue dog. Unfortunately, our two cats have not accepted her very well and run, so she chases them. Pet Remedy was recommended to us and we tried it. We bought both the plug in and the spray.
We sprayed a little onto our hands and rubbed it onto their fur, as per the instructions. It had an effect on the cats and they are calmer. The dog, however was ever so chilled out :-)


Hannah Sophie 29/3/17 Facebook

Hercules, Pudding and Chilli would like to thank you for the following
1. Peace between cat and dogs!
2. Puppy sleeping through the night 
3. A calm feeling between the three of us
4. A happier home, even for our humans!
5. The beautiful smell that intoxicates our house
6. Quite possibly the most incredible discovery, which hasn't been mentioned much on here... for curing our man-human's snoring!!!

We have a diffuser on both levels of the house and an extra atomiser in the lounge/puppy bedroom!

Flick Thorley 29/3/17 Facebook

The pet remedy plug in has made such a difference to our anxious cat. She's a different animal. She is calmer, doesn't panic and hide when anyone comes to the house and ever stays in a room with dogs present. It's remarkable. My only regret is I wish we could have done this for her 6 years ago. I had tried the pheromone based Feliway and it did nothing obvious to our cat but my partner got headaches so I wasn't confident that this would work. But it did!!!

Ingrid Venables 25/3/17 Facebook

As always fantastic product keeps our neurotic furbaby calm enough to let his fur grow back. (Overgrooms with stress)

Mrs C Wood 25/3/17 Amazon

My vet highly recommended this product to help one of my cats, Ebony, with her recurrent attacks of cystitits, possibly caused by stress. She has had several tests and there does not appear to be any specific cause. I have two cats; they are sisters and have lived together all their lives (about twelve years) with no problems. The cystitis flare-ups, when they come, are distressing for both of us but luckily urgent treatment has an immediate effect. I was sceptical about this product at first but purchased two diffusers, one for the bedroom and one for the living/dining area. There is a not unpleasant 'earthy' smell when they are first plugged in but this soon fades and is only noticeable on walking past one. I have been using them for just over a year and have noticed that the cystitis attacks are becoming less and less frequent. I will certainly carry on with the Pet Remedy as both cats are happy and contented. I would recommend anyone with a similar pet problem to give this a go.

Laurabexy 24/3/17 Amazon

This has been great for both of my cats and has really helped them to chill out. My male cat gets really stressed and has all sorts of problems with his skin when he is upset, this has really helped to keep him calm and most of the other problems he was having due to stress have gone or much reduced. I would recommend that you try this and think that you will be pleased with the results.

Tom Strakosch 23/3/17 Facebook

Highly recommend! We now have one chilled out kitty on our hands. He was highly a anxious boy who wouldn't leave the house so I tried a diffuser and he's now back to his normal self - see attached picture, thanks so much!!

Paula Ruddlesdin 21/3/17 Facebook

Hi got the plugin refills at crufts, and working well on the grumpy old man ( my Lhasa apso boy ) but didn't realise that the cat was also needing it until i came home from work and she was in the dog bed next to the plug-in, love this product.

 Kathryn Atkin 20/3/17 Facebook

really impressed with the battery operated spray: I risked buying one because we have a very nervous rescued cat living in our bathroom (too timid to venture out). She has been bullied by our rescued bengal and was so scared, she wouldnt even come down from the shower cubicle to use the litter tray. You can imagine the results (yeuk). We were desperate to resolve the issues without having to give her up so I bought the battery difusser and 2 months' supplies of the pet rememdy spray. Guess what? shes is different cat, much more confident, she's coming down for a fuss and to use the litter box again and she even tolerates other cats coming into the bathroom for a brief time (but not the bengal, YET). This product is brilliant, I can't beleive just how effective its been. OK, the valerian is a bit whiffy in a confined space (but in the warmer months, we would have the window open slightly when at home so that would help). I'm hopeful that with a few more weeks of chilling out, our scaredy cat will once again feel confident enough to join the rest of the cat madhouse. Oh and I'd better order a couple of plug ins of Pet Remedy to try to clam down that barmy bengal cat too.

Amazon Customer 20/3/17 Facebook

excellent calmed our very stroppy maincoon at down quickly

Dot Anne Daniels 20/3/17 Facebook

My Cats are calm with those they're a godsend xx

Angela Conroy 16/3/17 Facebook

I too use pet remedy for my cats it really does work

Prue Bennett-Jones 14/3/17 Facbook

I have 14 house cats....5 females and 9 males. I have Pet Remedy diffusers throughout the house. I love the smell too. My cats are very lively and playful but they never fight and this has to be due to the Pet Remedy.

Paula Moran 13/3/17 Facebook

One of my twinnies Cole (being cuddled by his brother Daryl) has for some reason been suffering from stress related uti's since October 2016, he has been hospitalised 4 times to be sedated and catherterised. I've been at my wits end changing diet i.e wet food and dry food, even the cat litter (because they are indoor babies). I purchased a pet remedy plug in and it's been a miracle, Cole has suffered the uti's every 2-3 weeks but nothing 

 Val  06/05/15  Amazon

Best de stress bought so far, cats definitely more relaxed and friendly. Would buy again.

Ingrid Venables 26/04/15  (Facebook)
This product has really made a difference to our male cat. Such a stress kitty over groomer separation issues (neurotic puss) hyperesthesia but Pet Remedy has chilled him out.... Fur regrowing kitty more relaxed Fantastic Product!

Heather Findon 26/04/15  (Facebook)
This is amazing and works instantly!!! Thank you very much!

Bythebest 25/04/15  Amazon
I was desperate as my cat was suddenly stopped from going out due to works being carried out on the outside of my property and Pet Remedy was recommended to me. Because my cat was already extremely stressed, it took a few days have any effect but I can't believe the difference it has made. Yes, he still wants to go out but he is very calm, relaxed and accepting of the situation. I would very highly recommend this product!!


Teenie68 23/04/15  Amazon
Wow what can i say! one of my cats loves this, when she was near to the diffuser she decided to hug the lamp and the cat ornaments! they both seem much more relaxed and chilled and to be honest so do i does it work on humans! much cheaper than the other well known brand so will continue to buy this one thank you!

Amy Dickinson 23/04/15  (Facebook)
I have three cats and two dogs. My cat isabella has epilepsy. (Photo) I have two plug ins. One in the living room and one in the hallway. Isabella eats better and is much calmer with the pet remedy. It also helps all the pets get along better.

Mary Ann von Radowitz  21/04/15  (Facebook)
I recently sold my house and went into temporary accommodation whilst my new apartment was being refurbished. I have two rescue cats, Dizzy (black) and Ziggy (her daughter, tabby). Dizzy is a very timid cat and has been over grooming for a long time; the fur on her back legs and bottom was very thin with the skin showing through. I was worried that the move would cause her even more stress so I purchased a plug in Pet Remedy diffuser. I had previously used a ............ product but it didn’t make any difference so I was a bit sceptical but prepared to give it a go.
I noticed after a couple of weeks that Dizzy was a lot more affectionate and happy to be picked up and cuddled, whereas before she wasn’t. I also noticed that she seemed a lot calmer and happier and at first I simply thought that she was settling well in her new surroundings. However, after another couple of weeks I noticed a big change in her fur condition: her fur seemed to be thicker and lusher and she wasn’t grooming so frantically but would lie on my bed purring and seemed very content.
I have been in my temporary accommodation now for 16 weeks and no-one can believe the change in Dizzy. She has thick, glossy fur, clear eyes and even what I call “pantaloons” as the fur round her back legs has grown back fully! I am greeted by my two girls every day when I return from work and here is a picture of them coming towards me down the path. Dizzy leading the way! I can’t thank Pet Remedy enough for your wonderful product and would recommend it wholeheartedly. Thanks once again! Mary Ann from Surrey.

Layla Harriman   09/04/15  (Facebook)
It works!! Lucy bear (Mrs stressy) is feeling relaxed... Thank you!!

WoofLife 07/05/15  (Facebook)
Thanks Pet Remedy for allowing us to review your product. It was really nice to have a calm household while we worked

Christine Cook 04/04/15   (Facebook)
I use it - have for years. My daughter is using it to keep her cat calm after having a plate put in her leg as she musn’t move much - and its working!

Helen Cridland 04/04/15  (Facebook)
I bought a diffuser last week....within just an hour or two of plugging in, I could see the difference. My dog is much less anxious about being left, and doesn’t behave as though I’ve been away for a fortnight when it’s only been an hour! Even the cats seem more relaxed. I am very please with the effects and will DEFINITELY be getting refills and maybe a spray for in the car etc.

Tek-wizards "Tek-wizards"  02/04/15  Amazon
Turned my traumatised puss cat into a docile and loving bundle of fluff. Effects have lasted, even after ceasing. He is now able to learn and greet others with joy. Recommend this to anyone...beat the vets tranquillisers that's were given to him before I rescued him as it improved his life without making him doped up.

Dawn Yelland 01/04/15  (Facebook)  
Brought some of this on Tuesday as we have got a new fur baby kitten and the older kitten was hissing at the little kitten, but since using this it has calmed the older one right down.

Gary Huyton  02/04/15  Amazon
Great Product, has really helped calm all of our pets!

Avis Kat Blanche 30/03/15  (Facebook)
Got the spray last week does seem to relax most of my cats - one who just rolls over purring wherever it’s sprayed!

Rebecca Crossman 30/03/15  (Facebook)
I only had the Pet Remedy plugged in for an hour before these two happily sat next to each other for the first time in 9 years. Amazing.

Lesley Keen 29/03/15  (Facebook)
I have got 2 Plugin Pet Remedy’s and they have really made a difference and I think the spray is great to spray in a carrier on Blanket before you take your cat out to vets - catteries and so on - So Glad I bought them !

Victoria Leggett   29/03/15  (Facebook)
My cat suffered with psychogenic alopecia due to separation anxiety. I tried all sorts of anti-stress supplements and medications but nothing worked. I then got recommended pet remedy and we haven’t looked back! His fur is all grown back now smile emoticon Great genuine product!

Julie  28/03/15  Amazon
absolutely brilliant my cat was so unhappy and stressed all the time attacking my older cat, biting me, attacking all the neighbours cats if i couldnt calm him i was going to have to make that horrible decision and have him put to sleep but i read up on these products and omg i rate them more than 5 he as turned to a calm loving cat again its fantastic thank you x

Darcy Ralph 27/03/15  Amazon
Amazing really helps my kitties mood

s.wild 21/03/15  Amazon
My cat gets stressed quite a lot and its obvious when my pet remedy has run out. Super product helps me have a calm cat who then doesn’t overgroom.

Paul Fish  19/03/15  Amazon
Very good it helps a lot

Amanda Pressland 13/03/15  (Facebook)
We used the Rescue Remedy spray and plugin while our cat Pimms was receiving chemotherapy treatment. Twice weekly trips to the vets could be very stressful so we used the spray in his pet carrier and it helped keep him calm even whilst having blood taken for testing and the chemo treatment given, and the plugin at home gave him a special safe cozy room that he was happy to return to after his visits and when he became very poorly. We are so please we were recommended it by a rescue friend.

Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre  12/03/15  (Facebook)
Thank you for sending our atomisers to us!
All our cattery pens now have them installed, so we are now looking forward to nice relaxed cats!
We took some cats from another rescue who found them quite tricky to handle, but after being with us a few days having Pet Remedy sprayed in their pen - they are already very different and happy smile emoticon
We are so happy with your products - not just for the cats & the dogs, but we have also found it hugely successful with our rabbits & guinea pigs, so it really is a huge benefit to us at the rescue!
Thank you Pet Remedy for helping our rescue animals cope with their rescue situation better smile emoticon

Juliet Surridge 01/03/15  (Facebook)
Post op. cat who was very out of sorts when he came home... and couldn’t settle. Little bit of Pet Remedy under his chin.. and the change was almost instant... within minutes a calm and happy cat.

Jacqui Webb 25/02/15 (Facebook)
Thank you again Pet Remedy
I am amazed at the difference in my cat.
I thought it was the plug in diffuser globe with oil _ she is mainly indoor although I do take her outside in summer. I think she was stressed and seems to really want to go out. However I used the spray since Friday _ her back has stopped twitching she is not scratching so much and seems back to her normal self.
As the days have gone on, so far no twitching or scratching and very playful. That’s the cat not me lol.
I read the reviews and agree with all of them. She is now much more calm relaxed and playful..
Thanks again. Not just for the product but the reassurance and friendliness I have received
Jacqui x
Sent from my Hudl

Donna Leigh Saddlery’s  17/02/15  (Facebook)
Hi, just to let you know we had another two customers on Saturday singing the praises of this fab stuff. One a rescue doggy with lots of issues, but chilled out and happy now. Another one a cat stressed to the max, but again nice and chilled after using your products.

Hecate Trivia 15/02/15  (Facebook)
This stuff is fantastic -has made integrating an adult male (ex-stray) cat into an existing 2-cat household possible -& I suspect the diffuser is chilling me out too!

Sue Mann   07/02/15  (Facebook)
Cat Sanctuary tells me they are getting on really well with Pet Remedy!!!

Clay County Cat Care 06/02/15 (Facebook)
would like to thank Martyn at Pet Remedy for such a great service and such a great product, our rescue cats are so more relaxed, even our resident cat who is a spiteful madam usually has calmed down, is wanting to play and taken up to sleeping on my bed.
Would highly recommend this product.

lelB  05/02/15  Amazon
This is magic juice - my poor old cat was suffering - pulling her fur out, crying out - no idea why so we did some research and found this - looked at the reviews and thought we would give this a go. Hubby can "smell" and says it is not very nice - but no one else in the household notices other than the cat is no longer leaving a trail of fur around the house...

MissHoney69 "Miss HoneyHoney" (W.Midlands, UK)  01/02/15  Amazon
it works ! My cat loved it - need a refill now

Val Chisholm 28/01/15  Amazon

Excellent! My elderly cat has settled into our new home with no problems

Wendy Harris  25/01/15 (Facebook)

Best stuff I have ever discovered. I was so sceptical too was stood buying it thinking this won't work but wow what a difference to my cat within 24 hrs. Amazing.

Jacqui Webb 25/01/15 (Facebook)

Thank you again Pet Remedy
I am amazed at the difference in my cat. 
I thought it was the plug in diffuser globe with oil _ she is mainly indoor although I do take her outside in summer.
I think she was stressed and seems to really want to go out. However I used the spray since Friday _ her back has stopped twitching she is not scratching so much and seems back to her normal self.
As the days have gone on, so far no twitching or scratching and very playful. That's the cat not me lol.
I read the reviews and agree with all of them. She is now much more calm relaxed and playful..
Thanks again. Not just for the product but the reassurance and friendliness I have received
Jacqui x
Sent from my Hudl

25/01/15   (Email)

Dear Neil

Further to our telephone conversation I am amazed at the difference in my cat.  I thought it was the air freshener globe with oil _ she is mainly indoor although I do take her outside in summer.

I think she was stressed seems to really want to go out. However I used the spray since Friday _ her back has stopped twitching she is not scratching so much and seems back to her normal self. 

For the small price I paid I thought it was extremely kind of you and your colleague to discuss my cat at length. I was very worried about her. I was sceptical when I made the purchase but the difference her is so good and I would like to thank you for your help.

Kind regards

Jacqui and honey_boo!

Troodles34  13/01/15  Amazon

Instantly stopped my cat from soiling behind the washing machine. Even better than more well known brands

Chris Anderson (UK)  12/01/15  Amazon

Our cats are much more like their former selves after plugging this in.
I can't smell anything from it, but it's doing its job!

