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Cat Pet Advice, Clare Hemington


Cat advice provided by Clare Hemington, DipCABT, Cat Behaviourist

  • Getting a Kitten

    So you've made the big decision to buy a kitten, but how do you go about choosing the right one for you? Choosing a kitten should always be a labour of the mind rather than the heart. To increase the likelihood of making the right choice it is wise to follow this advice:
  • Is My Cat Overweight?

    It’s so easy for us to give in to the irresistible appeals of our cats by letting them have treats or an extra portion of food. However, doing this regularly can increase the risks of obesity which is a life-limiting (and sometimes life threatening) condition.
  • How Cats Use their Purr to Manipulate Us

    We might often wonder why cats purr, or even how they purr, but did you know that cats have a special purr just for getting us humans to respond to them? To find out more read on!
  • Ten Top Tips to Help Keep Your Cat Content

    We might not know it by looking at the faces of our enigmatic feline companions, but life can be pretty stressful for them. In fact they spend their lives evaluating possible threats that might be lurking around every corner! The reason for this is that cats are solitary survivalists and as such showing any emotion might give a potential competitor the advantage! In fact, their facial skeleton doesn’t have the number of muscles to allow them to create the types of expressions that dogs can!

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