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Cat Pet Advice, Clare Hemington


Cat advice provided by Clare Hemington, DipCABT, Cat Behaviourist

  • When Is A Cat Considered Old?

    Although, in veterinary medicine, there is no official definition of ‘geriatric’ and individual cats may show a great deal of variation in the ageing process, most cats are considered geriatric when they have reached 15 years of age.
  • Is My Cat Stressed?

    Have you ever wondered why cats have earned a reputation for being enigmatic or even ‘stand-offish?
  • A Guide to Preparing for a New Cat

    Anticipating the arrival of a new cat into our home can be an exciting time, but how much thought do we actually put into getting a cat and to planning for its emotional and physical needs?
  • Rehoming - A Difficult Decision. Sophie's Story

    Sometimes circumstances dictate that a cat behaviour problem can only be resolved by rehoming. This is an incredibly hard thing to do and a situation that was faced by Ann Wyatt who has kindly given me permission to share her experience of this with you.
  • Moving House With Your Cat

    We all know how stressful moving can be for us humans, but it can also be a time of enormous anxiety for our pets.
  • Advice on How to Find a Missing Cat...

    It can be incredibly distressing if our feline family member just doesn't come home. Our first response might be to call him and rattle his favoruite food or treats box, then go looking as the panic rises.
  • Why is My Cat Licking 'Down There'? Feline Urethral Obstruction

    If you have a male cat, pay heed to his litter habits, as it can be life-threatening if you don’t.
  • Getting a Kitten

    So you've made the big decision to buy a kitten, but how do you go about choosing the right one for you? Choosing a kitten should always be a labour of the mind rather than the heart. To increase the likelihood of making the right choice it is wise to follow this advice:
  • Is My Cat Overweight?

    It’s so easy for us to give in to the irresistible appeals of our cats by letting them have treats or an extra portion of food. However, doing this regularly can increase the risks of obesity which is a life-limiting (and sometimes life threatening) condition.
  • How Cats Use their Purr to Manipulate Us

    We might often wonder why cats purr, or even how they purr, but did you know that cats have a special purr just for getting us humans to respond to them? To find out more read on!

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