 12/01/15   (Email)

Just received this lovely review!!!

Burley / Hampshire - Jan 2015
I flew back to the UK (from Oz) last month. It was to be a surprise for my mum who was recovering from a heart attack. She died while I was in the air and never got to know. 
My Dad said her beloved cat, Truffles - had started using the corner of the lounge as a kitty tray about a week before she died. Wierd. He'd never done this before - it was almost as if he 'knew' something was wrong with mum even before she died.
After three weeks of continually doing this - it was looking as if Truffles would be joining mum. In desperation, I went to a local Vet store and found this product - just the spray bottle - didn't need the other electronic gizmos.
It fixed the problem within a day and now, 4 weeks later, with no recurrences - quite amazing. 
Your product literally saved this cat's life!
Simon Trangnar
Adelaide - Oz (visiting Truffles in Hampshire UK)

Jean Davies  10/01/15 (Facebook)

A lovely text just received from clients whose cats I was taking care of last week. Another success for the wonderful Reiki/Pet Remedy combination!!

Hi Jean! We're finally home and had a lovely reunion with kitten babies

smile emoticon

I couldn't believe my eyes when George (who is normally v moody when we first get back) was rolling around on the kitchen floor, so chilled out! I don't know what you've done but its worked wonders!! Latte relaxed on her blanket and Charlie purring and being soppy. The house is serene with everyone happy and content. Thanks for all you've done, absolutely brilliant!

tina fotheringham 06/01/15 Amazon

This is brilliant stuff I have 4 cats and my youngest that is 6 kept spraying in certain places so the vets recommended I buy this I have 1 upstairs and 1 down stairs and after a couple of days the spraying stopped so I now have 4 happy cats

JOHN ASTLEY 27/12/15 Amazon

very pleased with the de-stress and calming diffuser

 Deborah Thomas  25/12/14 (Facebook)

We have three cats who are with us in a small flat after moving from a three bedroomed house as well as a new area.
We do not want them to go out just yet and want them to climatize into there new surroundings
They have already had weekly doses of Baphear calming spot treatment , fine to start with but ten days later we are in trouble, anxious, crying, and frustrated cats so at this point we are told about Pet Remedy we go for the plug in diffuser
Within twelve hours we have three calm and happy cats unbelievable! 
We would recommend this product It does exactly what it says on the box

 Cat Astrophe Leathem  20/12/14 (Facebook)

I just wanted to message you and say THANK YOU! you sent me a sample of pet remedy to try on my animals particularly my dogs who suffer from separation anxiety I've not yet tried it on my dogs as I haven't left them yet but every evening my cats will play and then after about 30 minutes it stops being play and they start getting angry with each other ... so I thought I would give it a try to see if it could help and it WORKED! ! both cats have now chilled out and seem very content I'm looking forward to trying it with my dogs but already it is showing it works thanks again - once the Christmas period is over I will be buying some more

Mrs P Harper 10/12/14  Amazon

works well in multi cat household

 Gillian Gough  05/12/14  Amazon

Really works, very satisfied with this product

Amanda Hewitt 15/11/14 (Facebook)

Just brought this product today my female bengal was attacking my other cats. but i sprayed the rooms then plugged diffuser in and peace has been restored. i cant believe it the first time in 3 weeks my cats are all chilled out thank you pet remedy

 Brenda 13/11/14  Amazon

Did the trick cats more relaxed and chilled out

 Diane Wilsher 09/11/14 (Facebook)

Wow. This product is so brilliant they sold out at my local pet

Carole Lindsell  08/11/14 (Facebook)

My tiny 8-week old kitten sat and slept quietly through a FOUR HOUR trip by taxi, train, another train, Tube and bus -- and lots of people looking at her -- all the way from Norfolk to North London this week. This was her FIRST trip away from mum. Sprayed inside carrier very sparingly with Pet Remedy.

 Daniel Player  07/11/14 (Facebook)

I purchased pet remedy a bit skeptical because I tried everything for my 4 yr old male cat.

He started spraying when i moved in with my sister who had 4 older cats.

I tried everything to stop it and was starting to become doubtful that it wouldnt stop untill I moved out.

So I purchased the pet remedy plug ins and the spray bottle.

After about a week I couldnt believe he stopped spraying.

He even stopped causing fights with the other cats.

I love this product and recommend it to everyone.

Outi Kuisma-Parwar DVM, Cert VD Veterinary Specialist Biofarm Oy Finland  07/11/14 (Facebook)

My experience with Pet Remedy has been positive:

it really seems to work immediately.

I use it in the practice and sell it to our clients.

During the past 10 months I have seen scary cats turning to relaxed individuals and suspicious dogs starting to wag the tail after smelling Pet Remedy on my hands.

One rabbit who always behaves like a kick-boxing champion when his nails are clipped started to tolerate nail clipping. His owners bought a Pet Remedy plug-in and were very happy to see this rabbit relax at home.

Feedback from multi cat households has been promising: no more cat fights.

Based on my personal experience and the feedback from my clients I am convinced that this product is useful and recommend it to clients whenever I think it would be beneficial for their pets.

 Bicton Pet Supplies  05/11/14 (Facebook)

We're proud to stock Pet Remedy in our independent pet shop in Exmouth, in the beautiful South West of England!

We've had several very satisfied users, who have used it when moving home, or bringing a new fur-kid into their homes... now we're just waiting for the positive comments regarding firework stress!.. We KNOW they'll be coming! Thank you for a brilliant product that REALLY works!

 Christine Cook 01/11/14 (Facebook)

My Siamese cats were scared of fireworks - they don't bat an eyelid now because I spray their bedding with Pet remedy....they are chilled out !

 Laura Rigg  29/10/14 (Facebook)

Can you believe this little darling is feral? I have been looking after him for a long time now. I found him injured though a couple of weeks a go and he has been stuck with me but with pet remedy plug in and spray he's really mellowed out. Even purring and licking.

 The Pets Country Manor  2410/14 (Facebook)


last night the pets country manor in Liverpool was voted as THE BEST cattery in the UK!! by the pet industry federation! -there are over 2000 licensed boarding establishments in the UK so to be chosen as the best in the UK is incredible! not only do we stock pet remedy in our shop and use it ourselves for our own pets we'll now have it in our cattery and small animal hotel! meaning that when our guests -cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc come on holiday they'll be calm and relaxed and able to settle in much more quickly leaving them able to enjoy their holidays.

Sharmela Prashad 20/1014 (Facebook)

Just have to say a BIG thankyou.

I used your spray on my very anxious cat who hates going in her carrier. We had a vet appointment today. I sprayed the carrier before I attempted to get her in. Tibbles,the laid back one,absolutely fine getting in. Snuggles,the anxious one....absolutely fine!!! Yayyy,very happy to have stress free cats,and owner,going to the vets Will definitely recommend the spray.

Tanya Chambers 20/1014 (Facebook)

We loooooooove Pet Remedy at Purrs In Our Hearts cat Lovers and cat rescue support online community 
My own Furkids are relaxed even when the nasty fireworks start!!!

Thanks Martyn for an excellent service

 Boo05  15/10/14  Amazon

Our beautiful kitty is not so skittish and a lot calmer with the use of this fab product

 alexp  08/10/14  Amazon

I think it does actually works. we just moved into new flat, and first day my little one was stressed like hell. second day after unpacking and plugging in she def became calm and more happy.

 Laura Preston 03/1014 (Facebook)

This was Sherlock before his trip to the vets - 10mins before this photo was taken, I locked the cat flap and he started to display signs that he wasn't happy! Running up and down the stairs, shouting at me and swishing his tail... And chasing my ankles! The carrier had been out for a couple of days, but I had moved it on to the landing in preparation for leaving. I sprayed Pet Remedy in and around his carrier, and 30seconds later he was all super rubby against it and purring, and then flopped! He was quite happy after that! Pet Remedy helped him calm down and reduce the stress of travelling to the vets.

 Monique Fletcher  26/0914 (Facebook)

Just have to say how amazing this product is .... I had a cat who use to pull out all of his hair due to stress according to the vet ..anyway we had tried various diffusers and nothing worked. Then we came across Pet remedy and it worked miracles... he stopped pulling his hair out almost instantly. we have used this now for a number of years but sadly my cat has now crossed over to rainbow bridge but this made his last few years very comfortable and no stress thank you Pet Remedy xxx

 Wendy Harris 24/09/14 (Email)

I thought I would email you to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with your product Pet Remedy.

I had five cats all a happy family who got on well apart from one Martha. She was a Cat Protection hand rear and we think is part Siamese. She's a very highly strung cat at the best of times. Anyway I volunteer for Coventry Cat Protection along with Rachael Thompson who I believe you spoke to at the National Pet Show on Sunday. Recently I have taken on another CP rescue who was abandoned on a main 3 lane A road with his siblings by some cruel person. Well day one was ok but the next day Martha was so so upset in fact for five days I've hardly seen her come out from behind the sofa. We knew she would be a problem but not as bad as she was. By Friday of last week she was actually making herself physically sick every time the kitten came near her it was upsetting to see her so stressed.

I spoke to a friend who is a vet nurse Jo Hinde and she recommended Pet Remedy, I will admit I was sceptical as I have in the past tried another plug in diffuser to no effect, but the problem was so acute by Saturday Morning I would have tried anything. I purchased two diffusers one for behind the sofa and one by her bed in my laundry room where she goes at night. I also purchased the spray for on her bed and around her on the carpet, and I put a little bit under her chin. Well within 24 hours the difference was outstanding and by today which is 48 hrs later I've got my Martha back. She's even been out today which I daren't let her do while she was so upset. The kitten actually was nose to nose with her earlier, she gave him a little swipe but no hissing and he retreated which is obviously what needs to happen so she can feel she's in charge and he knows where he is in the pecking order. This was never going to happen with her behind the sofa.

To say I'm thrilled is an understatement and I will certainly highly recommend your product to anyone who has problems with their animals. I volunteer as a home checker and on the telephone helpline for CP and often get asked about introducing new cats.

I only wish I had known about it when I tried to bond my rabbits it may have saved a lot of trouble!

I am the first to admit even as I was in the shop buying it I thought this is a waste of time she's such a stressy cat at the best of times but wow wow wow is all I can say.

I shall always keep a couple of diffusers in the house plugged in now as I think it will help her in normal life anyway

Thank you  Wendy Harris.

EV "Manu"  13/08/14  Amazon

Good product and it works well. Saved me from sleepless night. Now my cat is much calmer and we both can sleep. Recommended.

 Juliet Surridge 10/08/14 (Facebook)

Thank you Pet Remedy. I recently inherited an elderly rescue cat. Very needy and I had to leave him for 3 days day with the neighbours coming into feed him. He was so stressed he left messages all over the floor and was clearly upset when we returned home. We went on holiday for a week this time, but somebody recommend Pet Remedy. We put a plug in near his bed, and our neighbours put some of the spray under his chin each day. What a difference! We came home to a very contented and happy cat. Thank you so much. I have recommended to all my friends. Thank you,

 Elrith "Elrith" 08/08/14  Amazon

Since we got our youngest cats over 4 years ago, the elderly female cat has hated them with a passion.

There was hissing and spitting, and late night growling and punch ups.

She refused to sit on the floor, always having to be up high to see them coming, and they hated being in the same room as her as she was so vocal. (it was also pretty annoying for us, to be honest)

We got this plug in a couple of months ago and the fighting and hissing has all but stopped.

It took a week or so to work its magic - so don't expect an over night cure.

But now the elderly cat lays on the floor in the hall way, barely bothering to look up as the others trot past her.

There has been only one half-hearted bust up and that was over a month ago.

We plugged this in at the bottom of the stairs, to maximise the coverage.There was a mild odour on the first day, which was noticeable and mildly irritated those with hayfever type allergies.

Bear with it, by the next night it had settled down and there was no odour or side effects.

If your cats are struggling to settle and get on, I highly recommend this product.

 tracyhill  07/08/14  Amazon

I have only had these plugged in for 1 day, but the difference in both my dogs and cats is very noticeable, all 6 are very calm, not the usual state of frenzy that I cope with daily, I have tried other well known brands for both the dogs and cats with no change.. but so far with pet remedy I am loving the result

 Porthole "Xaythe-Blue"  07/08/14  Amazon

As far as I'm concerned, this worked for us. One of our cats would get cystitis when we had foster cats in the house. To find out if the cystitis was related to the fostering or some other issue we were advised by the vet to stop fostering altogether and get one of these plug ins to see if she had a relapse. She has been fine ever since, thank goodness. So, no more fostering for us unfortunately but I cannot recommend this enough if you have a multi cat household. Even if they aren't suffering any physical symptoms, cats do get a bit edgy when there are more than a couple in a household so this is perfect for keeping them happy. The smell is a little odd but it's not anything that irritated me in any way, it's a sort of herbal smell and doesn't discernably stretch much further than the plug socket as far as our human noses can recognise. The bottle, for us, has lasted even longer than they state on the box so we are very pleased indeed.

 Emma Baker 04/08/14 (Facebook)

Hi, i just wanted to write a review on the plug in and calming spray i recently bought. I have 3 dogs and 2 of them get very stressed with thunder storms. A couple of weeks ago we had a bad storm and both dogs had me up at 4am. Panting, shaking, overheating, destruction and pacing. I thought one was going to fit he was so stressed, i had to give them both an xanax.

Then my friend recommended pet remedy as it had worked on her cats. I thought it was worth the try. I only had the plug in for 2 days when there was a worse storm. The thunder was continious and so loud. I couldnt believe the difference in the 2 dogs. They were both listening to the thunder and had slight trembles but were otherwise calm. No panting, no pacing. One even went outside for a wee. I am amazed at how quick it has worked.

I am also using the calming spray on a bandana for the dog that gets worked up in the car but he definitely seemed calmer when i took them out yesterday.

I just want to thank you for your wonderful product, i love the fact it is herbal with no chemicals like other brands.

Ive recommended it to my mum whos dog suffers with noise anxiety. And as an insomniac i seem to be sleeping better!
I cant recommend this product enough and is worth giving it a try.

Thank you. 
Emma Baker, Milo, Matty and Mickey.

 Jenny Langridge 25/07/14 (Facebook)

I've just enjoyed seeing an instant demonstration of the Pet Remedy spray on the (ex-feral, highly strung) cats belonging to my parents, whilst they were away on holiday. An application of the spray on their scratching post resulted in a visible attraction, lots of rubbing round and two chilled out, happy cats. Usually at least one suffers serious stress (and fighting injuries / cystitis) when they go away, but this time, both cats have stayed healthy and seemed much more stable. I use the plug-in which is effective for my own cats, but it was great to see such a convincing demonstration!

 Pamela Wood 22/07/14 (Facebook)

 Oh thank you Pet Remedy for de-stressing our life and calming Iggy on his way to the vet for jabs. This trip used to be our worst nightmare but now I spray his bedding in the catbox and instead of stressed and crossly Iggy he arrives a chilled and nonchalant Iggy. A thousand thank yous!

 Pat Blunsden 21/07/14 (Facebook)

 This is really good stuff! Used it on my hands when I took a very sick feral boy to the vets to be PTS. He'd never let me touch him before, but when he smelt my hands everything was OK and he was helped out of his pain held by loving hands.

