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Cat Testimonials


All reviews are un-edited and have been transcribed exactly as spelt or presented in the original source

Blav 20/2/17 Amzon

Does exactly what it says. My cat is extremely on edge with a new stray in the area and my daughters dog visiting the house. As soon as we started using pet remedy she was back to her old self sleeping in my lap and purring.

Amazon Customer 19/2/17

I brought this for my kitten who is a very nervous and anxious kitten and can be overly hyper and destroy things & for an over excitable dog.

My kitten has now stopped mostly jumping and swinging off the wallpapers and curtains and the dog has calmed down too.
We spray this throughout the day but to get a night of non broken sleep we spray this before bedtime and give both pets a massive play time so they are taking in very deep breaths of the spray which you notice as after 10minutes they are ready to stop and just sleep.

They both love it and if very stressed or exited we spray into a cloth and rub directly onto their chests and neck which helps. When sprayed throughout the day onto carpets they both room around then go snuggle up somewhere or just behave better which is a massive relief as we was buying this from Pets at Home so you can imagine the cost!(ouch!)

Definitely lots cheaper to get from Amazon and I will definitely be re-ordering every time we need more!

Debbie Stewart 19/2/17 Facebook

My cat Minty easily gets stressed when he sees his cat carrier. So now I spray his blanket inside a couple of hours before his vet appointment and now he falls asleep in it. Much less stress than trying to coax him out from under the bed where he normally hides when he sees his carrier. He is much calmer at the vets too. Pet Remedy is fab and I have recommended to a few people too :D xx



Jelena Gatodouro 17/2/17 Facebook

Highly recommended 

Just bought a refill and plugged it in ......I think it's working

Anna Whitehouse 16/2/17 Facebook

Squirrels progress has all been helped by Pet Remedy, love and patience