Put an order in for some so that I can share some of the spray with others, and it came very quickly and very securely packed.

 zoe-marie hall 21/ 07/14  Amazon

I was very cautious of buying this as I thought it would go down very quickly.. I have one on for my cat which is on a lot. I’ve had it for over a month and only 1/5 of it has gone and my cat is now so relaxed and stays in a lot more then he did

 Duggan Veterinary 14/07/14 (Facebook)

Pet Remedy TESTIMONIAL- Fionnuala Garvey MVB, Cert VR, Blessington Pet Hospital. "I have been using Pet Remedy sprays and diffusers for the past 10 months, in my companion animal veterinary hospital. I have had excellent feedback from our clients as to their efficacy. I have used them for variety of stressful conditions in dogs and in cats, and have universally had great success with them. FLUTD in cats, travel sickness in dogs, separation and anxiety, phobia of fireworks, arrival of a new baby or new pet int eh house, moving house, all of these situations have rendered more manageable for owner and pet alike with Pet Remedy. i now also use the diffuser throughout the hospital and in the kennel area, to reduce stress for patients. i would highly recommend Pet Remedy as an adjunct to behavioural modification in treating anxious/ stressful situations for domestic animals"

 Celtic Cattery 9/07/14 (Facebook)

Hi Martyn just wanted to say at we use Pet Remedy constantly we find that cats just being in carriers let alone being in a car are usually quiet stressed when they arrive here, but after a very short time they appear relaxed, and I believe this is because I use the plug in diffusers in their sleeping area. We also use the spray in conjunction with the diffusers on the cats bedding etc. Of course a cat that becomes less stressed during their visit means they eat well rest more easily and makes their visit more enjoyable and know I'm able to offer Pet Remedy to all my customers . Christine Cross owner of Celtic Cattery

 Andy Swift  30/06/14 Amazon

I do believe it works! My cat is less grumpy and jumpy. Less waggy tailed too! I did come home when it was first plugged in to find him on his back purring which was most unusual for him!

 Jelly Collins  16/04/14 (Facebook)

Excellent results, very pleased with the product and service. Best wishes from all at Crawley, Reigate & District Cats Protection

 jennifer fulford 02/04/14  Amazon

This Pet Remedy help both of my cats, they are both a lot happier now. Yes it do work and I was very happy with it.

 Mrs Kaye wilson ( 16/02/14 (Facebook)

I’m writing to say how well I think your new product ‘Pet Remedy’ is for calming and reducing anxiety in cats.

I breed and show Burmese and have a few entire cats at home, and sometimes a queen with a litter of kittens.

Queens with kittens can be more anxious than usual as their protective instincts are easily aroused. I have found that using pPet Remedy has helped my queens to feel calm and relaxed and I now also put a drop on a blanket that I put over the carrier when travelling In the car to vets or shows.

One of by beautiful girls is rather shy In nature and the latest litter of kittens to another queen in the house seemed to be causing her stress. She was running about and licking her flanks in an aggregated manner when she was particularly spooked which Is a definite sign of stress. Now after about 6 weeks on Pet Remedy she is much calmer, happier and far more confident, no more frantic licking either.

In addition I put pet remedy on her carrier blanket when we travel between mine and my partners home, as we take the cats with us back and forward.

These days she sits on my lap in the passenger seat and purrs enjoying the trip, sometimes looking out of the windows.

I have recommended it to a number of my friends and look forward to hearing their experiences.

 Carla Francis  02/02/14 (Facebook)

I travel a lot with my pets and haven't used anything as effective as Pet Remedy(we have tested quite a few!) Gershwin the cat slept throughout most of the car journey which is a first. Thoroughly recommended!

 Steph Hall  31/01/14 (Facebook)

 I've used this pet remedy mini spray in conjunction with the diffuser and I had to say the effect on my rescue cat really surprised me! My cat Sidney behaved as if I sprayed catnip onto her blanket and soon settled down to sleep on the spot where I sprayed. I believe she's quite calmer and less inclined to urinate on my bed hopefully (which she hasn't so far), I keep the spraying sparse though as she can go a bit loopy which is amusing. The spray proved very handy especially when I bought a new cat blanket a while ago, and sprayed twice on it, now she loves her new blanket!!

I also tried the mini spray with my two pet rats with success, in fact they like licking it up!

 Olive 20/01/14  Amazon

I was a bit unsure of this concept, but it seems to work, in fact, the cat that used to insist on going outside and playing with the cars now comes inside to sit with the others. Strange, but true....

 Miss Robyn A Lowe  19/01/14  Amazon

This is an excellent product I would highly recommend it to calm and soothe your pet. My cat loves it.

 Emma Chittenden 28/12//13 (Facebook)


I brought home a new kitten to keep my wonderful Burmese company in May, and ever since then he’s been sulky and not the kitty I know and love. He wouldn’t demand attention, play with his toys and was a big bully to his new sister.

I’ve had Pet Remedy plugged in for almost two weeks, and my Burmese is playing with his toys, demanding love and back to his old self. I definitely put it down to Pet Remedy and have been recommending it to all my friends with cats!

Thank you!!

 The Cat Doctor 12/12//13 (Facebook)


Just wanted to say thanks for making such a great product. As a feline house call vet, I use it with every visit now and it has made a huge difference to our patients! A few sprays and most cats relax almost instantly, making the examination and any necessary treatments much less stressful for them, us and their owners. We used to use Feliway and still sometimes do, but I've found that more cats respond to Pet Remedy than to the Feliway. I was really skeptical at first but after seeing it work on the first cat and nearly every after that, I'm certainly convinced now. Love it!

 Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue 12/12//13 (Facebook)


Fantastic product 
We have used Pet Remedy for a while now and the cat's respond far better to this than any other product we have tried, from stressed to anxious this product helps calm them and help them come out of their shells (as a rescue the rehabilitates cats this is great), 
Great product 

 Danielle Spalding 29/11/13 (Facebook)


Hi Pet Remedy! We started using the battery powered atomizer on Saturday after purchasing it at the Supreme Cat Show. We have already noticed a massive difference! We have 9 Siamese cats in the house, and 4 ten week old kittens, so the cats do sometimes get stressed and used to fight on a daily basis. There hasn't been a single fight since, all the cats are very chilled and are more than tolerating each other. One of our cats has just given birth (literally less than an hour ago), and she is so chilled! This is her 4th litter, and we have never seen her this relaxed before. She is even allowing a cat she previously regularly attacked into her whelping box with no fuss! We have also bought the spray for our horse, but haven't yet tried it out. Extremely satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend it to others!

 S. Coupe "purplepaws" 27/11/13  Amazon

(Derbyshire, UK.) After two weeks continual use, so far, results are looking good.

USAGE - I have two units in use, one upstairs on the landing, the second downstairs in the same room as the cat flap so the 'calm' will greet the cats when they burst into the house!

EFFECT - The main difference I have noticed since using this is that all cats do appear to be more playful and relaxed.

I had problems with one neutered boy who would spray up everything, that appears to be stopping, gradually.

Second, aggressive neutered boy no longer wants to chase and fight with the others - he now just sleeps and gets up to eat or chase leaves in the garden!

SMELL - I don't mind the smell, it is a bit odd but much less harmful than the artificial stuff that Feliway and others give off.

Overall, I do prefer this over Feliway and it does appear to be working for my cats.

As the cost of this is not too steep, it was certainly worth trying and I think I will be buying refils of this same product if results continue to be this positive.

 Tina Varney 27/11/13 (Facebook)


I started using Pet Remedy after two of my 5 cats were diagnosed with stress related cystitis. After just a couple of days of the diffuser being plugged in their symptoms disappeared. 
Having a multi-cat household the cats would fight with each other on a daily basis, but since using Pet Remedy they hardly ever fight. Two of my cats like to sleep directly under the diffuser!! I have used other pheromone products but this is the only one that has worked for my cats. We also use the spray for when they travel to the vets, it keeps them very calm. 
We have also introduced a newborn baby into the house, and none of the cats were particularly bothered by her, I'm sure the Pet Remedy helped! 
I highly recommend all of the Pet Remedy products. 
The only downside it the slight smell of valarian, but after a few days you can't smell it anymore. But it's a small price to pay for blissfully happy cats!

 lesley foster  22/11/13  Amazon

Works brilliantly cats settled nicely and have been watching fireworks going off with no problem from the lounge window. In fact they have seen all of the whizz bangs etc while we preferred sitting on the sofa watching the telly. That's a mew from her and a purr from him.

Kath Mitchinson 15/11//13 (Facebook)

Bought your plug in to bring home to Indonesia with me, one of my cats was constantly licking and was bald in many places, wasn't sure if it would work as my house is very open, no closed doors or windows, but not to worry within an hour could really see a difference in my cat Skippy, and now a month later you can hardly see where his bald patches were.

Thank you so much for such a great product  Kind regards

 Tina Wrend 15/11//13 (Facebook)


Hiya I didn't believe it till I saw it for myself about this product
My two cats Jacko and Tiger who are brothers from same litter started getting very aggressive after I moved last year from a house into a flat
They used to sleep together all the time and went from doing that to literally tearing strips off each other!
I jade to rush Jacko to the vet because he went lame in one leg and the vet found puncture wounds where Tiger had bit him
Then I had to bathe Tigers ear because Jacko ripped it
There would be fur and blood splatters everywhere if they came into each other's close proximatary
I saw this on amazon and thought oh well I've nothing to loose really so I got it
Within a week I saw the difference
No more lashing out and fur and blood flying if one walked past the other
They still bolt at each other now and again but no fighting I just shout oi and they walk the other way again and go back to what they were doing before
I've ran out at the mo and so far they haven't started up again
I'm going to order more though when next paid just to have it on hand just incase
I'd like to say a huge thank you for sorting my cats attitude problems and tell anybody else having the same problem to buy this product as it does work 100% and is cheaper than the other brands

 Liz Burman  03/11//13 (Facebook)

I use Pet Remedy in my Cattery for stressed or introverted cats - always works a treat! Especially at this time of year with all the fireworks they are used as a preventative measure.

 Susan Donnelly  03/11//13 (Facebook)


Pet Remedy ........... The full Range Has arrived at Blackheath Pet Supplies 7 Old Dover Rd SE3 7BT ..... really happy to promote and sell this product great feedback from all the customers who have tried it so far ...... A Safe Natural Product to help keep your Pets calm

 Tamara Franken  09/10/13 (Facebook)


Hi Pet Remedy,
3 hours ago I got my package delivered!
I put in 2 plug-in (one in the living room and one upstairs)
To start I used the spray on my 8 cats, just a few drops on their chin.
At the beginning my 2 sphynx started to run around like crazy... I thought "OOOoooh no, that's not what I want" My 6 birmans just sit down and looked at me very surpriced.
In about a few minutes 3 cats that don't like each other very much (prefer a distance of at least 1 meter) started to interact.
Nose to nose, no hissing!
We are 3 hours later now and it's calm in the house.
My scared birman cat that lives most of the time upstairs is a little bit more relaxed but is still afraid of some of the others. Off course it's really soon to judge about her behaviour so soon! I did see some changes, normally she only goes on the bed when we are in it and she would never go under the blanket. When I just took a look, she was sleeping very relaxed under the blanket! 
I have big hope!
I really want to thank you guys for the super great service!!!
My package was send on friday and arrived in Belgium on Tuesday.
I wasn't home, but I could pick it up today (wednesday) at the post office.
I'm so happy! Thank you very much!!!! Xxx

 Michelle Godden  05/10/13 (Facebook)


Brought pet remedy 24 hours ago and what a difference. Have a 5 yr old with UTD and stresses over every thing and a 2 yr old banx with spilt personality. As you can see he has taken to it already. Will be replacing the feliway from the hall once it empty. As have diffusers over 3 floors

 Christine Cook  03/10/13 (Facebook)

Have just got my Siamese, Leo back from 2 weeks at the cattery. Usually you can hear him howling from the car park ( he's a bit clingy to say the least !) Found him chilled and calm - no histrionics at all. and all thanks to Pet Remedy!

 Sarah-Jayne Golding 30/09/13 (Facebook)

Pet Remedy is the best and really dose work! I have a 16 cats all adopted/ rescued have had a hard start in life all have a story to tell, I have a plug in for the lounge and the hallway upstairs plus you the spray especially good on the basket for vet visits.

 Elaine Dale  30/09/13 (Facebook)


This is Ali he is 12 years old and has always suffered with stress cystitis. I have tried many products over the years to help him but nothing has ever really managed to help calm and relax him but I can honestly say pet remedy does! Ali is an anxious cat and doesn't cope with any kind of change even down to a slight change in his daily routine can set him off. We have had a pet remedy diffuser plugged in since February of this year and he is like a different cat. He does still get the occasional bout of cystitis but that's mainly down to major stress in his life like when his mum went on holiday for a week that was to much for him to cope with but on a day to day basis he's doing really well I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a nervous or anxious pet and see the results for yourself. Many thanks from Ali and his happy owner.

 Peter Bridgens  30/09/13 (Facebook)


We have three cats, one being a new introduction, which caused considerable tension, having two tom's who are inseparable. We introduced a queen. The tom's were aggressive towards Louise, who was growling at the boys, and spitting. Since buying pet remedy, their behaviour has become more placid toward each other, and Louise, the young cat has become much more affectionate.

 Shonagh Staten  22/09/13 (Facebook)


As you can see my house is a multicat household....the Pet Remedy diffuser has, in my opinion, made a marked difference in how relaxed all the cats are sharing their home, so thank you!

 Neely Cotton Socks  25/08/13 (Facebook)


Two weeks ago we rescued two 9 week old Kittens and on the same day we purchased a 10 week old German Spitz. Obviously they were very nervous and the kittens in particular were very restless.

We purchased the Pet Remedy plug in the day and all the pets were so relaxed and calm. The Pet Remedy was so effective for us that we purchased another box a few days later for another room. I now found that the only rooms my pets are calm in are the two with the Pet remedy plug ins. 

I would now never do without it now that I have discovered it. I will recommend your product to all my friends.

 Christine Cook  19/08/13 (Facebook)


Thanks, Martin, for your help today, your Pet Remedy is amazing !
Leo, my 7 year old Siamese doesn't like being separated from us, and he howls the cattery down and gets in a state. Last time, we crept up the cattery stairs wondering why it was so quiet, and we found him calmly looking out of the window, totally relaxed. He normally screams abuse at us on the journey home, upsetting us even more. This time he sat there quite calm, even purring. Not a care in the world. Not drugged.....just calm! Thank you so much for a product that REALLY works, I can't thank you enough

 Perri Hutchison  15/08/13 (Facebook)


my old girl passed away in her sleep. My young stud cat is missing her greatly! he has been keeping the whole neighbourhood awake by his jowling all night long. plugged one of these in his stud house and locked the cat flap and he is now as quiet as a mouse. thanks Pet Remedy

Victoria Vikki Wadeley  11/08/13 (Facebook)


Hi I cannot believe how good this product is compared to Feliway diffuser.

I only plugged it in on Friday 9th August at approximately 5pm and already at  41 minutes pas midnight on Saturday 10th August my cat is so chilled its mad!!

It is not that she is normally stressed as such, but more that she is not very caring and affectionate, so can appear a little ignorant and not a fan of being stroked much!!

 Mrs joanne bailey 08/08/13  Amazon


We took our cat to the vets. It cost me £40 for them to tell me what I already knew. He was stressed out, and overweight. They tried to sell me a diffuser for 33.95. I told them I would check online first ( which they didnt like!)

We had our cat from a re-homing group,he is about 7 years old, and he had spent 2 months in a wardrobe. He came to us and he just wanted to hide behind the sofa. He was piddling and pooing all over the place ( which he did when we were out, ignoring his littler tray :( ) We have had him since April.

I got this diffuser to try, plugged it in, and he hasn't messed outside of the litter tray since. He now comes out to see me in the mornings, meowing and rubbing against my ankles, and again later on. He will come and sit next to me and my 6 year old on the sofa and he has even ventured out into the garden.

 I cant smell it, whether I have become used to it, I'm not sure, I have put it in the kitchen and put his bed close by.

I would definitely recommend this to others with stressed out cats. Cheaper than other brands and brilliant. :)

 Allison Parker 26/07/13  Amazon


My stray cat is so chilled out, no longer attacking feet! Product is great, well worth the money. Product arrived quicker than expected.

 Sam Stiling 23/07/13  (Facebook)


I recently met you at The Pet Show at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. I was very impressed with your product. My Mum bought a plug-in and has reported that her 2 Tonkinese & 1 Siamese LOVE it. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Pet Remedy for the very generous donation of items to be auction later this year to raise funds for the Feral & Stray Foundation. Your support is greatly appreciated,

Thank you =^..^=However this product is amazing!!

 Mrs Emilia Bak  04/07/13  (Facebook)

I would like to thank you for my first pet remedy. My cat snickers really likes it. Every time it is plugged in, he is coming in to the corner to check what is that smell over there. Snickers seems to be more relaxed right now. We moved into the new house last year snickers couldn’t find he’s own place, also bully cat appeared later on. Even I can find It relaxing after hard day at work.

thanks very much again.

 Zak Leavold BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS Clinical Director, The Veterinary Hospital  18/06/13 (Facebook)


Previously my cat would urinate around the house a lot, and actually since I’ve used Pet Remedy it hasn’t happened once. He seems quite happy and not showing any of the agitated signs he showed before. I’ve been impressed with the results!

I am certainly recommending it to clients in the first instance. The team have also cottoned onto the fact that it is significantly cheaper too.

We are planning to get another cat soon, so I think I will be using it for a good while longer! Kind Regards,

 Mrs Monica Jackson 11/06/13  (Facebook)


I first met Topaz almost seven years ago. My neighbour called and said that cat is still around at the other end of the terrace. It was being fed by families who lived there for about six weeks. Would you like to take her in? I said yes.

Topaz has proved to be a loving companion as I live alone. She has caused no problems until about eight weeks ago when I was very distressed to find she was weeing on the carpet, around where her covered box toilet is standing in the passage.

I realized that if this went on I would not keep her and what would happen to Topaz? I rang the vet who said she must have been spooked by something. On reflection I did realize she was very jumpy and acting quite strangely. The vet told me, there various products you could get to help the situation.

My friend went on the computer and found Pet Remedy, She ordered the plug-in diffuser around lunch time on Friday and to my surprise it arrived lunch time Saturday Excellent Service.

That was over six weeks ago. Topaz has returned back to her old self and is using hr toilet box with no problems.

I cant express how happy I am that Topaz is once more calm and friendly again. Happy to sit on the arm arch for long periods when I am reading or watching TV. I am delighted to have this product, as her problem was causing me distress and a lot of cleaning problems. It is good to have such an easy product to use, just plug it in to the socket, no smell, no mess and one happy cat owner.

Chris and Susi Batstone  West Hill Farm West Down Ilfracombe Devon EX34 8NF ) 30/05/13 (Facebook)


Tel 01271 814328

Am delighted to say that after soothing the anxious collie, the sprayed dog bed was monopolised all afternoon by the elderly farm cat, with a huge smile on his face.

Encouraged by this, I sprayed some on my coat sleeves later in the evening when I went to get the two horses in - both are half-bred chestnut mares, who were cold, bored and wound up by the wind (despite rugs - it's May after all!).

Both the girls were on their toes, crowding the gate to come in for supper, and to make matters worse the silage gang had arrived so large machines were charging up and down the track we had to cross.

Normally there is an amount of 'pushy' behaviour from the new loanee, so I was anticipating having to hang on to her!

 Am delighted to report that both girls dropped their heads for their headcollars, stood politely as I opened the gate, and walked in an exemplary fashion back to the yard.

Seriously impressed now!   Great product, well done.


Christine Cook 30/05/13  (Facebook)

We just got home from holiday and crept up the stairs in the cattery to find Leo and lexie sitting calmly together looking out of the window.

When he saw us, there was no screaming and yelling ( he is Siamese remember!)as there usually is –

he just got in his cat carrier, ready to go.

The carer said he had been quite calm, only one wee episode a day into his stay.

Thankyou !  Pet Remedy is brilliant!

 Joanna Bell  19/05/13  (Facebook)


Just wanted to let you know what a brilliant product this is. I met Martyn and the team at the London Pet Show and as I love the idea of using natural products for my animals, decided to give it a try for my slightly stressy older Siamese lady who gets a little upset when the youngsters are running around like loons all over the house! What a difference Pet Remedy makes! Calm kitties all round :)

 Emma Cooke 19/05/13  Amazon


We have been remodelling kitchen, and my cat had retreated to one room, lost weight as hardly eating and just sat hunched up all day. Within hours of plugging in pet remedy, he relaxed and curled himself up normally. Now he is vocal again, moving around freely and not very bothered by anything. Even before all the decorating, he was a fussy eater, now he seems to want to eat anything we put in front of him, he’s always meowing for more!


Ms Christima Wrend 18/05/13 Amazon

I got this because my two boy cats were always arguing for no reason after I moved

Since getting this they now walk past each other and not a sound

They still have there off times when they hiss at each other but its never gone into a full furr flying fight thanx to this


Jackie Pied Piper Platt  13/05/13  (Facebook)

Just bought the spray , after also trying the diffuser . The cats have been rolling in it and licking it .I have a very nervous and slightly aggressive stray cat that I've taken in about 6 weeks ago and the house has been mayhem ,he's lashed out at all my 5 cats and scared 1 so badly she keeps hiding now , so I'm really hoping this will help. But oddly enough , after spraying everywhere about an hour ago now , they're all asleep ! even the dogs are chilled out ! I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come :)


Tricia Bristow  27/04/13  (Facebook)

 l have quite a few entire girls, being a breeder, and they do sometimes fall out when they are ‘hormonal’. l keep a plug-in on the landing where several of them sleep and use the spray as well if needed. We now have a lot more peace and quiet and no skirmishes. l shall also be giving one of the small sprays to each of my kitten buyers from now on to help their new baby settle.


Happy Cats Cattery  27/04/13  (Facebook)

I lent a bottle of spray to a local farmer who was having constant fighting in his kitchen every night between his two cats. They were keeping the family awake and he was at his wits end. He looked at me with amusement when I handed him the little spray but less than 24 hours later he ran up to me saying the cats were cuddling together for the night for the first time ever and his family all had a proper nights sleep. He wants more! :) great product! Thank you!


Earls Hall Veterinary Hospital 25/04/13  (Facebook)

We like Pet Remedy. We sprayed it in the consulting room today and when Tippy Whitcomb came in to the hospital to day for her post neutering check, she felt so chilled that she sat down and made herself


Mrs B Whitehead 21/04/13 Amazon

I bought this product because my cat becomes very distressed when we go away and cries all the time, although he is in his own home with a neighbour feeding him. When we come back he wants to be with us constantly and disturbs us about 6 times during the night. Since using this diffuser, he has become more content and we can actually close our bedroom door at night and he doesn’t bother us at all. Let’s hope it’s successful next time we go away.


Heather Jukes   18/04/13  (Facebook)

I have just taken on a 9 month old kitten from my local Sunshine Cat Rescue. He has been in his pen since birth with minimal human contact. He was and still is very nervous having never been into a house before. Having purchased some Pet Remedy I put it straight to work. Within half an hours I could see a difference. His eyed were more relaxed and he was taking an interest in playing with some ribbon on a stick. I will have a long slog in front of me but I know that the infusor I bought will help Badger in the coming months. Its his confidence that has to grow to complete his journey.


Donna Cave  12\04\13 (Facebook)

thanks pet remedy i have been using feliway and it was not really doing any good with my cats spraying in the house ,plugged in pet remedy and my cats started to roll around right away ,not fighting has much and no more spraying so forget feliway pet remedy is the one for us....thank-you so much


Tammy England  12/04/13 (Facebook)

I just wanted to say thank you - pet remedy has helped one of our bengal cats Louis since we introduced an australian mist kitten Anula to our home, feliway and other things did not seem to help at all but we have certainly had a noticable difference in him with the pet remedy, he is calmer, there is less hissing and grumbling and he is letting our kitten closer to him and even sharing food. Hopefully we are on the road to a happy kitty.


Tricia Bristow 01/04/13  (Facebook)

l have several breeding queens indoors and their hormones sometimes get the better of them and there is a little skirmish. Since l put a Pet Remedy plug-in on the landing where they sleep there has been a definite reduction in altercations. ln fact, l can’t remember the last time l heard anyone upset.


Julie Munday 29/03/13  (Facebook)

I just want to say that I have been using a diffuser for about 5 days now and I just can't believe the difference in my cats behaviour. One has been spraying several times a day for the past year and within 24 hours she has stopped. Feliway hasn't had any effect at all. The cat who sprayed wouldn't leave the bottle alone, before I plugged it in, she was licking the bag it came in. Long may the effect last. Thank you


S McBean 29/03/13  Amazon
My cat has been keeping me awake for months by caterwauling all night long. Not sure if it’s dementia, loss of sight or hearing (he’s quite old now) or just that he’s lonely and needs reassuring. I finally thought i’d try this as I had been told about them before but didn’t really believe it would work.

Very first night I slept right through with George - my cat - happily curled up next to me. Been the same all week now. For the first time in months my eyes are not hanging down by my waist. Amazing.

Also, he gets really happy when he’s near the plug-in. Starts to get really affectionate - with me, the walls, the socket, the chest of drawers... Absolutely magic. I’ve stocked up on months-worth of refills.

Johnboy 29/03/13  Amazon

this product was delivered on time ,and i started using it immeadiately, found that the product did help to calm the cat considerably.would recommend this product.


L Lovelock 20/03/13 Amazon

I chose this to keep my cats calm when they have a ding dong, i would recomend it, it works


G Kelly 18/03/13 Amazon

I have 5 cats and 2 dogs and this seems to worked wonders on all of them My one cat - who was very timid and hid in wardrobes etc all the time is now sleeping on beds and being very friendly. The dogs have stopped jumping up at visitors and have stopped stealing from the bins too. A miracle !!


M Shepherd 11/03/13 Amazon

Works well with our cat & definitely calmed him down. Usually bit us & clawed in the early morning but now very few times it as happened since having the Plug-in Diffuser. Very pleased with the outcome & will carry on to use the Calming Plug-in Diffuser. Hope it helps you with your Cat !!!!!!!!


Snuggsy 11/03/13 Amazon

Bought this as a last-ditch attempt to help a stressed out cat who had over-groomed the area above his tail to baldness and was covered in lumps and bumps..... Installed this three weeks ago along with a covered bed and both seem to be doing the trick - the hair on his back is growing back and the lumps and bumps have gone... We’ve had steps forward before so I remain hopeful - but so far so good!


H H Veitch 08/03/13 Amazon

This works - our kitten is hyperactive and always attacking the older cat - plug this in to our sitting room and now they are sound asleep together side by side. Wow! What a product and fast delivery! Thank you.


Val King  06/03/13  (Facebook)

Cat Calling again, being catty to each other. So please I stocked up with a box of Pet Remedy refilll at the Supreme show in November.  The house is back to normal with a couple of plug inn’s, no arguments today


S Jones 28/02/13 Amazon

I had 2 beautiful cats who I added a 3rd rescue cat to. Beautiful boy, but a little stressful for my 2 girls. This was suggested to me by the Blue Cross, to assist with the integration. Within a few days, my girls had stopped being so anti social to Sasha. Mischief (as queen of the household!) is still a little stand offish, but, there is no more agression, Zola actively plays with Sasha!. For my family, this product has introduced an oasis of calm into a 3 cat household.


Gleeson 18/02/13 Amazon

We have taken on a rescue cat of 4 years old and she had been very calm in the first two weeks, probably due to the plug-in diffuser. It certainly last a long time and is well recommended by our local pet shop.


Ena Kelly  16/02/13  (Facebook)

Just bought my pet remedy refills. Never get any other product now as its fab! Have 2 cats and I know when its running low as they start getting hyperactive!

Keep up the good work pet remedy! Xx


Cat -aholic 27/01/13 Amazon

This stuff actually works! My son moved house and his cats were upset. This really settled them. Thank you friend.




Patricia Harper 15/01/13  (Facebook)

Hi just to let you know that I have been useing pet remedy for a couple of months now and my cats are so chilled. Found Spud my big male cat with his nose on defuser as if it was stuck to it really really chilled. wish I had had a camara to hand. Highly recommended


Siobhan Elliot  14/01/13 Email

Hi, I just had to contact you to tell you about our experiences with one of our cats. Major building work is going on next door, and since then she’s been using the kitchen and bathroom floors as her toilet.


We consulted our vet, who suggested a calming plug in. The pheromone ones do nothing for our cats, so I did my research and found you. As a complementary therapist I know how powerful essential oils are, so I decided to try your plug in.

My husband was very sceptical, but I trusted my instincts and placed an order. The diffuser arrived on Tuesday, and I plugged it in straight away, near ground level as recommended. We went to bed that night with trepidation, having shut the cats in the kitchen as usual. We were very used to a morning routine where whoever went downstairs had to clean up mess from the cat, but on Wednesday morning we were pleasantly surprised. There have been no more little gifts for us on the floor since. You have saved our sanity!!

Thank you so much. I’m telling everyone about your super products.


Sharoin Higginson (Receptionist) and team.  Regan Veterinary Group Manchester 14/01/13 Email

Thank You for the updates Martyn. We have also had a great deal of positive feedback about the product and also the more than reasonable RRP!! Plug ins and refills are selling well as we have them displayed on our reception desk with POS and can discuss easily with clients. I have been using the plug in myself for approx 3 months for my “stressy” elderly cat and have seen a marked difference in her behaviour. Sales were especially good around bonfire time. We will keep pushing on.

Many Thanks, Sharoin Higginson

Country Companions Pet Sitting 10/01/13  (Facebook)

Just want to say a big thank you, I started using your product last night and we have a calmer house already.

Will be recommending you to everyone!

Just received my order this morning and have the diffuser all plugged in. I sprayed a little of it on the cats bedding and our 2 kittens went mad rolling around on their beds - they absolutely LOVE it! Fingers crossed it works on our 2 older cats & they start accepting the kittens :) Will keep you posted! x


LeoCon 09/01/13 Amazon

This has been very helpful in calming our cat and I would certainly recommend it to anyone whose cat cat is stressed or anxious


Lynzi 08/01/13 Amazon

Dont buy feliway buy this.

Its simple. This is cheaper, lasts longer, is more economical, can be used for different animals (rather than a different type of plug in per pet) BUT mainly, and its a big but, THIS ACTUALLY WORKS.

My male cat would not be here if it wasnt for this. He would attack my legs an arms and face, in fact anywhere h could see skin. Shredding the skin and leaving me baadly scarred and bleeding profously. I was on antibiotics monthly from his damage.

I had tried everything from sprays and plug ins to prescribed valium and nothing worked. Within 24 hours of having this plugged in I had a calmer and less aggressive cat. I will never b without this ever again.


Lynzi Afc Jones 05/01/13  (Facebook)

How good is your spray?!!

Nixon was having one of his moments today. Running around growling with his big bushy tail. On the lookout for fresh meat, namely me! I quickly removed your spray from my pocket and sprayed around the room and on my hand to rub on Nixon. 30 seconds later he is curled up and drifting into the land of nod. And the best thing, I’m not bleeding! Couldn’t ask for a better result.


Alex Levine  02/01/13  (Facebook)

Recommended to use your product by a good friend who has 2 malamutes. We have 3 cats one of whom has lived upstairs for the last couple of years and only had two speeds, running at full speed or asleep. He has never ever slept happily in front of the fire as seen here or given so many nosebutts (kisses) to friends ever - thank you for making my cat a contented one.

Audra Bellamy 28/11/12

We have 5 cats so tried feliway diffuser. After 3 months that stopped having a calming effect. Found Pet Remedy online and have now been using it for about a year and it works so well that we have added a dog to the family and it works on him also. Highly recommended


G Wright 25/11/12 Amazon

Had a young cat for a few months and introduced a male kitten to keep her company.

Pet Remedy definetly relaxed both of them and now they are like mummy and baby cats.



RSPCA  Putney  24/11/12  (Facebook)

Our cats at the RSPCA Animal Hospital in Putney love the sprays and diffusers. This cat was semi-feral and terrified when he first came into the he’s making friends and relaxing. Thanks Pet Remedy!

Cynthia Anderson-Doble  23/11/12  (Facebook)

I have received the spray and immediately sprayed on the cat-flap so when my grey male cat came in the effect was so interesting he walked into the sitting room and looked about as if to find somewhere to sit - he jumped up on the settee and rolled up beside me and went to sleep.

Now he is 16/17 years old and he was one of three feral siblings of a Persian origin. In all that time he has never willing let me pick him up. Usually he stays out all day even in the rain and snow. I am really concerned that at his age he might ‘catch a chill’ but since using the spray he has curled up on the settee almost day and night. I am delighted with the reaction. The other puss who has been more approachable has taken up residence in the bath on my toweling bathrobe and again she is the same age as her brother and has slept most of the time too.   Delighted of Tonbridge   Yours Cynthia Anderson-Doble


Alan Green RSPCA Oxenholme (WESTMORLAND BRANCH ) 03/11/12   (Facebook)
Just writing to let you know we have tried your Pet Remedy plug-In dIffuser In our rescue cattery, and the results have been outstanding.

Avery nervous cat came In (spitting and growling), with seven days we unplugged the diffuser because the cat was settled and purring.

We now use It on all newcomers and will be trying It out at our kennels for the dogs



Keith.lloyd   28/10/12 (Facebook)

Dear Martyn   Following our recent telephone conversation I am writing to let you know how Pet remedy has dramatically changed the behaviour of our 4 cats and 2 dogs. We had previously tried a number of different products including Feliway which had no discernable effect and have been using Pet remedy for around 3 months.

Each of our cats previously behaved in different ways and each has changed in different ways.

…..Rudy, a 5 year old marmalade male, went out early in the morning, came in half a dozen times for food and lived in one of several elevated cat houses until 8- 9 pm when he would go upstairs to sleep on a bed. When in the house he was constantly overgrooming and territorial, marking chairs and curtains. He was taken to the vet and given sedatives but with little long term effect. Since we have started using Pet remedy his behaviour has changed completely. He comes in the afternoon and is happy to stay indoors.

…..Oliver, a 4 year old black tom,was extremely timid and cautious. As with Rudy he came in for food but remained in the garden for most of the day. He is now going out for a short time but spends considerable periods indoors. Since we began using Pet remedy he has undergone a change in personality. He is now approachable and happy to be picked up and has put weight on. Neither Rudy or Oliver are as highly strung as they were previously.

…..Patch, an 18 year old black and white tom, was very aggressive towards the other cats - wanting to be top dog. He has calmed down considerably and only has occasional outbursts.

…..Our latest addition Danny, a 2 year old marmalade and white tom, was so grateful for a home he never went out other than for toilet purposes, fearing that he would never get in again. Since we began using Pet remedy he has become far more relaxed and is happy to go outdoors.

…..Pet remedy has also had a calming effect on our 2 female staffies who get on well with the cats and are happy to share their lives with them.

…..In summary since starting to use Pet remedy we have seen a dramatic change in the behaviour of all our pets and recently witnessed for the first time all of them sitting together on a sheep skin rug! Oliver previously so timid has taken to sleeping on top of my wife’s head.

We intend using Pet remedy as a long term solution for our pets and are certain that you are going to enjoy continued success in the future.   Best wishes  (Dr) Keith Lloyd


B Shakespeare 23/11/12 Amazon

I was getting desperate having taken in an elderly stray cat recently my own elderly cat became extremely stressed and withdrawn. He refused to come into any room where the stray cat was and even took to sleeping on a bookshelf in the spare bedroom. I was thinking that the stray cat would have to go to an animal shelter but as a last resort I purchased a pet remedy natural de-stress plug in. What a result, within a week my own cat was beginning to come round and became so much calmer. After a couple of weeks he started to stay in the same room as the stray and is now brave enough to sleep and eat in the same room as the stray - what a relief! I am truly amazed as to how good this product is and as far as a cat is concerned would certainly recommend it. As a footnote my own cat who really suffers during bonfire night and gets extremely frightened was remarkably calm this year, I’m convinced this was down to the de-stress plug in.


Sheenag 23/11/12 Amazon

I used this for the first time last night, my wee dog who is nearly 17 years old has been barking most of the night for a few months now, I have tried various things but nothing seemed to work Until I found this product, I could hardly believe it, he settled down and slept most of the night (had to get up and let him out a 5am as he needed to wee)but then he settled straight back down again. This is a god send for me as I had not had a full nights


Stacey 05/11/12 Amazon

I ordered this for 2 crazy dogs and 1 crazy cat at fireworks - I plugged it in went out leaving my mum, 2 dogs and 1 cat indoors come back to a silent house, all had falledn asleep including the crazy mum :) It is a little smelly but it really does work - when I unplugged it they started barking and running around again! Very Good product!


Ceefirr 31/10/12 Amazon

This product really works my cats were stressed out due to the addition of a rescue cat my vet suggested this and within 3 days I had a calm household again def reccomended this product for anyone with cats no more scratching on Furniture as well


Catwoman 25/10/12 Amazon

I have two moggies one of whom suffers occasionally with a rodent ulcer on his lips. This can be brought on by stress. My moggies tend to be a bit stressed at the best of times despite being kept occupied with playing etc. After reading several reviews i decided to take the plunge to see if it would alleviate some of the stress and purrhaps maybe not necessitate so many trips to the vet to get one of my moggies injected with a steroid to treat his! well what can i a matter of a couple of hours of switching on said diffuser i immediately noticed a difference in my moggies behavior!! No longer are they at each others throats...and no longer does the moggie with the rodent ulcer stand in my hallway and howl at the top of his voice. Instead of galloping around like something that’s been let out for the day they are more calm and subdued than i have ever known them to be. Although this is only the third day of having the diffuser i have yet to find out if it will keep my moggies rodent ulcer at bay for a longer period of time, so i will endeavor to leave another review in another month or two to let you know if it does indeed contain an “healing” effect. Needless to say that despite the product being a little pricey and being on a low income i wouldn’t hesitate to buy this item on a regular basis. I ordered the product on the weekend and received it monday morning. Very efficient, and i will be using the same company again.


V Harris 23/10/12 Amazon

This has got to be one of the best things I have ever bought. My cat Sam is a rescue cat and was going through a bad time. He was so unhappy and so was I because I didn’t know how to help him. I bought Pet Remedy not holding out much hope but it has worked wonders. After a few days I started to see a change in him and now he is like a different cat, happy and contented and as he is a long haired cat his coat is lovely and fluffy and I am so happy and so is Sam. Thank you.


Kate Williams 08/10/12  (Facebook)

I wanted you to know that I highly rate this product.

I was lent one by a friend to try out during a very stressful episode, when my two Siamese sisters lost their brother suddenly and a bit later had the arrival of a new kitten to adjust to.

They are a feisty pair at the best of times and had even been fighting with each other after the death of the other cat.

I purchased two more diffusers, have left them on and tensions have relaxed considerably.

Things are settling down much sooner than I thought they would. The one plugged in the bedroom has even helped me sleep more soundly , Im sure!

I think I will keep them on for the foreseeable future as the lower stress levels will help with their over all health.

A great Natural Product,    Thanks Regards Kate Williams



Nicola Adley 24/09/12  (Facebook)
Really pleased that found pet remedy. Had a stressed little kitten due to a vet visit and she became very agressive to the point I was thinking of rehoming her. One plug and my snuggly little kitten is back asking for hugs and kisses. Not to make things easy on ourselves, we have a brand new kitten who was abused by her previous owner and we’re moving to a new house. The plugs we have are working a treat keeping our two little ones calm and content even after two days of knowing eachother! Thank you pet remedy

Ray Brown 04/0912 (Facebook)

I know I’ve posted before, but I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Pet Remedy Calming Spray that I tried for the first time today. This afternoon, my nervous cat Domino had another visit from the housevet. Before the house vet arrived, I sprayed some calming spray around the room.I couldn’t believe the difference! The normally very stressful Domino, scared of the vet, never even hissed or got angry or tried to attack the vet. He just let the veterinary nurse hold him while the vet did her job, and was totally relaxed throughout. In all the years I’ve had Domino, I’ve never seen him relaxed like this with the vet. I was astounded, and so too was the vet...and a little relieved too, I think. Domino may be over 16, but he can be quite a savage old tomcat. But not today. If anyone has a very nervous or stressful cat, please try the calming spray. It will really help your little cat.


19/08/12 (Facebook)

Just a note to say that I’m so glad my Vet told me about Pet Remedy. My 16 year old cat Domino, with all his medical troubles, needed a little help to relax, and the Pet Remedy Diffuser has done the trick! Actually, all the 3 moggies love it - we’ve noticed that the girls, Keesh and Wheeze, are now also spending a lot of time in the room where the diffuser is. Usually, only Domino relaxes in there. I think we’ll have to get another diffuser for downstairs as well. Also, for a comfortable treat for your loved one, try the Pet Remedy heated pad. Again, we bought one for Domino as his joints get a bit stiff. The old bloke loves it, you can’t get him off it now. Can’t recommend it highly enough, and its low voltage and safe to leave on all the time.

All in all, I can’t recommend Pet Remedy enough. Superb products, and superb service from Martyn and the team at Pet Remedy. Thanks! Ray  10/08/12  (Facebook)  Online Pet Health Retailer

U.K suppliers of non prescription veterinary medicines, supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies for Dogs, Cats, Horses and small animals.

A great alternative to adaptil and feliway, our customers love it


SJ7665 26/07/12 Amazon

“Great item, really works recently got 3 new cats and one was really stressed and kept hissing soon as this was plugged in, he calmed down and we have a happy kitty house.”


Megan Jenkins  25/07/12  (Facebook)

I purchased your product from Pets at Home around 6 weeks ago as my dog was getting very stressed when I went away for weekends, which led to over grooming. This behaviour had become somewhat obsessive and she had to be put on several short courses of steroids to stop the licking. I personally do not like her to be on medication like that long term so thought I would try a pet remedy plug in. I was very sceptical about plug-ins having heard many stories about how they are a waste of money and time. Well it has worked wonderfully; Holly has stopped licking her fur and is a much calmer, more relaxed dog not only in the house but also out on walks. All her hair has grown back and she is a much more contented dog! The plug in also had another, unexpected affect. Our cat is now also much more chilled out and more social and friendly – an added bonus! I have just received my order from your online shop of some refills and an extra diffuser for a friend – very fast delivery, an excellent service and such a fantastic price!! Overall, A wonderful product that I am now recommending to all my customers!


Joan  18/07/12 Amazon

I had my daughters 2 cats along with my own 2 while she was on holiday. One of her’s became very agressive and the other very timid, completely different to their usual friendly dispositions, so I purchased the plug in. Within a few hours of plugging it in there was an improvement. The aggression stopped and the timid one was venturing out of his hiding place. By the next day they were all getting along. It was amazing how much difference it made and I would highly recommend it. It was delivered very quickly too so thank you Amazon!

Brian Rawlinson   (Facebook)

A superior natural remedy for cat stress,the difference in behavior in one of my cats that has stresss problems is remarkable,cannot rate it highle enough.

Rosie Gillies  06/07/12   (Facebook)

I used pet remedy diffuser when i moved house for my two cats as they are indoor cats and get easily stressed. It worked so well, i plugged it in 48 hours prior to them moving and brought them in and they where 90% less stressed about the move than the time i moved and didnt use pet remedy! Really recommend it!

Animals in Distress Ipplepen  22/06/12   (Facebook)
Animals in Distress Rescue Centre near Totnes in Devon have been trialling Pet Remedy in their catteries and kennels for a few months and the results are so good they have now ordered a counter display starter pack and will start to promote and sell to people adopting cats, dogs, and rabbits... as ideal for treating new home syndrome and separation anxiety

Val King   21/06/12   (Facebook)

Katsacute Burmese and RoseValleyMists are Well please with these products from Pet Remedy.

The girl cats just seem so happy no fighting or big PMT issues anymore.

the girl Australian Mist chill out and just amazing on the Burmese .

All cats are happy agreeing on one thing at least....LIKE OUR CATS

Simply the best


Gill Robertson  19/06/12  (Facebook)

I have just been using this for my two tonkinese terrors. One of them has been spraying in the house. However, only after using this plug in diffuser for a few days I have noticed a remarkable difference in both of my cats. The cat we were having the problem with has settled down and they clearly seem happy! I am going to purchase another one as I have been so impressed by this product. Thanks Gill

Steve  17/06/12   (Facebook)

Just heard another good news story:

“Another cat was coming in and stealing my cats food and bullying him, he was frightened of his own shadow and was marking under every window and in every doorway, even after fitting a magnet entry cat flap so only he could get in. Within a few days of using Pet Remedy, the marking had stopped and he was much happier!


Lisa Simms  11/06/12   (Facebook)

LOVE this stuff Chills me, Beardies and my cats right out!

Alan Green 11/06/12   (Facebook)

I have a cattery where I look after RSPCA cats that have been neglected, and find the spray excellent, in calming stressed cats.


Eileen (Holden) 13/06/12  (Email)

Hi, I wanted to let you know how effective this has been in helping my my 11yr old cat who has been suffering from alopecia caused by over grooming for over 6 years. We tried the traditional Feliway which had no effect and was very expensive. I saw your product on Ebay from a reputable seller, and though sceptical due to the number of things tried, including a course of behaviour therapy, felt I should give this a try.

For the first time in ages, our cat (Maisie) has fur growing on her hind legs and some on her abdomen so we are delighted with her progress. She also positions herself near to the diffuser as if she knows it’s of benefit to her. At her age, we cannot expect her to stop her constant grooming completely, but any improvement is a bonus and I will be recommending your product to Maisie’s vet.

Kind Regards,  Eileen (Holden)

Fiona Lickorish 07/06/12   (Facebook)

Please meet 16 year old Rosie (known as Ro-Po), who was taken to the vet by her previous ‘carer’ who asked for her to be PTS because she apparently couldn’t cope with her. Once she was signed over the the practice, the vet refused to euthanise her because she was perfectly healthy and Ro-Po was taken in by Cats Protection, from where we adopted her 2 and a half months ago. Obviously, leaving a place she’d lived in for 16 years was a traumatic experience for Ro-Po and I can’t tell you how much Pet Remedy has helped calm her, and to enable her to adapt and settle in to her new home (as you can see). And why is she called Ro-Po? Well like Su-Bo, we think she’s been given a second chance late in life, thanks to a kind vet and Cats Protection.

Charlotte Wheeldon  05/06/12   (Facebook)

I got a new kitten and my cat was quite tense and refusing to eat so I got a pet remedy diffuser to try and help her cope. 5 weeks later they are the best of friends and she is back to her chilled out self!I have found the diffuser well worth the money! Excellent product! I will be buying a refill!­


Rebecca Cheng  05/06/12   (Facebook)

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how quickly this product worked.

I bought this product ready for the Bonfire weekend last year and then took in a very friendly stray cat (Jack) over the same weekend for it’s own safety. I kept my kitties (Ally and Saffy) away from Jack for the first night but on bonfire night there was no other solution but to have them in the same room but in separate cages Jack in one and Ally and Saffy in another at the other side of the room and the Pet remedy plug-in in between the 2 cages, with the door closed and kitties settled (or as settled as can be considering Ally hated Jack) I went off to work. At 7ish I popped back to check on them, since we were at the peak of the fireworks, to find THREE very chilled out kitties, no hissing, glaring etc just 3 very purry kitties and thats how the stayed for the rest of the weekend :)  Happy Ending for all because I was able to find Jack his forever home with the in-laws where he is king of the castle :)


Helen Gi  01/06/12   (Facebook)

I have 4 beautiful cats who I love dearly. Unfortunately 2 of the boys didn’t feel the same about each other and Isabella was a timid baby who spent her days and nights on my bed. At the London Pet Show earlier this month I bought a Pet Remedy diffuser and within 30 seconds of plugging it in all 4 cats were sniffing it. Husky and Sipho (my fighters) haven’t had a single fight since then and Isabella now lies on her back in the sitting room with legs akimbo. The only cat not showing a behavioural difference is Milo - he’s never been dysfunctional. Whatever your cat problem, try natural Pet Remedy. It works!

Pauline Jackson 31/05/12   (Facebook)

hmmm..update on the pet remedy that I bought and now i know why the one in the kitchen stinks and the one in the living room doesn’t. The one in the kitchen is in a DAP diffuser and has lasted just ONE week, yes you heard me one week, instead of 4 - 6 weeks! The one in the living room is still nearly full. Moral of the story, don’t use it in a DAp diffuser. <sigh> guess I’ll need to buy another diffuser then. That’ll teach me to try and save money by reusing a refill and one diffuser now needed :

Nicola Shilson 31/05/12   (Facebook)

Hi, would just like to say that i have been using the plugin for just over a month now, few teething problems to start but would like to let you know that my marley is now showing signs of fur regrowth. It all started with her overgrooming due to stress the vets said. But finally after 2 months of having an almost bald rear end she has sign of regrowth. I would like to say a huge thank you to you, for all the help you gave me back in april. Will definately be buying more x


Laura Hadley  31/05/12   (Facebook)

so i have been using pet remedy forever, and i love it!!! i was recently bitten by my own cat which ended up with me in a and and e, all because he got so wound up with a stray that comes to see me. so i have like a conservatory building attached to my house leading out into the cat run. i got my OH to drill a hole through the wall so i could plug in an exention lead to plug a pet remedy diffuser in the conservatory. also the little hanger thing you get with the bottle i have attached it inside the shelter outside which i have for the stray cat. although they do still try and get at each other and fight through the cat run.. truffle ( the one that bit me ) is actually alot calmer and would rather give the stray a few hisses, growls and howls rather than trying to launch himself at the stray. so pet remedy has helped me once again. thank you !

Helen Gi 31/05/12  (Facebook)
My cats would boast that they already know how wonderful this product is, but they haven’t had a negative feeling since I switched Pet Remedy on! :-) Congratulations on your expansion.

Fenaghy Vets  28/05/12   (Facebook)
We’ve just started using this in the cattery of our clinic and are seeing good responses, cats are much more chilled out.

Emma 27/05/12 Amazon

I decided to try this product because I have 4 cats, 2 females and 2 males and one of my girls over grooms to the point where she loses all the fur from her back quarters. The vet told me that this was probably due to the stress of living with other cats and that it can take up to 5 years for them to settle in to living all together. I plugged the diffuser in the day it arrived and within 2 weeks all my cats were calmer and much more sociable and the one who over grooms had cut down so much that she has started to get some regrowth. I will definitely continue to use this from now on, I have already recommended it to my mum in law and sister in law who have both purchased some. There is a bit of a smell to begin with but once it has been plugged in for a few days you don’t even notice it.


Louise Clarke Centre manager NAWT - Hayle   25/05/12   (Email)
Hi Martyn          

We have been very pleased with the Pet Remedy plug in and spray, the cats especially being very interested in it and fussing around and wanting to hang out near to the plug in area.

Hannah Babbage 21/05/12  (Facebook)
I tried Pet Remedy because one of my three cats showed aggressive tendencies. After using the plug-in treatment I found dramatic results in just a couple of days. A very calm and non-aggressive cat now. I will tell all of my friends! Thank you Pet Remedy!

Helen Gi 17/05/12   (Facebook)
I bought this on Sunday and my boys haven’t had a single fight since I plugged it. They have (all 4) however all had their noses up against it for a sniff. Bless!


Tricia Bristow 14/05/12   (Facebook)
I was impressed at just how quickly it worked. That little cat we lent it to went from hiding under Mum’s arm and trying to get away, to chilled out ‘stroke me’ mode in just a few minutes!! Amazing stuff!
I found this product at the London Pet Show and we used it for several cats who were a bit stressed. Within minutes, you could see them calming down and no further stress. It is purely natural and works in a different way to Feliway!!! I bought some of the spray and had a long chat to Martin on the stand. Very interesting how it works on all mammals! Certainly be worth a try for houndies that suffer from noise stress


Kevin & Barbara  14/05/12  (Email)
This is just a short email to compliment you on your wonderful product,

Pet Remedy.


Our cat, Gasper, has been very much an outdoor cat perhaps because he is

nervous generally and especially so around strangers; however since we

plugged in Pet Remedy, he has become more relaxed and, most importantly,

willing to come indoors and spend time with us.

My partner and I, Barbara, cannot thank you enough for this.

Tina Varney 14/05/12   (Facebook)
“I have been useing Pet Remedy for a while now, and I stupidly let it run out before I went on holiday. Well its been 3weeks and one of my cats has started urinating on the carpet like she used to before we used your product :( So I have just popped out to buy more refills!!!

After a while you forget why you use this kind of product,I wont let us run out of it again thats for sure!!!”

Carys Peet  07/05/12   (Facebook)

Imogen suffers from idiopathic cystitis which is under control unless she’s stressed, she’s suffering again and couldn’t work out why until I remembered I hadn’t put the new pet remedy refill in, definitely works for her!


Tamzin Mee  02/05/12    (Facebook)

Lola my Chocolate pointed Tonkinese arrived 4 weeks ago & Suki my Blue Tonkinese is not impressed at all, there has been a lot of hissing, chasing & head slapping over the last few weeks.(not to mention the spraying)


My Pet Remedy plug in arrived today & i plugged it in straight away. This is what i found 4 hours later. (Picture shows 3 cats curled up fast asleep)  So far so good, thank you so much!

Shoreline Pet Supplies  02/05/12   (Facebook)
 “Highly recommended product if you have an excitable/anxious dog! This spray is fantastic for calming, we have been trialling it for a week now and have found great results. We spray on bedding, bandana around dogs neck and sometimes on our own clothing if we intend on plenty of cuddles! It also benefits our shop cats. Great product, great price Pet Remedy”

Charlotte Wheeldon  02/05/12   (Facebook)
“i got a new kitten on friday and bought a pet remedy plug in to help my other cat cope with it. since about an hour after i plugged it in she has been so relaxed and coping with the kitten really well. its going great. the plug in smells lovely too!! i will definitely be getting a refill when it runs out!”

Karen Grimes 22/04/12   (Facebook)
My Maine Coon Denver gets extremely nervous, trembling & panting, travelling in the cat carrier to the vets. I placed the Pet Remedy tag in his carrier with a few drops of remedy on it & I noticed a huge difference. He was very calm & relaxed throughout the journey & at the vets. :o)

Janet Hartley  22/04/12   (Facebook)
“Bought it on recommendation of Laura Hadley who with 10 cats should know a good product and it is brilliant! I even find I can tolerate it myself with my allergies so it must be good for my two cats!!”

Laura Hadley  22/04/12  
“i have been using it for over a year now and i am very happy with it, wouldnt look back :)”

Nicola Shilson 22/04/12   (Facebook)
“Hi have been using pet remedy since since beginning of april. So far there has been an improvement in my cat who was overgrooming to the extent she has big bald spots. Fur looks to be growing back now. Thanks for your help over the last week or so, much appreciated. “



Nicky Morris 22/04/12   (Facebook)
“I bought the deffuser as my cat is nervous and doesn’t like other cats. she is now very calm and back to her lovable self. Thank you Pet Remedy!”

Louise Steele 22/04/12   (Facebook)
“I have been using pet remedy for over 6 months now. I have 7 cats and it keeps things ticking over nicely in my house. Amazing stuff.”

Jennifer Schooley 22/04/12   (Facebook)
“I used your plug in when my cat was going through a very difficult time with cancer. He was having weekly chemo sessions and the other cats also picked up on his tress and anxiety. The plug in really helped all of us!!”


Sandra Blunden 22/04/12   (Facebook)
“I have been using pet remedy for 2weeks now and my 2 border collies and my cat seem much calmer i take it from room to room wherever they are with me i wish id found it sooner.”

Carys Peat 22/04/12   (Facebook)
“Im a vet nurse and last year i started using pet remedy, it really helps my girl Imogen as she suffers with stress related cystitis, always have one plugged in now “

Amanda Moss 22/04/12   (Facebook)
“Pet Remedy has helped my 3 cats get along better, first few days they were like loonies especially the male who loves the smell. Not many arguments now. Also 1 of them chews her fur when stressed, although she has not stopped completely she does it much much less, her hair is even growing back in many places.”

Julie Wilkinson  20/04/12   (Facebook)
Converted to Pet Remedy from the recommended vet brand following the Supreme show in November 2011. Young persian male who messed on the front door mat every evening has never done it again. 10 year old exotic neuter who has sprayed up every vertical surface since the day I married and continued to do so despite a divorce LOL, has nearly completely given up his habit. Just one or two hiccups but always involving strange visitors to the home. I would never be without this product now.


Sandra Blunden 18/04/12   (Facebook)
Sam is a rescue cat who had been permanen tll kept in a cage in a pet shop for several years, so was huge and not able to use his back legs when he first arrived.... As you can see within 4 weeks he is so much better and believe it or not has lost loads of weight! The pet Remedy is in the top right hand corner of tyhe image and helped him a lot with settling into his new home!!!
Can you believe it... Big Sam thinks he is a Meerkat or mere cat!!!

Claire Louise Bradford  Trainee Nurse CVS  Pet owners association  12/04/12   (Facebook)
We already stock it, and I use it on my pets :-)

Pauline Stubbs 04/04/12   (Facebook)
i cant believe how good the plugin is.within one hour,both my cats were completely chilled.They have gone back to grooming each they are both toms(neutered) and around one and a half years old,there was a bit of rivalry between them,now its beautiful to see them so content once more.

Deanna Jayne knight 02/04/12   (Facebook)
Had two very chilled out cats!

Mrs Daisy  Nickless  01/04/12   (Facebook)
Mum says: This is Fat Sam enjoying the plug-in Pet remedy diffuser, he has lived wiht us for 3 weeks now. Sam came into a house with two dogs and another cat, this would obviously be a very stressful enviroment for him. Pet remedy helped and significantly improved sams mood and stress levels, this became clear when sam came out from his hiding place as soon as it was plugged in. it was like having a new cat in the house!

R Smith 19/03/12 Amazon

I have two cats (petite mother and large son!!) who were always hissing and fighting each other. The mother would only come into the indoors to eat and run out again but since using Pet Remedy she comes in, eats and then curls up, generally on my bed, to sleep. She comes to me for some fussing and even climbs on to my lap now and then. The son is also a lot calmer, not chasing mother out! Happy home!!

Mrs  Rebecca Boo Louise Yates 13/03/12   (Facebook)
Hi really pleased with it. I’ve seen big changes in both cats. The hair is starting to come back and daisy as sat on my lap 1st time in 5 years. Merlin has charmed down loads and both getting along better , still have their moments but not as much. Will be buying more . Thank you


Mrs Delphine Bancroft 10/03/12   (Facebook)
Works wonders on all our cats and dogs, am not sure but it also seems to have a calming effect on the humans in our house hold. Am now waiting for the spray version which will be great for travelling I’m sure!

Mrs Beth Railton  27/02/12   (Facebook)
Introduced a new adult cat to the household of already 2 cats, 3 dogs and a cockatile the breeder gave me a plug in and I’m very happy with the results. My highly strung Norwegian Forest cat’s behaviour has improved! The new cat settled in great and quickly. Her and the Norwegian are best friends, however her and my other female cat may take a little longer.

I will be recommending pet remedy to my dog grooming customers who now ask me about such issues.

Mrs Rebecca Boo Louise  Yates  13/02/12   (Facebook)
That’s ok. It’s saved me a lot of money on vet bills as was starting to worry about daisy going bold

Mrs Rebecca Boo Louise Yates 08/02/12   (Facebook)
just brought one home today. pluged it in and my two cats know somethink had happened cat is washing herself sp much that she is now nearly bold on her back,so as well as useing this she also had a coller one for a while and being called cone head lol. she has never got on with my other cat who is also a girl so hopeing that will change.also i had another cat that she grew up with, but now isnt liveing with us due to not like us but loves my nighbour so she lives there now so i think this is stressing her out. hopeing that my two cats will started getting along as each time merlin gose near her disy nearly goes for her. right now my other cat is playing with the empty box and wont her me have it back, so i know what she is sleeping with tonight lol.. hopeing for a cat stress free home


Mrs Catriona Irvine 23/01/12   (Facebook)
have recently taken on the task of rehoming a little 15month stray female cat and trying to integrate her with my 2 15month old neutered boys. To add to the stress, Lily has recently had her offspring removed, has milk to dry up and was neutered on the day i received her (STRESS!!!!), needless to say my boys took the hump and packed their bags for a few days. Already had a feliway but didn’t see any calming effects. Bough pet remedy via amazon, received it thursday of last week. On saturday (21st jan) Hobbes for the first time spent most of the afternoon in the livingroom whilst Lily was there. He spotted the pet remedy behind the tv and started rubbing everywhere. Managed to have Lily and Hobbes playing with feather teasers on either side of me in full view of each other. There was the odd hiss from both sides but Lily retreated each time (before she was launching herself). I have no doubt in my mind that the pet remedy has helped - they were later found to be in the bedroom sleeping (albeit at opposite sides). Alfie our other boy is a work in progress - he is quite a stressy cat at the best of times so it will probably take longer xx

Mrs Catriona Irvine  23/01/12   (Facebook)
I couldn’t believe the difference. This time last week i was seriously doubting my decision to try and home Lily, this week however I’m feeling much more positive. Her milk has nearly dried up and she doesn’t appear to be as hormonal so think we’re on the good side now x

Mrs Regal Rhea  23/01/12   (Facebook)
fee-fi-fo-fum, is this the smell of a remedy about to make it big, awesome feline what with Lorraine to give it a boost with her welly, there’s no telling where it’s going to land, lol


Mrs Catriona Irvine  23/01/12   (Facebook)
No problem. I’m a vet nurse so as you can imagine feliway/DAP are the big sellers but i felt the feliway did absolutely nothing. I only have the 1 diffuser in the livingroom for now as this is where Lily is kept most of the time until we start letting her out. This week we plan to leave the flat more open plan so am thinking would it be worth putting one in the bedroom and/or kitchen as well??

Miss Karen Bradley 09/01/12   (Facebook)
Have been using pet remedy for a month as my older cat was not happy with the new kitten and was constantly fighting with her, the kitten was not using her litter tray. As soon as we started using the remedy the kitten began to use the tray and the cats started to accept each other abit. Last week I turned off the plug in and the kitten started to soil the carpets again. I will continue to use these plug ins from now on as I hope that eventually my two cats will accept each other more.


Mrs Regal Rhea 06/01/12   (Facebook)
his product is an innovative and effective feline friendly, pet human remedy. We have two plugs, one up, one down in a multi cat household and it noticeably has contributed to the ‘calm’ in the home to create better bonding and behaviour, diffusing any potential issues that might have arisen with our trio. Paws up for ‘natural’ and a return to the herbs with their haven scent properties. Thank you Martyn for pioneering this concept.


Kate Williams 06/01/12   (Facebook)
I wanted you to know that I highly rate this product. I was lent one by a friend to try out during a very stressful episode, when my two Siamese sisters lost their brother suddenly and a bit later had the arrival of a new kitten to adjust to. They are a feisty pair at the best of times and had even been fighting with each other after the death of the other cat. I purchased two more diffusers, have left them on and ttensions have relaxed considerably. Things are settling down much sooner than I thought they would. The one plugged in the bedroom has even helped me sleep more soundly , Im sure! I think I will keep them on for the foreseeable future as the lower stress levels will help with their over all health.

Mrs Susan Speiser  04/01/12  (Facebook)
I bought one of your Pet Remedy Diffusers at the end of November it seems to be working one of my cats rubs himself all around the plug and sits under the plug.

We have just adopted two female kittens who had been dumped by the owner, it seems to keep my other two older male cats calmer and they all seem to get along, which is great as we were a bit worried.

Rachael Riches 21/12/011   (Facebook)
Hello, Just wanted to let you know how we are getting in with Pet Remedy.

The change in our cat’s behaviour is quite remarkable! Our cat (5 yrs old, female and RSPCA rescue cat), has never been much of a people person cat. No sitting on knees, very very limited stroking or touching at all. We moved house recently and we thought she could do with a bit of support in coping with the move. We don’t think she will ever be the most affectionate cat, but after pet remedy went on, she will quite happily hop onto my husband’s knee and settle down for an evening in front of the TV. I can actually pick her up and give her a cuddle and she will tolerate our 5 year old daughter stroking her and tickling behind her ears. All these things were no go areas until Pet Remedy.

Pet Remedy has been plugged in for 10 days or so now and the behaviour change seems pretty consistent. This is a MASSIVE step forward for our cat. Thank you....


Mr Jim  & Mrs Mary  Bowdrey  14/12/11   (Facebook)
My wife and I met you on Saturday at the National Cat show and bought another Plug-in.

We have a Russian Blue and Russian Black cats and we decided that we wanted to get a Russian White kitten earlier this year but were concerned that introducing a new kitten to the 2 older cats althought they were only 12 and 13 months old, might cause problems. A friend recomended that we try your Pet Remedy, we had already used Feliway but thought that it was worth trying after reading the write-ups about it.

It has proved to be a lot more effective and it certainly helped with the introduction of the new kitten. Thank You. Regards,Jim & Mary Bowdrey  A great Natural Product, Thanks


Mrs M Gates Taunton 27/11/11   (Facebook)
Your Opinion – Mrs M Gates from Taunton Somerset. I was excited about trying out Pet Remedy. My husband and I are big fans of natural remedies. We own 5 cats, all of which are rescue cats, and 2 are very nervous. The diffuser gives off a very pleasant aroma, with hints of citrus and sage and pine. The cats appeared more relaxed almost immediately. As well as making our cats calmer, we noticed the relaxing qualities too. As a cat owner I’m also aware of the smell of cats around the house and the diffuser really makes our home feel fresh unlike conventional artificial smelling air fresheners. We have used the diffuser for over a week and the oil has hardly moved, so I imagine it will last longer than the 6-8 weeks. We give Pet Remedy a big thumbs up!



Mr Tina Varney   Milton Keynes 10/11/11   (Facebook)

I have 6 cats of different ages, I have used pheromone diffusers before as I have one cat with stress related cystitis and two others fight with each other daily.

Since using the Pet Remedy dIffuser my cats have only had the occasional fight, and the one with cystitis has not had any symptoms at all. It only took a week before I noticed a difference in the cats, they all seem much calmer and get along with each other much better too.

I was also very pleased with how calm it kept my cats during bonfire week, only one of my cats were scared this year!

The only downside to this product is the strong smell it lets off, it does wear off after about a week and then you can hardly smell It.

I have recommended It to several of my pet owning friends, and even managed to tell a customer in Pets At Home the other day to buy Pet Remedy in stead of the FelIway she was looking at, as I have used them both and find Pet Remedy to be MUCH better.

HIGHLY recommended!!!!

Laura Hadley 07/11/11   (Facebook)

i have been using the pet remdey for just over 6mths and i’m still as happy with it as the first day i tried it. i now know when it’s running low or running out, as i can see the atmosphere in the house changing with the cats. since using it, willow has stopped spraying on the wall, which was one of the main reason why i had tried it, also my eldest who was on amitripalyine was taken off them about 3 weeks after getting the diffuser. there have been no more bouts of cystisitis. when you first plug in the diffuser it gave or a herbal smell, it’s quite strong at first but now having the plug in 24/7 i dont notice the smell any more after so long of using it. i have since been recommding it to my cat loving friends as i have noticed a real difference since using it and some of them have switched from feliway and have had the same results i have had with it. i also prefer using it as it is a natural product and i dont have any complaints with it. i’m still very happy with it.

Ena Kelly 04/11/11   (Facebook)
I bought this after a friend (Lozzy) recommended it. It is so much cheaper than feliway and it does work!!!!! Smells nice too xx


Mrs Kathi Macleod 03/11/11   (Facebook)

I have two MaIne coons (both coming up for 2 yrs old), both are quite pampered and used to ruling the roost. The girl is quite huffy at times and the boy Is not Impressed with any animal he doesn’t know coming near his patch. I recently got 2 Savannah kittens (they are naturally dominant cats). I Introduced them slowly as recommended but there was a lot of tension coming from the girl mainly (who had no time for these speedy wee darty things). She would hIss at them and swipe every time they came near. I didn’t want to buy feliway as I know that Its hit or miss whether a particular cat responds to it (and Its an expensive mistake If they don’t). After a bit of goggling I discovered pet remedy - and thought with 4 Ingredients there was a higher chance it would work. It arrived and all 4 cats came to Investigate the box - with the big cats hissing and swiping at the little ones. I plugged the first dIffuser In and the girl cat had a sniff........then walked over to the kittens and started licking them!...I literally could not believe it.. It had been plugged in for only a few seconds before she seemed to chill out and undergo a personality transplant. If I hadn’t seen It I would never have believed It. Now a month later - all 4 cats are best pals and play together quite happily. We had standoffs at feeding time so I used to feed the kittens separately - so I plugged In a second diffuser out by their feeding area - and all of them happily eat together now. I have been recommending pet remedy to everyone I know because It Is a product that really Impressed me (not an easy thing to do).

Hope that helps


Pet Forums Community ( 03/10/11
Got one today and it worked miracles :eek:

Jango and Starbuck (my new 3 month old kitten, Jango Is 6 months) were in a stalemate as every time Jango tried to say hello, she would hiss and push him away. Within 15 minutes (yes, 15 minutes!!) of plugging this the whole room had a delicate smell of the essential oIls and Starbuck was cuddling on my lap and letting Jango lick her tail and groom her back!! Granted she was hissing still, but she would NEVER have let him do that before!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: Now they sit together and there is much less hissing and she Is even going up to say hello to him! :) Amazing!

A definite thumbs up from me!! Never buying Feliway again, Pet Remedy all the way :)

Am hoping It will also chill me out a bit too ;)

Plus, the smell Is actually nice, very earthy :)

Posted by walkingcarpets  21/09/11
We received ours In the post today and I must say was very Impressed first with the speedy delivery since we ordered the night before.

The second thing Is we are Impressed with how quick It seemed to work, one of the cats did a silly roll as If she was relaxed right by where we had plugged It In downstairs In the hallway.

I can smell the Valerian from the scent- just to say not only Is this natural herb of benefit to cats, is also good for humans. Shall continue to monitor results, the FELIWAY did nothing for our cats, was for us a waste of money.


Mr G. North  Portsmouth  21/09/11

I have been using Pet Remedy for 2 weeks. I own a nervous Poodle called Millie, and 3 cats Korky, Misty and Stanley. My cats often squabble amongst themselves and Misty In particular dislikes household noises.

The dIffuser gives off a subtle, pleasant aroma and is not overpowering.

My cats were aware of the dIffuser almost Immediately. I noticed they were far more relaxed and friction between the cats has definitely decreased.

The cats sleep close to the dIffuser and appear much calmer.Millie the Poodle also seems more relaxed.

I am very Impressed with Pet Remedy and would recommend it to any pet owner with nervous pets.

Mrs Emilia Bak  20/09/11

I would like to thank you for my first pet remedy.  My cat snickers really likes it. Every time it is plugged in, he is coming in to the corner to check what is that smell over there.  Snickers seems to be more relaxed right now. We moved into the new house last year snickers couldn’t find he’s own place,  also bully cat appeared later on. Even I can find It relaxing after hard day at work.

thanks very much again.  


Mrs Louise caldwell  14/09/11 
I can’t believe I’m emailing you back so quickly after receiving and testing out my new pet remedy diffusers!!  I’m so delighted with the results.

Firstly my 10 year old Birman has always been quite restless around my other cats.  In the evenings when the five other cats are In the lounge he won’t settle and circles round and round the room.  Shortly after plugging In the dIffuser his behaviour totally changed - he now lies In the middle of the lounge carpet on his back, (with his legs wide open) washes and then goes to sleep!!  He seems totalled relaxed and unperturbed If any of the other cats walk past hIm.  What a change.

Also about three months ago, when one of my queens, Esme, came Into season, her behaviour completely changed and she started to show aggression towards all the other cats. She began to hIs and then growl and the other cats started to retaliate and chase her.  I have had to separate her for the last three months In the hope that she would calm down once she became pregnant.  Once she was mated I tried on three or four occasions to reintroduce her but there was no change, In fact the aggression became worse.  Now I have the diffusers plugged In she Is much calmer and, although I’m still wary and don’t leave her with the other cats unless I’m there, the aggression appears to have gone.  Wow - I can’t believe It.  Esme Is my best breed queen and her kittens are due this weekend.  I have been fretting for months, thinking that I would have to re-home her once her kittens had left for their new homes.  Thanks to your wonderful product I don’t believe that will  happen thank goodness.

I have already recommended your product to many of my friends who are cat breeders and will always make sure that my diffusers are permanently on and that I have plenty of refills In the cupboard!!

Many many thanks and I wish you every success with your Pet Remedy business - It does exactly what It says on the tin!!!


PS  My friend has one as he has been having problems sleeping - he’s had to switch It off as he can’t wake up when the alarm clock goes off!!!

Mrs J 12/09/11
I bought one of these. Thanks for the link. My cats have been fighting really bad recently and this seems to have stopped them. I kept buying FelIway and It was ok at first but then I was getting no results as they were getting worse. They have even started to sit together In the same room


Claire Louise Bradford  04/09/11   (Facebook)
I recently purchased your diffuser online for the first time. I have a cat called JB, I took her on as a stray. She had a huge collar wound and was very stressed. She was entire and was spraying and vertical scratching. Although I anticipated this behaviour with relation to being rehomed, the behaviours continued to be displayed way after 4 weeks. I had her neutered after her collar wound was fully healed, which helped with the spraying but did not fully resolve the problem, and she was still vertical scratching. Although I only have had Pet Remedy for approximately 2 weeks, it has reduced stress in the entire household. JB is virtually stress free, is getting on better with us (is more friendly and affectionate) and with my 2 other cats (Splodge and Dexter). Also, Splodge and Dexter are more harmonious and relaxed. At first I was a bit dubious with regards to the fact there is a smell with your product, but it is a lovely aroma and I definatley will be continuing with your product.


Mrs Sue Murphy 02/09/11
I just wanted to say I  often take  In the very elderly cats for the The Forest of Dean branch of  Cat Protection , and have recently taken In a nineteen and a half year old.

He has joined a house hold of two cats and two manic collies, and Is settling down but still was a little troubled by It all. A friend who Is a receptionist at my local vets suggested I try this product .

Well, since I have had It plugged In he Is now much calmer and has recently  taken to sprawling on the lounge carpet ,apparently oblivious of the mayhem that sometimes goes on around him !

In addition to this, I quite like the smell as well !, not that I have room to sprawl on the carpet !!, but It Is a very pleasant room perfume.

So, In all ,thank you very much, so far I am more than pleased with the product and will happily recommend It to others.


Mrs Sadie Martin 16/08/11 (
I came In a few weeks to buy a pet remedy and said I would keep you Informed. One cat, Amy, never goes out and over grooms. Since we have had pet remedy she has been out quite frequently. This Is very rare- Indeed I spent 30 mins searching the house for her the other day until It finally dawned that she was outside and I had actually locked her out as It was so unexpected. I noticed today that her fur is growing back in the areas she usually plucks- this could be that It Is currently too short for her to pluck but seems better. I have also been sleeping like the dead!

One comment Is that It Is quite strong smelling and It Is a smell most people don’t recognise and my friends tend to sit sniffing trying to work out what It Is and worrying I have some new strange smoking habit. I am tempted to add some lavender or rose to It so at least It Is a smell people know rather than a rather strange herbal smell!

I am sure I will be  back for more

Mrs Sarah Mann 29/07/11  (
Thanks for your e-mail, it’s much appreciated.  

I do think there Is Improvement In their behaviour, which Is very positive - though I doubt it would cure one of my cats who Is very nervous, but that said,  I’m definitely converted! 

Have a good weekend, and many thanks again for your follow up e-mail.


Mr Rachel Gowshall Dip AVN (Surgical) Swindon PetVetCare 27/07/11
 ( (Facebook)

I wanted to send you a picture but not sure how to do it. I plugged In my dIffuser and could not believe my eyes..I had at least 6 cats worshiping my wall socket..and walking about with their noses twitching for ages..they love it.. I posted the pictures of them doing It on face book and my breeders and owners..were all desperate to know what It was.. I think you may be getting a good few orders now. Hope you have enough In stock for the rush..

I think I will even be linking this on my website now..brill stuff

I have emailed her and have asked for the photos or a link to her FB page. I will be needIng some more stock soon as I assume that It Is her friends that have been ordering overnight. I wonder now If I should get some of the human version. Is It exactly the same as the Pet one? If so, what about me just having the cartons to repackage If someone wants the human version?

I will get back to you later once I have had chance to check stock levels properly.


Mrs Kaye wilson 03/07/11  (
I’m writing to say how well I think your new product ‘Pet Remedy’ Is for calming and reducing anxiety in cats. I breed and show Burmese and have a few entire cats at home, and sometimes a queen with a litter of kittens. Queens with kittens can be more anxious than usual as their protective instincts are easily aroused. I have found that using pet remedy has helped my queens to feel calm and relaxed and I now also put a drop on a blanket that I put over the carrier when travelling In the car to vets or shows.

One of by beautiful girls is rather shy In nature and the latest litter of kittens to another queen in the house seemed to be causing her stress. She was running about and licking her flanks In a aggregated manner when she was particularly spooked which Is a definite sign of stress. Now after about 6 weeks on pet remedy she is much calmer, happier and far more confident, not more frantic licking either. In addition I put pet remedy on her carrier blanket when we travel between mine and my partners home, as we take the cats with us back and forward. These days she sits on my lap in the passenger seat and purrs enjoying the trip, sometimes looking out of the windows. I have recommended it to a number of my friends and look forward to hearing their experiences.

Alan Green RSPCA Oxenholme 17/06/11 (WESTMORLAND BRANCH )
Just writing to let you know we have tried your Pet Remedy plug-In dIffuser In our rescue cattery, and the results have been outstanding.

Avery nervous cat came In (spitting and growling), with seven days we unplugged the dIffuser because the cat was settled and purring.

We now use It on all newcomers and will be trying It out at our kennels for the dogs.


Mrs Jane White Business & Developmental Coach Kingsbridge 04/06/11 (
We are quite impressed with your product.  It smells lovely.  We have an open living space on the ground floor.  We have just finished a major build project for the past 9 months and our three cats, Lucy 2, Max 3 and Minnie 1 year continue to be a major part of our home life irrespective of the build around us - and that we are living in despite the chaos.  Over the past 3 months we have experienced real issues with poo, wee and fights. As a pet owner, really stressful and obviously concerned for the welfare of our animals - this behaviour Is called ‘middening’ and really a call for help from a pet!

 Lucy and Minnie have been adversaries since Minnie arrived.  By the way, Minnie adopted us! Lucy welcomed her although nervous and Max, as always relaxed.  Max is an ex-rescue cat and had quite a traumatic time.  He is chilled.  He has always been the peace maker and a very strong personality.  Lucy is pure white, and a pretty cat, very stressy and always has been.  Minnie Is a tortoIseshell and very sure of herself.  The three are interesting to watch however  Lucy has become reclusive, irregular behaviours and defensive. Up until recently she has hidden both to the builders and at night to avoid confronting Minnie.  Max Is friends to all!  By the way Lucy has still been eating and purry with us, with us everyday.  Just increasingly twitchy. 

Since using your product we have noticed quite a difference in all our cat behaviour, in particular Lucy and Minnie.  They actually ate dinner In the same room today - with out snarling.  For the past 2 weeks, the poo and the wee has stopped.  We have used the product now for nearly a month.  All the cats relaxed and now snooze regularly together In the afternoon sun.  This Is such a major advancement.  Something else too...

 My builder has recently stopped smoking!  He has been working in the space that the dIffuser is plugged in - he loves It!:-)  He claims the first few days of non-smoking, the dIffuser has helped!  I was quite surprised at the comment.  He is not one for that sort of stuff!  Anyway, things are improving now at our country home - and It smells rather lovely too.  We do have a large living space, so undoubtedly, we will need to consider 2 or 3 plug-Ins to make sure we continue maximizing the benefit. Thanks very much Pet Remedy!  



Mrs Laura Hadley  29/05/11 Stoke on Trent
I have had  pet remedy  for about a month now, and I can really see the difference In the atmosphere of the house, It smells really nice to, and get the odd whiff now and again lol,  

I was searching for something different to feliway and came across this half the price and refills half the price to, I have Feliway In every plug socket almost and refills can become quite an expensive thing, so I thought I would give this ago and if it didn’t work then I haven’t lost to much!  

Willow was spraying around the wall where the new dIffuser is, and as soon as I plugged it a few hours after he had stopped spraying In that area, so I could see it was working, the gang seem a  lot calmer to and don’t fight with each other, also the travel hanger to hang in the carrier ,  I tried and tested  the other morning with willow, and It was quite amazing how calm and relaxed he was on the way to the vets, 

as he Is normally meowing the car down trying his best to escape out of the carrier!!!

Defiantly something I would recommend to other cat owners ( also it is mutli-universal and works with other animals so would be great for people that own cats as well as dogs )

I tried this product as I had three cats with cystits and one of them is on amitrIpilyne as well, but since having this plugged in, I have noticed a great difference and so far no re-currIng bouts of cysitis, also magick my eldest who Is on the amitrIpilyne seems not so near as nervous or scatty as she was over a month ago.  I am very Impressed! so hoping when she goes to the vets she wont need to take them any more.


Mrs Monica Jackson 01/03/11
I first me Topaz almost seven years ago. My neighbour called and said that cat is still around at the other end of the terrace. It was being fed by families who lived  there for  about six weeks. Would you like to take her in? I said yes.

Topaz has proved to be a loving  companion as I live alone. She has caused no problems until about eight weeks ago when I was very distressed to find  she was weeing on the carpet, around where her covered box toilet is standing in the passage.

I realized that if this went on I would not keep her and what would happen  to Topaz?  I rang the vet who said she must have been spooked by something. On reflection I did realize she  was very jumpy and acting quite strangely. The vet  told me, there various products you could get to help the situation.

My friend went on the computer and found Pet Remedy, She ordered the plug-in diffuser around lunch time on Friday and to my surprise it arrived lunch time Saturday Excellent Service.

That was over six weeks ago. Topaz has returned back to her old self and is using hr toilet box with no problems.

I cant express how happy I am that Topaz is once more calm and friendly again. Happy to sit on the arm arch  for long periods when I am reading or watching TV. I am delighted to have this product, as her problem was causing me distress and a lot of cleaning problems. It is good to have such an easy product to use, just plug it in to the socket, no smell, no mess and one happy cat owner.


Mrs B Thepet
“Just thought I’d add that I love this product! Trialed it this year during the fireworks period for my dogs and also took on some stray kittens, within hours of it being plugged in the kittens started playing and I also didnt need to give my dogs any extra oral medication! fab

I regularly board animals and see behaviour clients so have one in the house and will also be putting one in my groom room, Highly recommended  The Pet Nurse”


Mrs A R

Although at present I have no pets, I have noticed a beneficial side effect of Pet Remedy. 

I suffer from spasmodic Insomnia but found I slept well at a friend’s house where Pet Remedy is plugged in the bedroom for the cat.  

Not only did It totally de-stress the cat, It had a wonderfully relaxing effect on me. 

So now I have put the Pet Remedy dIffuser In my bedroom and It seems to be keeping broken night’s sleep at bay.  Magic, a brilliant Idea, so much better than taking pills. Thank you.

Mrs M B West MIdlands

Well it seems that my calm cats are definitely more chilled out! My 2 aggressive girls are a little calmer but not much. I think I need to buy one for upstairs really to get the full benefit. Also my back door Is open from the time I get home from work until I go to bed while Its warm. So I’m guessIng that’s where I loose a lot of the potency. I also have a large cat run that leads from my back door that we tend to sit in with them. There’s an outside plug in there so will get one for there too ( just waiting to get paid).


Mrs S M

I came In a few weeks to buy a pet remedy and said I would keep you Informed. One cat, Amy, never goes out and over grooms. Since we have had pet remedy she has been out quite frequently. This Is very rare- Indeed I spent 30 mins searching the house for her the other day until It finally dawned that she was outside and I had actually locked her out as It was so unexpected. I noticed today that her fur is growing back in the areas she usually plucks- this could be that It Is currently too short for her to pluck but seems better. I have also been sleeping like the dead!

One comment Is that It Is quite strong smelling and It Is a smell most people don’t recognise and my friends tend to sit sniffing trying to work out what It Is and worrying I have some new strange smoking habit. I am tempted to add some lavender or rose to It so at least It Is a smell people know rather than a rather strange herbal smell!

I am sure I will be  back for more


Linda Hutchinson
I am a fosterer for Cats Protection and have been using the plug-in that I bought at the show for a very frightened rescue cat and it seems to be working just as well as the Feliway that I used to use so I am very pleased, especially as yours is a natural product and cheaper!

For my prize, I would like to try two of the heated pads and make up the balance with refills.

My address is West Fen House, High Road, Little Downham, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2TB but as I am at work during the day, could you please send it, marked for my attention, to my place of work, Isle Small Animal Veterinary Centre, West Fen Road, Ely, CB6 2BZ.

Many thanks


Miss B Yates

“Hi really pleased with it. I’ve seen big changes in both cats. The hair is starting to come back and daisy as sat on my lap 1st time in 5 years. Merlin has charmed down loads and both getting along better , still have their moments but not as much. Will be buying more . Thank you”

Mrs S
Pet Remedy has really helped to calm my cat Mutley who is going through a very difficult time at the moment with chemotherapy. The travel pad was especially brilliant! The journey for him so much better! THANK YOU!!


Mrs F

Pet Remedy is wonderful!!!! My cats, who are very nervous, have never been happier and I feel less stressed myself.

My dog doesn’t have anxiety problems but I’m sure it’s helping him as well.


Mrs S
Been using this for a while we have two male ginger cats 15 months old. Had various situations and this has helped no end. Just ordered two more we use two at a time one down stairs one up and they stay on 24/7...


Mrs L
I have been using Pet Remedy for a few months now. Phew!! It certainly has saved my adopted, previously a “stray” cat Toby from being sent back to the RSPCA!! My sofa and all other vertical surfaces are also much cleaner now. TGFPR!


Marian Wolff

Bought your product at Supreme. Don’t know about the cats - but I have just had the best 3 nights’ sleep in months - although I did oversleep this morning.

Day 1 - had 2 lots of cat wee in the bedroom by 2 of my 3 cats. However the eldest - who is being beaten up by the youngest - stepped out of my bedroom this morning without looking tense and used the upstairs litter tray - so am hopeful

Have now recommended this to my staff as we are all rather stressed at the moment - so watch this space.


Mr & Mrs B

My wife and I met you on Saturday at the National Cat show and bought another Plug-in.

We have a Russian Blue and  Russian Black cats and we decided that we wanted to get a Russian White kitten earlier this year but were concerned that introducing a new kitten to the 2 older cats althought they were only 12 and 13 months old, might cause problems. A friend recomended that we try your Pet Remedy, we had already used Feliway but thought that it was worth trying after reading the write-ups about it. It has proved to be a lot more effective and it certainly helped with the introduction of the new kitten. Thank You.

Mrs B
Thank you sending me pet remedy plug in diffuser which I bought on the 17 November 11.

I have had a problem with my older cat not accepting our new kitten, just to let you know that they are getting on better gradually, I suppose it will take time but I will definately continue buying this product.  It has helped with the kitten using her litter tray which she was not doing before.  Would be grateful if you could send me further information from the RSPCA about it.


Mr J, Newton Abbot

One of 2 cats started urinating on the duvet every ten days for no apparent reason. I tried various changes to the cat’s environment and lifestyle Including food, medication and sleeping arrangements but to no avail. But Pet Remedy had Immediate effect. Within 24 hours the cat showed a distinct change In behaviour and became more at ease.  Pet Remedy was used for 12 weeks and In that time the cat did not urinate on the owner’s bed. Pet Remedy was then removed from the bedroom and within 48 hours the cat had urinated on the owner’s bed. As soon as Pet Remedy was re-Introduced, the cat settled and stopped urinating on the bed.


Mrs M C
Pet Remedy Essential OIls Calming Plug In OMG can’t believe how well this worked last night, plugged It In about 4.30 and no probs all night, It even stopped the new kitty hissing and growling while It was on thumbup:


Ms L H

I have a female spayed Selkirk Rex who does not like being picked up. I purchased a plug-in which I plugged in my bedroom. After a couple of weeks she is more willing to be picked up and cuddled for a short while but I also sleep much better! I have recommended Pet Remedy to my daughter as she has a very timid cat

Mrs P Elphee
I am the vet nurse at the Four Marks  branch of Cedar Vets in Four Marks Hampshire.  I recently took advantage of your buy 2 get one free offer on the Pet Remedy plug in. I took the free plug in home to try on my cat as she suffers from inappropriate elimination in the house.  I have used Feliway in the past with some success, but preferred the idea of a natural plug-in that would also help my dogs (and humans). I have used valerian compund in a liquid form before to help calm her and tempt her to eat after a car accident, so thought a plug-in would help.

Within minutes of plugging it in, she was sniffing around and then flopped down in front of it purring and facial rubbing.  The only issues we found with is was that she liked the plug-in so much she took to urinating directly underneath it, on the carpet. A she has covered litter trays, I could not position a tray underneath it. However, I have moved it to a different plug socket behind a different tray and solved that issue.

On the whole I am pleased with the plug-in.  If the trays are not kept to her liking (not too clean, not too dirty) she will still urinate on the carpet, but she will use the trays more than before.

Your flyer stated that you would provide a free refill for feedback, so I would like one to keep trying it.

Our wholesaler is Centaur, we are at Cedar Vets - the Four Marks branch.

Mrs S Brown

Have used pet remedy in one room so far (waiting for Feliway now to run out) and have found a big difference with my 16 month old siamese boy, who was very wary of strangers and used to disappear when people visited, now he stays in his bed and will actually have a fuss. It has also stop him wetting on the furniture and spraying when nervous. (The room with the Feliway in he still does). The travel diffuser I have used once so far, tied around the carriers handle, when I we gave a lift to a friend and her cat, he wasn’t bothered about a strange cat being next to him, he just went to sleep, so did the other cat (2.5 hour journey).

The whole room has a relaxed atmosphere with no chemical smell and the cats and dogs are much more contented, would recommend Pet Remedy to anyone.

Will let you know how we get on with Lily (my neurotic blue girl) who freaks out over anything, Feliway doesn’t work, also if it calms down my other cat who wails not stop when travelling.

Mrs D Wood
I recently received a Pet Remedy plug in and refills from your company. My cats appear relaxed and happy since I purchased the plug in so I believe they do help with stress and anxiety. I refer to your leaflet enclosed with parcel and would like to ask that you can send me a free refill. Regards


Mrs R Morgan

“This product is an innovative and effective feline friendly, pet human remedy. We have two plugs, one up, one down in a multi cat household and it noticeably has contributed to the ‘calm’ in the home to create better bonding and behaviour, diffusing any potential issues that might have arisen with our trio. Paws up for ‘natural’ and a return to the herbs with their haven scent properties. Thank you Martyn for pioneering this concept.”


Karen Bradley

Read the reviews from the rspca. Really interesting reading.  I decided to turn the plug in off as it is nearly finished anyway.  My kitten has gone back to soiling on the carpet like she did before we had the plug in.  

I will have to order some more refills from your site,  as my older cat and the kitten are still fighting, but can I be cheeky and mention that when you sent me the first one you did put a note in saying if I let you  know how we got on you would send us a free refill.

Cat sanctuary, LeIcester RSPCA

A cat had licked his fur to the point of baldness for two years due to stress and anxiety.  Pet Remedy was used In the cat’s living area and within a few days the cat  had stopped over-licking Its fur and within a couple of weeks, re-growth of fur was evident


Mrs M, KIngsbrIdge

reported her cat much calmer and less stressed when transported 300 miles to London by car, thanks to use of the hanging Pet Remedy travel dIffuser.  “What a difference It made” she told us!  “she simply curled up and went to sleep for most of the journey Instead of her usual circling and howling”. Thank you Pet Remedy!

Mrs J
“I use this because i have 2 cats that spray and its been fantastic. Took about a week to kick in and now” nothing” fingers crossed it stays that way!!”

Mrs L Hutchinson

Thank you so much for this good news.

I am a fosterer for Cats Protection and have been using the plug-in that I bought at the show for a very frightened rescue cat and it seems to be working just as well as the Feliway that I used to use so I am very pleased, especially as yours is a natural product and cheaper!